Astral Pet Store Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Employee Contract

Seeing the smile on the goddess' face, Su Ping grinned.

"The ancient spirit beast contract, your origins, it really is a bit extraordinary, but unfortunately this contract is old, but it is not completely lost..." The smile on the girl's face converged, her body exudes a dominance, overlooking Su Ping , Said indifferently:

"Contract, reversal!"

From her body, a pure golden divine power suddenly broke out, and the spirit beast contract on her forehead was suddenly scattered and re-drawn into a pattern. This pattern is similar to the spirit beast contract, but it is slightly different, like The same is reflected from the mirror.

Su Ping was a little surprised, but did not expect this contract to be reversed.

The girl looked down on Su Ping indifferently. This human race actually tried to use the spirit beast contract to turn her into a pet beast. It was simply looking for its own way of death. Now no matter how cunning this human race is, it will be useless. He will become his own beast. Everything is explained.

While she was waiting for the power to reverse the contract, suddenly, her forehead shuddered, as if struck by a heavy hammer.

An indescribable breath of great shore suddenly broke through her sea of knowledge and entered the deepest level of her soul. It was an unspeakable and terrifying vast consciousness. This consciousness seemed to send out a humming, which was never heard of. Language.

The girl was as terrified as she fell into the abyss.

If she were simply suppressed by power, she would not be so surprised, but this vast and terrifying consciousness directly suppressed her soul!

She knows how powerful and terrible her soul is, even the supreme **** is difficult to suppress!

After a while, it seemed that a long time had passed, and the girl woke up from the terrible soul consciousness in her mind, and immediately felt her forehead hot, as if burning.

The contract of reversal on her forehead, like a flame passing by, quickly dissipated.

The girl froze.

She felt that the power to reverse the contract was completely invalidated, and was annihilated by an irresistible force.

What scared her most was that this force did not seem to take the initiative to shoot her, but that she violated the other party, causing some "bounce".

And just this "rebound" almost made her disappear.

Su Ping looked at the contract dissipated on the forehead of the goddess and raised her eyebrows. Unexpectedly, the system did not deceive him. As the owner of the pet shop, under the protection of the system, he really failed all the contracts.

In other words, no one can enslave him with the beast contract.

At most, by imprisoning his body, he can only get his perfect and handsome body, but he cannot get his vicissitudes and connotation of soul...


The problem now is that the goddess's small actions are invalidated, but his spirit beast contract is also invalidated.

Could it be portrayed again and let her stand well and stay still?

Su Ping feels a little difficult.

"System, your Spirit Beast contract is unreliable. It almost killed me. You have to compensate me, for example, give me a stronger contract? Of course, it doesn't work. Sell me a copy at a discount. OK." Su Ping'consulted' with the system.

The system is indifferent: "Gothon."

Su Ping sighed in his heart. Sure enough, he was the fastest learner of curse words.

"There is no other way, the system is good anyway, known as the beast system, and now even a beast can't figure it out, it's a bit of a loss!" Su Ping's heart was "modest".


"...You have no other reply?"


"To be honest, you can finish one word. You have to use three words. Are you cheating?"


Seeing that the oil and salt in the system did not go in, Su Ping was also a little bit wrong.

Suddenly, he changed his mind and could not be a beast. It would be fine to abduct this goddess back to work as an employee in the store. He just happened to have a good business in the store, and he had a shortcoming to help him. Life is simply a great employee embryo.

Otherwise, if you look for a rough dragon or some fierce monster as a store employee, it is estimated that you will scare your customers.

And he can't fit it in his shop.

"System, is there any way to recruit her employees in the shop?" Su Ping asked.

After a short silence, the system said: "There are two ways to recruit store employees. The first is to select one of the beasts you signed the spirit beast contract and bind it to the store to become a store employee. The beast does not enjoy The welfare benefits of store employees belong to the private workers.

The second way is to sign a contract with employees directly in the name of a pet shop.

The employee can get the benefits of all the employees in the store, but it belongs to the store employee, and the scope of activities is limited to the territory of the store. The host cannot call the employees elsewhere to assist in the battle. "

After Su Ping listened carefully, he froze for a moment, and said, "Then the second way, isn't it a pure employee? Can I only help to see the store?"



The system said: "If employees perform well, they can get franchise benefits and can temporarily leave the territory of the store, but they must be very good and be rated as "excellent employees."

Su Ping's eyes lit up, if he could temporarily leave the shop, he could be taken out as a thug, and it was also possible to temporarily act as a beast.

"Then how can I be rated as an outstanding employee, who will judge?" Su Ping asked, thinking I was the boss. If I were to judge, wouldn't it be beautiful?

"Personally assessed by this system." The system said indifferently.

The small excitement in Su Ping's heart suddenly extinguished, and secretly said: "Did you just check my thoughts on the dog system?"

"No, in addition, the abusive system warns for the first time!"

"Your sister..."

"the second time"

Su Ping took a deep breath and dared not think about it again, so as not to trigger the third punishment and twitch on the spot.

He was nothing, but this situation was seen by the goddess in front of him, and he didn't think he was sick.

"Then the second way, there are requirements for the strength of employees, can you sign with this guy in front of you?" Su Ping asked.

The system said indifferently: "The store employee is signed by the system personally, any creature will do, but the premise is that the other party must agree, I have a store employee contract here, you can give it to her, if she agrees, you can receive For store employees."

After talking, Su Ping felt that there was a golden sheepskin roll in the storage space.

As soon as he thought about it, he took it out of the storage space, glanced at it, and wrote a simple written statement on the sheepskin roll.

"The employee contract of the Chaos Forever Beast Store..."

"employee rules"

Su Ping glanced at it and finished reading it quickly. This employee code is relatively simple. It is similar to the employees of ordinary stores on Blue Star. The most important thing is to obey the boss. The boss is naturally him.

However, although employees can listen to him, they can only move within the scope of the store and cannot step outside the territory.

"Wait, it doesn't seem to write about the employee's restrictions, this... black contract!" Su Ping looked at it carefully, and couldn't help but vomiting the system, thinking that he was shameless and sloppy, he didn't expect this to be more prosperous!

However, it was good for Su Ping to conceal these in the contract, and he was so happy, maybe this is embarrassment?

With a slight cough, Su Ping handed the golden contract to the goddess, saying: "I had just signed a Spirit Beast contract with you, I wanted to take you out of here, you have to reverse something, now it's better, I will give you one more time Opportunity, this is a contract contract. You can see it and sign it without any problem. After that, follow me to pack you a delicious and spicy food, not to mention the ancient God Realm. As long as you perform well, it will not be a problem to take you to the world , Let you go to the peak of Shensheng!

The goddess came back to her, and there was still the infamous horror shock in her mind. When Su Ping said, the focus in her eyes gathered, startled, and her eyes fell on the golden contract in Su Ping's hand.

"Employee contract for Chaos Eternal Beast Shop?"

The goddess was stunned.

An employee contract?

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