Astral Pet Store Chapter 242

Chapter 242: Pick Up


Joanna raised her eyebrows slightly, so that customers came home so soon?

Behind this old man, there are four or five people. There are middle-aged people and old men who are older than white-haired old people.

They all walked behind the white-haired old man, seeming to be in awe of it.

Su Ping heard the footsteps, looked up, and at a glance found that the person was unusual.

This old man is still so detached and confident, mostly with Rejoice!

His eyes flickered slightly, sitting behind the counter without moving.

At this time, the few people who entered the door saw Joanna standing at the door and were about to go out. They were all stunned. Their faces were a little surprised. Rao is that they are all well-informed and have never seen such value. Stunning woman.

This look made them shine, and it was simply perfect.

In this remote place, in such a dilapidated shop, there is such a beautiful woman in such a terrible country, just like a phoenix standing in a chicken nest, it is so different!

The white-haired old man's eyes were also slightly fixed, but he didn't look too much, his eyes fell on Su Ping behind the shop counter.

The people behind the white-haired old man all looked at Joanna twice, but they were self-possessed and it was not good to continue to read more blatantly. One of the old men looked around the shop and frowned, but they didnt expect that they got the news. The place I came to was actually such a dilapidated shop.

That's it?

"It's you?"

The old man looked at Su Ping behind the counter and recognized it at a glance. After all, they had seen the picture of the teenager before they came.

When they first saw the photos, they were all a bit unbelievable. They never thought that the person who rushed into the ninth floor of the keel would be such a young boy.

When they learned the details of the young man's life, they were even more shocked. This was simply born out of nowhere!

What surprised them most was that this teenager did not die in the ninth quarter of the keel, but survived, and actually concealed their eyes and ears, and came back here, so it seems that this teenager has already received extremely important things .

Hearing the old mans words, Su Ping smiled slightly and said, "Yes, I am the boss."

He turned to Joanna next to him and said, "Anna, there is a customer coming to the door, why don't you say a visit?"

Joanna didn't expect that there was anything else about her here. She was so angry that she was going to say to these ants that she was under the supreme god. !

In other words, if she travels, go to some top places, this kind of ants are not qualified to treat her, now she actually wants to serve as a waiter for this kind of ants? !

She was angry, suffocated and depressed.

Due to the employee code in her mind, she had to bite her scalp and her face was cold and honest: "Welcome!"

The four simple words are very stiff and seem to be the same as the other party owes her.

Everyone was surprised.

Listening to this tone and dialogue, this girl at the national level is actually an employee of this shop?

Seeing the anger in the eyes of the girl, they were reluctant, and they immediately understood that there was grievance in it!

If it wasnt for the right thing, they were directly prepared to do justice for this beautiful girl and drop him home by the way!

Seeing Joanna's stiff attitude, Su Ping knew that she was still far from a qualified employee, but when it was not time to correct her, he looked at several people at the door and said, "This shop has pets. Foster care and nurturing services, what do you need?"

The old man who spoke earlier sneered slightly, saying, "We need you."

"Me?" Su Ping shook his head slightly. "Being a showman is not a sale."

"Small mouth!" the old man snarled.

The white-haired old man who has been carrying his hands for a long time and his face is indifferent has a cold light in his eyes and whispers: "Come!"

Along with his words, as if he had spoken out the law, a powerful force suddenly vented out, covering Su Ping and pulling him to the front.

Just when this force was about to cover Su Ping, a barrier suddenly appeared, and Su Ping was first shrouded to resist this suction.


The white-haired old man suddenly froze, but did not expect his power to fail.

how is this possible?

After he was slightly stunned, the indifferent color in his eyes quickly converged, felt release, and carefully looked at Su Ping, but found that there was an unfathomable force outside his body, and his own power could not penetrate.

Is there anyone behind?

The cold light flashed in his eyes. He had speculated about this before he came. After all, to say that an ordinary person who has no background and wants to achieve such achievements at such an age is impossible!

"Whose student are you?" the old white-haired man said coldly.

He can be sure that the other side is also a legend.

It's just that there are two legends in the Asian region, and the other one knows that it is unlikely to be against him.

To say that Su Ping is behind the legends of other continents, he feels a little different. In other continents, there is no need to cultivate a student in the sub-continent, and their continents have always been well water and do not violate the river. Doing so is a declaration of war!

Several other people heard the words of the white-haired old man, and their faces changed slightly. They could see that the original adult had just wanted to force the young man to come over, but failed to complete it, which was somewhat incredible.

Or is it that they are hidden in this shop, and they shot in secret?

Several people quietly penetrated the consciousness around the store, but found this ordinary little store, they could not see through it!

In several compartments in this small shop, the door was closed, and their consciousness could not penetrate! !

how can that be?

Several people were shocked.

Looking at this dilapidated shop, I instantly felt a little scary.

To block their perceived invasion, it must be a very high enchantment, even legendary!

Thinking that a suspected legend might be hidden here, several of them have increased their vigilance, power is running, and secretly beware. In this dilapidated shop, they have felt a crisis for a long time!

Su Ping sighed softly, and said, "You came here for the inheritance of the secret realm. This secret realm was originally open. In this case, everyone is eligible, and you find me like a debt collector, is it too stingy? ."

The white-haired old man's face sank, stingy? Who is willing to give away a secret inheritance?

"Junior, you are not worthy to talk to me, let the people behind you come out, I will see later, which one does not have long eyes, so ignorant, dare to intervene in my original heavenly things!"

Su Ping rolled his eyes and said to Joanna next to him, "What about watching the show? Now your boss is humiliated. Someone has come to the door to pick things up, and I haven't rushed to clean it up! By the way, the third person standing on the left behind Dont care anymore. Senior Zunzun helped me, and its kind of kind to me."

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