Astral Pet Store Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Shocked

Shocked, frightened, incredible!

All kinds of expressions appeared on the face of Dao Zun and others.

They had previously seen that the blonde girl was a legend, but did not expect that the same legend, the difference between Yuan Tianchen and her was so great!

If it was said that the previous palm was taken out of the shop, it was the intention of the original Tianchen, then this time the frontal display of the beast fit, but still defeated, it is not a simple accident, but a thorough crush! !

This young girl who looks like a beautiful flower is a super king beast monster!

How could there be such a terrible person on Blue Star?

Severe pain struck his chest, and the original Tianchen was unbelievable. At this moment, he felt that the spear in his chest was sucking his vitality, and there was an extremely long-lost sense of death that made him creepy.

Will you die?

He had never thought that it would be a girl to let himself have this kind of thought.

I didn't even think that it was not the abyss forbidden areas on the Blue Star, nor the dangerous place in the secret world, but in a dilapidated shop in this ordinary base city.

The horrified emotion only lasted for a second, and his dark eyes suddenly burst into ruthlessness. The dark color in his eyes quickly faded away, revealing his white eyes. At the same time, his body flew backwards and detached from the spear. .

However, there was still a body hanging on the spear when he was detached. It was the humanoid darling that was previously incorporated into the body by Yuan Tianchen.

This is a king beast-level creature, exuding monstrous magical energy, but at this moment is penetrated by the sharp gun, but the body is twisted, screaming in pain, rich divine energy, is a natural nemesis to the demon creature like it. , As if the ice met boiling water, the injury doubled.


Joanna narrowed her eyes, snorted, and shook off the dark creature on the gun. She was disgusted by the'lower' monster and she was dirty with her gun.

Su Ping looked at the original Tianchen who was outside the store and his chest was unscathed. He was a little surprised. Before that, he clearly saw that the sharp gun penetrated his body. At this moment, nothing happened?

Was it previously an illusion?

But it's impossible. With Joanna's strength, the old man's illusion of thought, I'm afraid I can't deceive her.

Su Ping is a little curious, this must be a secret method he doesn't know.

Seeing the king-level dark creature that flew out of the sharp gun, Su Ping thought about it. There was a deep bone wound on the chest of this thing, almost killing it for half a life, but this creature's The healing ability is also terrible. In just a blink of an eye, the surface of the wound has been restored, and it seems to be intact.

"The God has forgiven you, since you don't know how to repent, then die!"

Joanna was holding a sharp gun, and her eyes were as cold as electricity, and the depressive power in her body was gradually released. A momentum rose from her body, like a **** giant, overlooking the heavens and earth, with the most majestic momentum.

When he had just left the shop and hadn't had time to breathe, Yuan Tianchen looked up after hearing Joanna's words.

When I saw Joanna's rich dignity exuded from my body, there was a look of terror in my eyes, and I had the illusion of facing the king beast. No, this feeling was more terrible than the king beast. This kind of power is not like a human being, but a god!

Moreover, he can see that this girl's control of energy is not an ordinary legend, but a realm he has not reached!

How could there be such a terrible guy here? !

He trembles in his heart, never thinking that there is such a powerful character lurking on Blue Star.


Seeing Joanna ready to shoot, he hurriedly called.

"It's offended, I'm willing to compensate. Is it better to expose this matter?" He said quickly, his murderousness converged, and his attitude was sincere. At the end, his eyes turned to the boy in the shop.

Although the young mans breath is very weak, but he is not available to advanced warfare masters, from the attitude and dialogue between the two men, he can see that the real choice is not this monster girl, but this inherited secret Qualified teenager.

Su Ping narrowed her eyes slightly, thinking in her heart.

When the old man entered the shop, he saw that Dao Zun and other people surrounded this person, and he knew that he was a legend, a master, or one of the secrets behind the secret realm.

The advantage of beheading this person is that it can endanger the future and prevent revenge.

But the fall of a legend will inevitably set off an uproar, causing his shop to attract the attention of other legends. This is a drawback.


There is a security field in the shop, and Su Ping doesn't care much about the attention of other legends.

Su Ping did not say anything for a moment.

The meaning is not obvious, kill!

Never end trouble, cut grass and raise dust!

Qiao Anna glanced at Su Ping, and saw the murderous intent of Su Ping's eyes, a slight sarcasm in the corner of her mouth, thinking that I knew that you, the mean man, had no good intentions, and really did not intend to show mercy.

However, she did not intend to do so.

Repeatedly offended her divine power, this area of ants, death is not a pity!

Slowly gathering energy on the magic gun, at the next moment, gold light appeared in Joannas eyes, and her slender arms flicked suddenly. The magic gun was like a golden lightning, tearing the void, with an unmatched murderous and turbulent momentum, and rushing through the air A slightly twisted trace was locked on the original Tianchen.

Yuan Tianchen's pupil shrank.

When Su Ping was silent, he was already aware of the bad, quietly brewing and preparing, and seeing the sudden accumulation of energy on the girl's sharp gun, he reacted almost immediately.


No challenge, but chose to retreat!

Through the previous shot, he already knew that he was not the opponent of this girl, and he was not the enemy of this girl in the fit mode. This gap made him doubt the three views.

But at this moment there is no time for him to think about why this is so. In addition to his talents, he has countless combat experience and cautiousness. It is this prudence that makes him a genius and a real powerhouse without dying. !

However, although the original Tianchen responded quickly, the golden sharp gun was faster!

Almost instantaneously, under the horror of the original heaven minister, his body burst into energy, tearing out the void, and his body instantaneously moved out tens of meters, appearing across the street.


The golden sharp gun penetrated from the remnant of his arm, and the momentum continued like a sharp arrow. He shot into the building across the street, then penetrated from the building and shot straight into the sky thousands of meters away.

Under Joanna's beckoning, the sharpshooter made a curved turn in mid-air and flew back quickly.

run! run!

Yuan Tianchen looked at the **** forest arm that was cut off, like a ghost, the horror in his eyes was heavier, he turned and ran without looking back, his body flashed several times in an instant, disappeared from this street, and then When it appeared, it was already the outer edge of this slum.

He gasped slightly, feeling that the breath of the horror girl behind him did not catch up, and he was slightly relieved, but he still dared not stop, and continued to flash quickly, and flew all the way to the border barrier of this base city before stopping. .

Looking back again, it was found that there was still no girl's breath tracking, and his heart fell back to his chest, and then he realized that he had a cold sweat.

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