Astral Pet Store Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Teach

"so close!"

"How could there be such a guy here?"

"Looking at the appearance of this woman, it is not from the Asian region, nor is it a legend from other regions, could it be... Is she from the extraterrestrial federation?"

The former Tianchen's face changed slightly. If he is a strong man on the other prosperous planets in the Federation, what purpose does it appear on this blue star? Or maybe this girl is an official from the Federation who secretly monitors Blue Star?

Either way, this is not a good thing for him.

Moreover, what really made him tremble was not the girl, but the boy's attitude towards the girl!

This girl's combat power is not inferior to him at all, but she is still controlled by others!

From what she looked like in front of the boy, it was obvious that she seemed to be in a certain reason, and she had to obey the boy who had inherited the secret realm. He could not guess the reason, but what could be explained behind it, but It's too scary.

It must be said that this young man grasped the handle of a legend by his own ability, but he definitely did not believe it, but if this young girl was hindered by some terrible existence behind the young man, and had to take care of this young man, then he could It makes sense!

"This boy's background... could it be faked?"

Although he obtained detailed information about the teenager in his hands, he was extremely meticulous, but he knew that people with really great abilities were able to fabricate an extremely realistic background out of thin air, making him unable to distinguish.

He gradually fell into contemplation.



Actually...run away?

Outside the shop, on the street, Dao Zun waited for a number of top powerhouses, looking at the former Tianchen who had fled the desert, and was a bit stunned.

Their gaze stayed on the floor that was burst through with a single shot, where no one was living, and the building was penetrated by a circular hole of more than ten meters, as if bombed by a shell.

The debris and gravel fell down.

Feeling the vast divine power passing in front of them, their pupils contracted slightly and turned their heads hard.

run? They also thought about it, but stopped the foolish impulse for the first time. In front of a legend, they wanted to get out of it very hard. Unless they were dispersed at the same time, they had a chance to run out of one or two.

However, if all are prey in the cage, whoever runs first, the hunter will catch who, this is the hunter's rule.

So neither of them acted for the first time when the target that first caught the attention of the hunter.

Seeing that Joanna failed to kill the old man, Su Ping raised her eyebrows slightly, and said with some displeasure: "With your ability, can't you easily get him done, how can you let him run away?"

Joanna looked at the old man's disappearing direction, and her face changed slightly. She heard Su Ping's words, and she turned her head and said angrily: "How can I know that my strength is beyond the scope of leaving the store?" , A substantial reduction, otherwise the previous moment would directly destroy him!"

"Humph, useless ."

"!!! () Who are you talking about?!!!"

"Whoever answers is who."


Joanna was going crazy, and her chest was up and down quickly, and she was about to explode.

Under her dignified presence, she let a ant leak under her eyelids. She was a little angry and embarrassed. She was BB by Su Ping, which made her annoyed and wanted to kill her.

In addition to Su Ping's BB, she was even more annoyed that she actually let a ant run away!

If this spreads to the **** realm, she has no place to admit.

She didn't expect that her power would be greatly weakened when she left the shop, otherwise she would directly use her magic skills. Even if the power was weakened, at such a short distance, she could directly kill the ants!

Su Ping saw that she didn't say "you can do it" and found that she was an honest man, and she was too lazy to tangle with her again.

What's more, the matter has come to this point, it's useless to breathe with her again. If you want to come to this legendary old man with few tricks, she chooses to run away. It should be to see Joanna's strength. Should not come to provoke him again.

After all, the other party did not know that Joanna's power was limited to the shop.

From the perspective of the other party, there is Joanna next to him, and Joanna's existence can also be a slapstick. It shows that there are people behind him. Adding up seems to be two legends. The other side will be more afraid.

If this is not possible, the other party will sneak attack again, he also has a self-preservation power, he has not used the Dragon Soul lifeguard for the Dragon King.

Thinking about it, Su Ping thinks that his own strength is too weak, otherwise he will need to use his brain to think about it, and all those who pervert us will just blow up.

He put away his thoughts and looked at the chilling top-notch powerhouses outside the shop. His eyebrows were slightly raised, and there was also some sigh in his heart. In the secret world, he could only look up at them.

But now, the existence of countless of them looking up, like the frightened lambs in the cold wind, shivering outside the shop.

This is the charm of power!

Looking at the sword venerable among them, Su Ping thought for a while and shouted, "A few of you will come in."

After that, he turned to Joanna and said, "First, take your murderous murder."

Joanna wanted to transfer her anger to these weaker ants, and when she heard Su Ping's words, she said angrily: "Aren't these people killing? They didn't come with good intentions."

Su Ping knew that she wanted to vent, but reluctantly said: "Be a little bit better, let you take it and take it. If you want to kill someone, look back and find it for you."

"What is this called, I'm a god, I'm too dirty to kill people, just like your human race, will it be okay to step on the insects on the ground, how dirty!" Joanna sneered, and her anger dissipated. Some, the momentum converged, the golden sharp gun in his hand also turned into energy, disappeared.

Su Ping rolled his eyes and did not fight with her, looking at the few people who walked into the shop tremblingly.

In addition to Dao Zun's face, which was barely calm, the rest of the people were not very natural, and their hearts were trembling. They were at the top of their struggle. So far, there are countless good days to enjoy. If they fall here, it would be too Miserable is too pitiful.

Looking at the pair of teenagers in front of them, several people had complicated expressions. When did such a junior make them so terrified?

However, with such a terrible combat power, it can scare away the original heavenly minister, is it really a junior, it is difficult to say that some people use the strange secret treasures in the secret realm, look forever, and return to old age is also possible.

"Senior Zunzun, I heard that you are good at knife surgery. I don't know if you can stay. I will teach knife surgery to me a beast?" Su Ping said to Knife Zun.

Dao Zun was slightly stunned. Su Ping had such an idea. He quickly said: "Don't dare to dare. Brother Su called me predecessors too humble. You just call me cold and handsome. This is my real name."

Su Ping was surprised, cold and handsome?

He looked weird, but he didn't expect such a character as Dao Zun. It was actually such a name. His last name was cold and his name was handsome?

The name is a little bit different, and I can see that Dad and Mom are ruthless.

"If you teach swordsmanship... my swordsmanship is more difficult. If you are familiar with pet beasts, I am afraid to learn it for a long time. Of course, I am not reluctant to teach. It is just a long time. I hope that the Brothers Su will be prepared. "The sword is really difficult.

Su Ping said: "It's okay, you can teach it, if you can't learn, I will beat it."

Dao Zun dumb, beat it? Can the beast's savvy improve with a beating?

But he didn't say much. After all, Su Ping in front of him was more dangerous than the original Tianchen.

Others heard Su Ping's conversation with Dao Zun, and their faces were slightly discolored. They were envious of Dao Zun, and they could leave behind the beast that taught Su Ping. Although they lost some weight, they were at least worried about their lives.

"Brother Su, I know how to do archery. Do you have any pet beasts?" one of the old men chatted, his face kind and gentle, without the coolness of his cold face when he came.

"I also have great skills. I have healing techniques. Brothers Su. Traveling all over the world, healing techniques are indispensable. If the pets are injured in the wild, they will lose their lives if they are not treated in time. At this time, mastering the healing technique will show value. "" Another fat old man smiled smirk.

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