Astral Pet Store Chapter 248

Chapter 248: Little Skull Science

"I want this quota."

Su Ping thought for a moment and said to the old man.

As soon as this remark came out, everyone looked at him in amazement, including the old man who was also stunned. Unexpectedly, Su Ping would actually answer this application for exchange. This thing is just a mouthful thing for him. There is no loss.


If Su Ping really enrolled in school, not only did he not lose, but it was a great honor for their college!

After all, monsters like Su Ping can be admitted to their colleges by their own abilities, and among the many geniuses in the colleges, they are unique and unmatched!

Such characters will come out of their colleges and universities, and they will undoubtedly portray a heavy stroke in the education of the colleges, making their reputations even louder, and even able to impact the throne of the world's first college!

"Do you really agree?" The old man wondered.

Su Ping nodded slightly, "I have accepted this quota, and the people in your college are not me. I will recommend others to your college. Is that all right?"

The old man was startled, and the freshly rising expression in his eyes suddenly dimmed, and he smiled secretly in his heart, knowing that he wanted more, monsters like Su Ping, who would really be interested in their college, and Su Ping really wanted to go By the way, the mentors in their college are afraid that there is nothing to teach yet.

Others heard Su Ping's words, and they all showed a sudden color, guessing that Su Ping was mostly for their friends or future generations.

So far, they have not been able to judge whether Su Pings real age and appearance are really the same. Although they have Su Pings identity information in their hands, which is extremely detailed, the latters work is really shocking. It is not possible for this age and background.

"No problem, as long as it is recommended by Brother Su, I will focus on taking care of the best resources in the school." The old man took a deep breath and assured Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded slightly.

The old man gave Su Ping's communication number. As for Su Ping's communication number, he didn't ask. This thing was written in the information they had previously heard, but he didn't remember it, but when he went back and checked it again, he knew.

Su Ping also knew the old man's name, Han Yuxiang.

A very feminine name.

Su Ping felt the names of these strong men, one by one coquettish, cold and handsome before, Han Yuxiang after, and then Zhao Tiezhu would be perfect.

After a moment.

A luxury car came from outside the store.

A tall young man walked off the car, wearing sunglasses. He looked at the dilapidated streets and the narrow shops in front of him. Some doubted whether his navigation was a problem, but soon, he saw the shop standing. Teacher.


The middle-aged man quickly took off his sunglasses and stepped forward to say hello.

While seeing his master, he also saw Dao Zun and Han Yuxiang in his sight, and he was a little shocked. As an upper circle, he still knew these famous powerhouses.

Unexpectedly, in this dilapidated shop, there are so many top strongmen!

What are you doing?

He was surprised in his heart, but he didn't dare to show anything. After saying hello to his teacher, he quickly greeted the seniors like Dao Zun one by one.

Dao Zun et al. saw that this person was a middle-aged student, and all nodded slightly.

"How about Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon?" The middle-aged man named Xiong quickly saw his student and asked quickly.

The youth respectfully said: "I brought it, it was in the car."

"Go get it quickly."

"it is good."

Soon, the young man took out a puppy-sized creature from the trunk of the luxury car. This is a white dragon with white scales. A pair of dragon pupils shone like black gems, extremely pure.

The two dragon wings of the young dragon are soft and soft, soft and boneless, and their character seems a little timid, looking at the stranger such as Daozun. Although it is young, it feels that powerful energy is hiding from these people. Make it a little scared.

Su Ping glanced, it was really Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon.

"Brother Su, this silver frost star moon young dragon, you take it, and hope to take good care of it." The middle-aged man reluctantly hugged the young dragon from the youth and handed it to Su Pingdao.

When the young man heard this, his eyes widened and he looked at his teacher with a stunned expression on his face.

This impatiently asked him to send the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon to the young man in front of him?

Isn't this dragon reserved for your son?

Su Ping brought the baby dragon over and handed it to Joanna, saying, "Since the dragon beast is in place, your business will be clear."

The middle-aged man named Xiong was relieved and said in a straight voice: "Can I go now?"

Su Ping nodded slightly.

The middle-aged man named Xiong immediately said goodbye to Su Ping, and then left his shop with his students.

In the luxury car, the luxury car drove out of the street with the buzzing of exhaust vents.

"Teacher, isn't this baby dragon prepared for your son?" the young man asked puzzled while driving.

The middle-aged man named Xiong looked ugly and said: "Don't ask, it would be nice if I could leave alive today"

The young man was almost in a hurry and turned the steering wheel. He turned his head and looked at his teacher in amazement. He found that his face was extremely solemn, and he didn't mean to joke at all. Then he recalled the strange details of the previous and couldn't help but stunned.

"Teacher, I have seen Dao Zun Zun them. Why are you here, the young man seems to have an unusual status." The youth asked in a low voice.

The middle-aged man named Xiong has a gloomy face and says, "It's more than just ordinary. It's a monster. Remember, this base city, this street, don't come here in the future, never step in!"

The young pupil's pupils contracted slightly, looking at him with a dignified appearance, and he was a little shocked. He had never seen the teacher so afraid of a person.



Inside the store.

Others saw that the middle-aged man left without incident, and suddenly retreated, and said goodbye to Su Ping one by one.

Su Ping didn't keep it anymore, and let them leave. Compared with the original Heavenly Officials, these titles of them can only be counted as small fish and shrimp, which is too difficult and unnecessary.

Soon, there was only Dao Zun and the old man who mastered the treatment, Wu Guansheng.

"Senior Wu, I have a younger sister. Presumably you know it too. I hope you can pass on the healing technique to my younger sister." Su Ping said to the stout Wu Guansheng old man.

Wu Guansheng didn't expect that he wasn't Su Ping to learn healing techniques. He was a little disappointed in his heart. If it was Su Ping, he could still get closer to Su Ping in the process of teaching. Although Su Ping provokes the original Tianchen, But the original Tianchen were all run away, and the thigh was the thicker one.

"No problem, I have read your sister's information, and it is also a talented and talented wizard. I can definitely learn it soon." Wu Guansheng smiled and said, and did not conceal their exploration of Su Pingdi's details.

Occasionally proper sincerity will make people trust, and this is what he wants.

Su Ping smiled faintly and said: "The Wizards are hard to say. Anyway, your task is to make her have to learn, when she becomes an eighth-order treatment master, when this matter is clear, of course, my patience is Limited, so I hope you can take a lot of trouble in teaching."

Hearing the threat in Su Ping's words, Wu Guansheng felt a little bit miserable in his heart, knowing that Su Ping was worried about his hiding, and fooled the past.

"This, become an eighth-order treatment master, I am afraid that it will be difficult to achieve without five years and ten years." Wu Guansheng was embarrassed.

Su Ping said indifferently: "This is your business. I will give you a period of three years. If she is not an eighth-order treatment master after three years, no matter where you are, I will personally visit!"

Now Joannas deterrence over the former Tianchen is here. He also used this power to fill his words. Although he still has no ability to fight against each other, they dont know this.

Wu Guansheng was dumbfounded, and immediately grimaced, saying, "Brother Su, this matter must be reasonable, I..."

Su Ping raised his hand to interrupt his words, "The secret is open, everyone can get it, but you have come to my shop. Does this make sense?"

Wu Guansheng opened his mouth slightly, dumbfounded.

He grinned bitterly and had to bow his hand, so he should bear the matter down and pray secretly in his heart. I hope that the sister in Su Pings profile is really a genius. If not, at least half of Su Pings talents. It is still hopeful for the learner to learn his secrets of treatment within three years.

"She is on the side of the street, you go to her, let alone introduce me, so that she won't bother me." Su Ping said.

Seeing this, Wu Guansheng immediately said goodbye to Su Ping, quickly left the shop, and ran to the street.

After Wu Guansheng left, Su Ping glanced at Zun Zun, raised his hand to open the summoning space, and summoned the small skeleton from the inside.

The small skull landed and immediately looked around with vigilance. After all, every time it appeared, it was most likely to assist the master in combat, so you must be vigilant.

When following the breath, it immediately looked up at Joanna next to it, and the red light in its eye socket flashed slightly, as if blinking.

It remembers that this is the enemy.

Why is there no hostility now?

Su Ping touched the small skull's round and smooth head and said to Zun Zun: "This is the only one. I hope Senior Zun Zun can teach it well."

Zun Zun froze.

He looked at the short skeleton on the ground, a little ignorant.

Su Ping left him, actually asked him to teach a lower skeleton species?

Moreover, is this low-level skeleton species still Suping's beast? Actually not abandoned?

You know, most pet strategists initially signed contracts with lower monsters, but the bloodlines of these monsters are too low, and their realm is limited by their bloodlines. It is difficult to improve. As the pet strategists grow, these pets often Abandoned, or sent to the beast nursing home.

This beast nursing home is a more popular industry than the beast shop, and it specializes in dealing with these retired beasts.

In his view, such fighting powers as Su Ping, even if they are some of the beasts of the seventh-order and eighth-order bloodlines, should not be used anymore. The lowest are the beasts of the ninth-order bloodlines, or some extremely rare top grades Beast of descent.

But he didn't expect that Su Ping was still using the lowest-ranking skeleton species of undead creatures.


Now in the morning, go to bed in the afternoon and evening, and slowly reverse the work schedule. When I ran downstairs and smoked a little smoke, the nostrils became dark, the lungs and tummy were not comfortable, and there was a feeling of hypoxia. Drowsy...I can sleep well now.

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