Astral Pet Store Chapter 251

Chapter 251: Brand New Shop


Joanna-headshot beside.

Physique: Reincarnation

Realm: Virtual Cave Realm

Combat strength: 29.6

Talented Warframe: Titan Warlord Bloodline

Skills: Divine Source Slash, Split Sun Breaking Gun, Phantom Technique, Puppet Manufacturing, Long Yan Invented Technique, Fine Pastry Skills... The following omits dozens.

Su Ping's eyes were dazzled by a long list of skills at the back of the list. The skills that Joanna mastered are less than 40 or 50, and there are many types, such as pastry making skills, dance skills, and floral arts. Skills and other life skills.

Is this also a skill? ! !

However, let alone say that these are indeed skills, who said that life skills are not skills?

Su Ping looked carefully and found that Joanna's many life skills are simply a model of luxury nobility, extremely gorgeous.

"How come there is no information about her original body?" Su Ping read it twice and found that this is just the incarnation data of Joanna's "serving" now. There is no body data. It stands to reason that the realm under the highest god, the combat power cannot be At this point, he is still looking forward to seeing what concept is under the Supreme God.

The system did not respond, it is estimated that Su Ping understood it.

Su Ping understands for a long time, it can only be attributed to the fact that it is Joannas incarnation who is currently working as an employee in the store, so only the information about her body is available. When will she wait until she replaces the body with the store, maybe there will be The information of her deity.

"These skills, back to pick some strong points, digging one by one, it is not good, but also can let her teach to the small skull and purgatory candle dragon beast, so that they also strengthen the fighting power." Su Ping thought beautifully.

Now that the shop is finally upgraded to level three, through this virtual panel, Su Ping can see the territory of the entire shop. The remaining area is only 3,000 square meters. The extra shops he bought are not included in the territory planning scope of the shop and are not Safe area.

However, Su Ping does not feel wasted, anyway, he will continue to upgrade the store in the future, and he can keep the spare.

Following the fictitious picture of the shop territory in his mind, Su Ping left the Beast Room and saw Joanna sitting at the counter next to the shop door as soon as she opened the door. She deserves to be the "true" goddess, and she has such a good sleeping position, yes Sitting against the counter and sleeping, cross-legged, hands around the chest, this posture... Isn't the leg numb?

Hearing the movement, Joanna opened her eyes. It seemed that there was a cold electricity passing through the eyes. Seeing Su Ping smiled and looked, her face was slightly cold, and she snorted coldly.

She was extremely angry at this man with no gentlemanly manner, and her divine goddess let her sleep on the floor without even a bed!

Even if she doesn't look at the status of her goddess, anyway, she is also an employee in the shop, is this treatment? !

However, she was angry, but she was too lazy to show it. Since coming to this shop, she was also mentally prepared. At least on the surface, she continued to stalemate and hostile with this man, which was not good for her.

Thinking all night yesterday, she exhausted all kinds of methods. While Su Ping was resting, she teleported outside the store and tried to leave the territory of the store, but she was restrained by a force that prevented her from leaving half a point!

Having learned the mysterious power of this shop, she had to be afraid of it. She couldn't figure out what level of existence existed before she could move herself from God Realm to this strange world, and was imprisoned in this little shop.

She can feel that the world is not strong, there is nothing that makes her feel awkward, and from the information about the buildings and regional languages here, she finds that this is not a small world around God Realm.

After all, she was the goddess of war in the early years. She has fought countless small worlds and seen countless things, but her style is not like this world.

"Go, follow me around the shop." Su Ping smiled.

Joanna raised her eyebrows and wanted to refuse, but the employee code appeared in her mind. She frowned and stood up.

Su Ping smiled slightly and pushed the door open. The previous rolling door has now been replaced with a huge wooden door with a dragon and phoenix glyph on it, as if it were two real dragon and phoenix monsters imprinted on it. come out.

Outside this gate, there are long steps constructed, and there are two sculptures of dragons sitting on both sides.

The area at the entrance of the entire store has doubled horizontally. With the dragon stone carving and the exquisite decoration of the outer wall of the store, the temperament of the entire store has improved more than ten times. At first glance, it is a high-end consumer place.

According to the composition of the store in his mind, Su Ping came outside and looked to the side. I saw a store selling down jackets next door. At this moment, the door of the store was closed and became a wall. The space inside was the same as his original store. Got through.

Su Ping walked all the way. Among the stores under the previous plate, seven or eight stores were all sealed into walls. The surface tiles have a wood texture, which is incompatible with other stores on the street, just like the feeling that a five-star hotel is opened in a small village .

Suping stood on the street and looked up at the entire store. In addition to the lower facade connected together, the second and third floor residential spaces above were also connected in series with each other, like a completed building, tightly linked.

Small naughty pet shop.

The original dilapidated small signboard was now gold-mounted by the system, and the signboard was hung on the top of the store, magnified several times, extremely eye-catching, and the material was full of nobleness.

Su Ping lamented that the system really won him the favor. The luxurious and solemn decoration style echoed his mind and aesthetics.

From a distance, his shop is like a mansion house entrenched in this street. The two dragon sculptures outside his shop are very imposing. Su Ping feels better than the purple Ling Shenfeng at the entrance of Fengshan College The sculpture also needs to be domineering and lifelike. Su Ping doubts whether the system really seals the two dragons inside. After all, the sculpture's eyes are portrayed, too expressive, just like the real dragon is staring at you.


Full marks!

Su Ping praised the system in his heart. He was able to make fault-finding him, and he was also impeccable.

Joanna saw Su Ping's surprised look and sneered slightly in her heart, but there was no expression on her face, so as not to show it, and she was on Su Ping.

Although this shop has been adjusted, she is not surprised. With the mysterious power of this shop, let alone the decoration of this kind, even if it is a thousand square miles at night, it is a breeze.

As for the momentum of this shop... she has seen too many high-end venues in God Realm, which in her eyes is only pediatrics.

The only thing that made her care a little was the dragon sculpture outside the shop and several small details. She could see that that was the true essence of the shop.

After watching the image of the store, Su Ping returned to the store with satisfaction, followed the wall opened in the store, and entered different areas of the store to watch.

The original narrow pet room has also opened up to other shops. The space inside is larger and can accommodate more foster care.

The small room with the chaotic breeding pool was also transferred to another shop, and the door was pushed in. The ground inside seemed to be like deep space, full of the feeling of the starry universe, and the original chaotic spiritual pool was like a dry well. A deep well suspended in the starry sky.

Su Ping doesn't know if this is a special effect or a real decoration. In short, it feels extraordinary and refined, which is many times stronger than before.

In addition, the newly developed test space occupies the most area, which also makes Su Ping shine. The test room is pure white, but with different test beasts, you can place it at the entrance like a light switch. Adjust different quiz spaces.

Flames, sea water, mountain forests, swamps, complex sites, etc.

When choosing a seawater site, the entire white room instantly turned into a seawater land with reefs inside.

It feels like a slide show, you can pick it casually, but the venue you switched out is extremely realistic, it is real sea water.

This completely shocked Su Ping, this wife is very high-tech!

However, the current technology of the Federation is still achievable. Su Ping has seen it online before, and it is said that such technology is available in some of the top places of the Federation Star.

"Isn't the system directly importing the highest federal technology ingredients?" Su Ping secretly said, he is still more at ease with the operation of this system. This guy is extremely cunning. Even the upgrade of a store knows to use decoration camouflage. Never make too much fantasy things, so as not to exceed ordinary people's understanding, otherwise, his pet shop, it will be changed into a technology store...

Joanna accompanied Su Ping all the way, and when she entered the room where the chaotic breeding pond was, her feelings were the strongest. She felt that the suspended in the star-like deep well had some kind of extremely ancient energy.

This energy seems to be more ancient and primitive than the true divine power she pursues...

With a shocking mood, she and Su Ping withdrew from this room together, but she remembered the room deeply in her heart, and the understanding and fear of the shop deepened a step further.

After visiting the beast shop, Su Ping returned to the shop and experienced the selling function of the beast.

Before selling, Su Ping can first conduct pet testing.

"Little skeleton."

Su Ping was the first to summon a small skull and wanted to check its value.

He still remembered that when the small skull had just been summoned, he detected its rental value, which was 1 energy.

Today, he has cultivated in his hands for so long, and I don't know how the results are.

With the inspection, soon, the selling price and rental price of the small skull came out.

Price: 4.62 million energy.

Rental: 10,000 energy/h.


Su Ping was dumbfounded.

The selling price of 4.62 million? energy?

You know, he only spent 100,000 energy to upgrade the store this time!

Don't look at the 100,000 energy, there are not many conversions with star coins, but it is very slow to earn. After all, many services in his store have been severely suppressed by the system.

"If I remember correctly, going to a level 4 store requires 1 million energy, and a level 4 chaotic spirit pool is also 1 million energy..." Su Ping stunned, his heart thumped and sold a small skull, everything. Too.

Immediately you can upgrade the shop, upgrade the spirit pool, but the level 4 spirit pool has a high probability to breed the king beast!

He repeatedly read the price several times and sighed deeply that it would be impossible to sell, and it would be impossible to sell in this life.

After all, he nurtured it with painstaking effort. The store or something can be slowly upgraded. Although from a rational point of view, this is more cost-effective. Upgrading the store early and cultivating the king beast can make his strength increase more quickly, but the human So it is human, just because of sensibility.

For Su Ping, the little skeleton is already his child. Every time he sees it in the breeding ground, he lays down his life and forgets his death, and he understands to save himself. Energy, even if a few zeros are added after this.

At this time, Su Ping saw a detailed price list behind the selling price, he clicked to see, the above is the composition of the selling price.

Skeleton King semi-finished bloodline: 3.9 million energy.

Fighting power 10: 500,000 energy.

Skill mastery: 320,000 energy.

[Biquge 520www.biquge520.me]

Su Ping looked stunned. So, the reason why the small skeleton is so valuable is mainly due to the blood of the skeleton king?

Despite the blood factor of Skeleton King, its own combat power is only worth 500,000?

You know, the fighting power breaks ten, but the king beast level!

"Isn't it wrong?" Su Ping asked the system.

The system said indifferently: "Abandoning the bloodline, the combat power of 10 is only the lowest limit of the king beast, and the lowest king beast sells for 500,000 energy."

Su Ping was dumb, a little speechless, but he didn't expect Wang Beast to sell such a little energy.

500,000 energy, that is 50 million star coins, this is too cheap!

This time, when he went to the secret realm, he arbitrarily grabbed a billion. Although he cheated, mastered the secret realm information, and obtained secret treasures such as digging and extracting things, it gave him the feeling that it was not difficult to make money.

Qin Shuhai, who purchased Xing Yun Lingguo from his hands, raised his hand to bid for hundreds of millions of dollars, which is the essence of the title level.

In this way, wouldn't it be possible for a title class to come to his shop and buy a few king beasts?

"Level 4 Chaos Spirit Pool, breed 1 million energy at a time, and have a higher probability to breed king beasts. Generally, adult king beasts. If the combat power is just over 10, it proves that the potential is extremely low, and there is no room for ascent. 500,000 energy is already high. "The system said.

Su Ping was speechless.

Even if there is no rising potential, after all, it is the king beast, the combat power is placed there, and it is still possible to throw out and kill some peaks.

"The store's selling price is self-contained, and the host need not say much. The goal of the store is to cultivate top pets. The pets with low potential are equivalent to waste. Please keep this in mind." The system is indifferent.

Su Ping's eyes are turned straight, do you want to raise the force so high, what's the potential is low, eat your rice, do you want to be so targeted! ?

"Yes." the system said.

"Lying trough, bugging me again!"

"If you don't want to be eavesdropped, please host as early as possible to upgrade to a seven-level store to obtain independent human rights." The system said indifferently.

"I am fucking!!"


After screaming for a while, Su Ping enjoyed electrotherapy and finally became quiet.

He didnt theory with the system anymore, and thought about it. The system is talking about the king beast with no blood and no potential, but how can most king beasts throw away the two factors of blood and potential? Not to mention selling 500,000, it is still possible to sell millions.

If chaos breeds one million at a time, there is a higher probability to breed a king beast, and a lower probability to breed the best in the king beast. This is like selling an ordinary king beast, it is possible to accumulate a lottery. From this point of view, the opportunity to reach the top grade is still profitable.

The selling price of the system is self-contained, mostly considering these factors.

Too dog!

Su Ping sighed, too lazy to care about this system again.

after all.

The rich are trying to persuade others to start, but the poor can only start by themselves.

Or else? !


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