Astral Pet Store Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Suppress

After testing the selling price of the small skull, Su Ping tested several other guys one after another.

Among them, the price of the purgatory candle dragon beast is the most expensive, reaching 150,000, but the blood line value is relatively large, after all, it is the blood line of the purgatory king beast level.

The dark dragon dog and the purple-green snail have no deep blood background. Although the combat strength is also very good, the price is only 58,000, which is very low.

Su Ping estimated that an ordinary ninth-order high-level monster beast would have 70,000 or 80,000 energies, worse, even up to 40,000 or 50,000 energies.

This price is very close to the people.

If it weren't for the cheaper price of the trapping ring, Su Ping would never do such a loss-making transaction.

"The ninth-order extreme monsters caught in the secret realm can be sold. Although selling at a price below the market price is a loss, it is not completely unprofitable. At least it can attract many customers to come and make the store famous. , Saving is limited to the college. After all, the students in the college dont have much money..."

Su Ping thought about the development of the store.

Joanna sat on the rest chair boringly. With her deep mental strength, she was a little sleepy at the moment.

Su Ping saw that Joanna was idle, raised her eyebrows slightly, moved her heart, and immediately called her, saying, "Follow me to lie in the breeding ground."

"Cultivation place?"

Joanna frowned.

Su Ping didn't say much. He called out the breeding list and chose a cheapest one-point energy cultivation place.


Su Ping immediately paid for energy and bound Joanna to enter.

An attraction immediately involved Su Ping and Joanna, sending them both to the nurturing plane.

After the plane connection prompted by the system ends, Su Ping looks at the barren nurturing plane in front of him. This is a deserted world without any life that he specially selected, which can be used as a battlefield.

The air is thin here, the ground is bare, there are no plants, the light is very weak, and the temperature is extremely low.

"This..." Joanna stunned, looking at the completely strange world with shock.

The moment before she was still in the shop, the next second actually appeared in this world outside of perception?

Could it be that Su Ping entered the God Realm in this way?

Su Ping glanced at Joanna. He brought her over deliberately. He also wanted to take the opportunity to deter her. It was the training before the store was officially opened, and the employees were on duty.

He took his beast trap from the storage space.

A trap ring appeared in his hand, he stared at him, and suddenly the star power was injected to release the limit of the trap ring.

With a bang, the trapping rings were broken.

Roar! !

In the first broken beast trap ring, a huge and fierce shadow suddenly emerged, which was the flame-scale dragon that made Su Ping almost in danger in the secret realm.

These days, under the chain captivity in the beast trap ring, this old dragon has already obeyed a lot, but it did not expect that the things that imprisoned him were actually broken, and let it escape!

"Damn man!"

Its fierce pair of Jiaolongyan pupils were locked on Su Ping, and he said eloquently that he already had a good spirit.

The captivity of these days, its breath is a bit weak, but at the moment of getting out of trouble, it feels that it has returned to its peak, which is the taste of freedom.

"I'll give it to you, one by one to tame me. As an employee in the store, this is what you should help me with."

In fact, Joannas work does not include helping him tame the monsters in the cultivation field, otherwise he will really make a lot of money, and he can go to different cultivation planes to capture the monsters of the king beast level and sell them back. Inexpensive, you can instantly become an upstart.

Joanna stunned slightly, her brow frowned slightly, and saw the figure of the monster beating out of the broken black rings. She suddenly knew what the purpose of Su Ping brought her here. This made it clear that she was used!

Before changing, with her arrogant heart, she had watched with cold eyes at this moment, and by the way sarcasm.

But now, from the shop suddenly moved to this unfamiliar area, some of her mind was completely subverted.

At this moment, she was not only afraid of the mysterious power in the shop, but also was afraid of Su Ping.

The ability to travel through different worlds at will, even if this ability is not Su Ping's own, but he can use it, it is already terrible.

After a little silence, she heard an angry roar in her ears, and there was a sense of irritability in her heart, and she suddenly burst out with a transcendent momentum, and the pure sacred golden light emanated from her body.


Her eyes lifted slightly, sweeping towards a ferocious beast rushing out of the black ring.

Numerous ninth-level peak monsters, including the Flame Scale Dragon and the Purple Fire Unicorn Beast, suddenly noticed this golden figure and felt a terrifying deterrent energy from her.

The fierce dragon head of the flame scale dragon shrank fiercely and was horrified [Biquge www.biqugex.info]: "You, who are you?"

It didn't expect that it would be easy to break free from the **** of the strange secret treasure, and encountered such a horrible existence as soon as it came out. At this moment, it even spawned the idea of returning to the captive space.

The purple fire unicorn beast beside him also disappeared instantly, looking at the blonde girl in fear.

From her, it feels the trembling from the soul, that is a creature that is completely higher than it, just like meeting natural enemies.

"The maggot-like ant orcs are also worthy of asking your Highness's name? Die!"

The golden light of Joanna's palm condensed, the prototype of the sharp gun gradually appeared, a hurricane suddenly set off in this barren world, and the rich energy gathered around her body.

Su Ping was shocked when she saw the killing intention released by Joanna, and quickly said: "It's not to kill them, just to tame, but don't kill me."

Joanna frowned, looked down at him with a low eyebrow, silenced, raised her head and said to the five beasts in front of her: "Subjugate, or die!"


Although the Purple Fire Unicorn Beast cannot speak human words, it also has spirituality. When the words are heard, they immediately lie down on their limbs and express their surrender.

Other fierce beasts also lay on the ground, shaking their bodies, daring not to look directly at Joanna.

Flamescale Jiaolong was shocked and frightened in his eyes, and was deeply unwilling, but he finally lowered his head and scratched his claws into a deep ditch on the ground, "I surrender..."

Su Ping looked at the trembling look of the five fierce beasts, and was a little amazed. It is indeed a king-beast-level god, and he didn't make a shot. With his momentum alone, he shocked these nine-tier peak beasts, which was too strong.

Seeing that these monsters had surrendered, Su Ping stepped a few steps forward and said to the flame-scale dragon: "If I remember correctly, the one who guards the Xingyun Lingguo is not just a flame-scale dragon, how can you hide it? ?"

Flamescale Jiaolong froze for a moment, but Su Ping actually knew about it. He glanced at the human being, and then looked at the divinely magnificent Joanna suspended in the air, hesitating, said: "I am a demon Beast, but also unwilling to become a poultry, the old dragon king imprisoned our ancestors in its body, guarding the inheritance of debris for its generations, letting us reproduce and practice from generation to generation, and always escape the rules left by it.

Hundreds of years ago, it suddenly lost its soul power, and I also had the chance to escape the robbery, secret submerged cultivation, I just want to cross the robbery and become the king beast, out of the sinful land..."

Su Ping raised an eyebrow, which seemed to be similar to what he had guessed. This old dragon was a flame-scale dragon that guarded Xing Yun Lingguo, and he came down.

"Do you need to be a robbery to become a king beast?" Su Ping asked curiously.

Flamescale Jiaolong was slightly stunned, and looked at him strangely, "Of course, the king beast is no longer a mortal beast. When it evolves into a king beast, it will inevitably shock the power of nature and lower the punishment..."

Joanna glanced at Su Ping and said, "This is not the punishment of the forces of nature, but the test of heaven! Only those who pass the test can transform from ordinary beasts into spirit beasts. Those who cannot pass the test can only be annihilated. .

In this jungle of thousands of worlds, it is not so simple to change your blood and destiny, especially the change in the transition of the nature of life is even more difficult! "

Su Ping looked at her eyes, and for the first time saw a little pity from inside. This was not a mocking pity, but a very touching pity.

"It turns out so..."

Su Ping finally knew something about the king beast.

He glanced at the five fierce beasts in front of him and saw that they were all subdued by Joanna, and the mission to come here was considered completed.


Back in the shop, Su Ping chose another cultivation site, which also had 1 energy. There are some low-level monsters in the environment. The environment is also okay. He transferred the flame-scale dragons and other monsters to this plane, which is considered to be inside. 'Grazing'.

Without paying attention to these monsters, Su Ping sat in the store and waited for the business to come.

However, a few hours later, half of the figure was not seen.

Su Ping was a little puzzled. Even if the store hadn't been upgraded in the past, the appearance could not be frustrated, but the business was not so bad.

"Is it because the students have gone to the barren area to exercise?" Su Ping frowned slightly, which was a bit of a pain. The fame in his shop is currently limited to the college. The students of the college all ran outside to exercise. Those who didnt go to the barren area were all poorly trained. They didnt have much money at home, and its no wonder they had no business.

After upgrading the store, he also wanted to sell more professional training services, but no customers came.

Su Ping grabbed her hair and saw Joanna sitting in a chair with a bored face. She suddenly moved her heart, "Or, will you go to the door to attract customers?"

Joanna wondered, "Solicitation? How to solicit?"

"This..." Su Ping opened his mouth slightly, and suddenly did not know how to teach.

At this time, footsteps came from outside, Su Ping's eyes lit up and looked quickly, but he saw Su Lingyue entering the door.

The surprise on his face suddenly disappeared.

Su Lingyue came in carefully from the door and saw Su Ping sitting inside, then he was relieved and said in surprise: "This is the decoration yesterday? This is simply a reconstruction, I almost dare not recognize it."

Su Ping said weakly: "What are you doing here?"

Hearing his voice, Su Lingyue raised her eyebrows and didn't have a good air: "I'm going to ask you to eat, eh? This is?"

Her eyes were instantly attracted to Joanna in the chair next to her. It was so beautiful. Even if it was a girl, she was a little surprised. She looked a little bit reluctant to move away from her face.

Never seen a girl with such a look.

Su Ping was lying on the table, sitting up after hearing the words, thinking of them raising their heads and not seeing them, it is better to introduce them.

"This is a new employee in the store. Just call her Joanna. This is my naughty sister, Su Lingyue."

Su Lingyue was shocked, new recruits?

This kind of beautiful girl, would actually come to work for her suffocating straight man with cancer? !

In other words, what is naughty sister, did I mess with you again? !

Looking at Su Lingy's bulging look, Joanna was surprised, but she didn't expect Su Ping and her sister.

Because of the outsiders, Su Lingyue was not good to ask Joanna's salary, but just gave Su Ping a hard look and gave him a "you wake me up" look.

Girls with such good looks, what can they do to make money than working here? It's really not good. It's better to squat at home to do live broadcasting. She doesn't believe that this girl is just for the salary that Su Ping paid.

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