Astral Pet Store Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Please Endorse

Elite League?

Su Ping was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly thought that Vice President Dong Mingsong had mentioned this league with himself long ago. Some outstanding students in the college not long ago were also preparing for this elite league.

Although it is difficult to sprint to the forefront in the league with the ability of the school students, this is definitely an excellent exercise opportunity.

What's more, if you can't do it once, just accumulate experience.

The Elite League is held every three years, and this one is about to begin!

"Elite League...League..."

Su Ping murmured to himself, suddenly slapped his head, he was really stupid!

In today's society, what is the fastest way to make money?

There is no doubt that it is a hot spot!

A scientific researcher who has made a great contribution to society, and those who are exhausted may not have a netizen who makes a lot of hot spots to make more money. This is ridiculous, but it is very realistic.

And now the biggest hotspot, the concern of the whole people, is naturally the global beast elite league!

In front of this extraordinary beast shop, as one of the city's largest beast chain stores, this discount advertisement directly targeted this elite league.

In the upcoming period of this league, even if it is an ordinary pet shop, there will be more business than usual. If you can explain a little publicity, naturally pay more attention!

Su Ping's eyes sparkled.

It was the right time for this league to come, he was able to use the momentum of this league to make a big splash.

Looking at the preferential advertising words in front of him, Su Ping's brain was turning rapidly.



Su Ping's eyes lit up, and now he wants money, money, people and people, he can find a big platform to advertise, even the biggest stars can afford it, and even, he can also let some title-level strongmen speak for him.

For example, the knife vener who taught him the small skull knife technique, which is considered to be a popular figure in the entire Asian and Asian regions. Its reputation is higher than those of the first-line big stars, but he is not in the entertainment circle. If he goes to the entertainment circle to register an account If you do, fans will be able to explode the current mainstream cafes.

After all, this is a world of national beasts.

In such a world, the title-level powerhouse is the most dazzling star.

Of course, the most dazzling is the legend.

"I already knew that the old legendary man should be caught, and it would be good to stay and use it as an advertisement." Su Ping thought inwardly that he was a bit wrong.

Shaking his head, he stopped thinking about the missing ones. Su Ping thought for a moment, took out his communicator, and called Dong Mingsong.

Soon, it was connected there.

"Teacher Su?"

Dong Mingsong's long, thin cheeks appeared on the communicator screen, with a slightly weird expression on his face, "How come I thought of finding me again, wouldn't I have to prove something for you?"

Su Ping rolled his eyes and didn't have a good air: "I helped you last time, you remember it."

Dong Mingsong laughed and said, "Just kidding, let's say, what are you doing with me this time?"

He still has a good eye on Su Ping. This guy will never look for him if he is fine. He must be bothering him again.

Su Ping said straightly, "Do you know any stars, from the entertainment industry?"

Dong Mingsong was stunned. He couldn't help looking at him up and down, his face was strange, he said: "You... want to be a star?"


Su Ping almost didn't get choked by his saliva.

This is old!

"What are you talking about? I want to invite a star to advertise my shop. It's better to endorse it." Su Ping wasn't angry, this old guy couldn't see that his old mind was quite active, this The words are all spoken out.

Dong Mingsong suddenly came over, "So it turns out, you said it earlier, I thought you had swelled recently, and wanted to play with some flowers."

Su Ping: "..."

"Please celebrities, simply, if you have money, there are only a few entertainment companies in the base city of Longjiang. Let me introduce you to one?" Dong Mingsong coughed and said seriously.


"Okay, I'll contact you first, and I will send you the communication number later, and you will know when you report my name." Dong Mingsong said.

Su Ping nodded and hung up the communication.

Soon, he received a communication number.

Su Ping dialed in the past according to the communication number, and a female voice with a bit of magnetism came, "Hello."

"Hello, this is Su Ping, Dong Mingsong introduced." Su Ping said.

"You were introduced by Mr. Dong?" The woman over there was a little surprised. She just contacted Dong Mingsong. The latter said that she would introduce a distinguished guest to her. Listening to the tone, it seems that the other party's status is not low, but did not expect to hear from this voice. It sounds like a teenager.

Is it a strong second generation?

"Well, I would like to invite a big coffeeman to advertise and endorse my shop. Is there any recommendation?" Su Ping said. At the same time, he was searching online to find a big local coffee maker in the base city of Longjiang.

"I heard this from Dong Dong, do you have any favorite candidates?" the woman over there asked, the tone was still very polite, and he didn't look down on the voice of Su Ping's boy.

Su Ping hasn't found any goals yet, he casually said: "Would you recommend a few, I choose from them?"

"Well, what level do you want, our company's biggest arm, the endorsement fee starts from 20 million to 30 million..."

Without waiting for the woman to finish, Su Ping said: "It will do, money is not a problem."

"Uh... good."


The communicator hung up, and Song Lu's face was clear. This tone was really a rich second generation.

"Sister Song."

"Agent Song."

A few young and beautiful girls passed by, and when they saw Song Lu, they took the initiative to smile and say hello.

Song Lu nodded slightly, lowered her cuffs, and covered the watch-like communicator. She walked down the hallway to the elevator.

There are two elevators here. One is for ordinary people in the company. The ordinary people include cleaning aunts and newcomers who have just entered the company. In addition, there are some outdated stars.

The other is an independent elevator, only company executives can ride.

Song Lu entered the independent elevator and directly pressed the highest floor.

88th floor.

With a ding, the elevator opened. The environment on this floor was very quiet. As soon as I got out of the elevator, I heard the melodious soft sound in the corridor. It was very stylish. On the corridor outside the elevator was a soft brown carpet. The soft ups, even the high heels, only make a faint, low voice when walking up.

Song Lu followed the corridor to a huge practice room.

The glass outside the practice room can see the scene inside. A young girl is practicing dancing inside. Beside the girl is a snow-white rabbit-like beast, bouncing up and down, seeming to coordinate her dance.


Song Lu knocked gently at the door and called.

The girl stopped and turned to look at her, "Sister Song?"

"I'm disturbing you to practice. I just had a list to help a pet beast shop to do endorsement. Do you want to do it?" Song Lu asked, with a suggestion in his eyes.

Although she is the leading agent in the company, she controls the life and death of countless people, but in front of this girl, she dare not be at random, because the latter surnamed shepherd.

In this base city of Longjiang, in addition to those who do not offend the surname Qin, those who do not offend the shepherd.

Because the shepherd is the second largest family in Longjiang!

"Beast shop endorsement?" The girl frowned slightly, and said, "I can let you come to me. The other party gives me a lot of money, or is there any background?"

Although she looked younger, but mixed in this circle, her mind has been very mature in exercise, and she can let Sister Song come to her, nothing more than these two possibilities.

Song Lu shook his head slightly, "It was introduced by Master Dong Mingsong of Fengshan College. I dont know who it is. However, Master Dong is the vice principal of a prestigious school after all. Ordinary ordinary people will not recommend me, and I just told The other party has contacted, listened to the tone, it seems quite rich, if Waner you go out, the endorsement price I can talk about 50 million for you."

The girl's brow moved slightly, thinking for a moment, and said, "Does the other party have any requirements?"

"This, I haven't talked about it in detail. If you want to, I will investigate it in detail, and check the other party's shop by the way, so as not to be a shop opened by the rich second-generation whim. As a result of poor management, it will hurt you. Reputation." Song Lu said.

The girl smiled slightly and said, "I'm relieved that Sister Song is doing things. I have been idle recently, so go check it out."

"it is good."

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