Astral Pet Store Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Powerful Charm

Although Yuan Tianchen had a holiday with Su Ping, this did not prevent Dao Zun from coming here again.

After all, he was also forced to take care of the pet beast for Su Ping. This matter was also known to the original princes, and he didnt settle for him, so he could only come over and fulfill his commitment to Su Ping.

Su Ping saw Zun Zun and nodded slightly, "Senior is here."

"Have you renovated this store, I can't recognize it, especially the two stone carvings at the door, were they carved by the top celebrities?" Dao Zun looked around the store, if it was not the sign on the store, He didn't dare to admit it.

Su Ping nodded, got up and pulled a chair for Zun Zun, "Please sit down, Senior.

Although Zun Zun is currently subject to him, Su Ping still respects Zun Zun very much.

"You're welcome," Dao Zun said quickly. Since Su Ping's chair was pushed, he had to sit down and asked, "What about your little skull pet, I'll take it to practice the knife."

Su Ping smiled softly and said: "Senior, now I don't need to go to the battle hall outside to practice swords. There is a practice place in my shop. When I finish talking about things here, I will take you there."

"it is good."

Dao Zun also saw that Su Ping was discussing things. He glanced at the second daughter sitting opposite Su Ping and found that they didn't know each other, and one of them was an ordinary person. The other one had a weak breath in his body, which should be about four paragraphs. This age and strength is not bad, but it's not far from the genius he thinks.

Moreover, the monsters like Su Ping sitting in front of him, and the geniuses of the young demon, were all eclipsed in front of this guy, unable to attract his attention.

"Who is this"

Mu Shuang looked at Dao Zun blankly, his mind blank.

She couldn't believe her eyes.

This man is actually, Zun Zun? !

That famous super title strong? !

She was a bit skeptical, did she see it wrong, or that the person in front of her looked just like her?

Song Lu next to him didn't react, but she felt that the temperament of the person who came in was better than that of the star who had trained her body. She glanced at her and then she looked back and said to Su Ping, "Mr. Su, this money thing... "

"You don't have to worry about money, there are no problems with hundreds of millions of dollars." Su Ping said, giving the other party a peace of mind.

It is unknown how many customers can be attracted after hundreds of millions of publicity is smashed, but for Su Ping, even if the attracted customers can only contribute tens of millions of revenue to the store, it is a big profit.

After all, the revenue in the store can be converted into energy, and the value of the energy that can be purchased in the store is much greater than that of Xingcoin.

Song Lu was stunned for a moment, but Su Ping's breath was so big that hundreds of millions were not a problem?

She looked at Su Ping again and again. Even the rich second generation of some big families, the financial authority granted by the family may not have so much, unless they are the core children of the family, and they are quite prestigious.

It's just that she is in this circle and has the most informed information. She has never heard of any Su family from the base city of Longjiang.

"You, are you Senior Zunzun?"

At this moment, Mu Shuang, who was sitting on the chair, opened her mouth, carefully looked at Dao Zun, and asked in a low voice.

The man in front of her was so similar to the knife she had seen in the photo. She couldn't help but ask.

Dao Zun glanced at her, and then at Su Ping next to him. Instead of asking the average person, he wouldnt take it at all, but in this Su Ping shop, he could not understand the relationship between this girl and Su Ping. , Had nodded slightly: "Yes, it's me."

Mu Shuang's eyes widened.

She felt suffocated.

It really is! !


She was a little trembling. As a child of the war-favored family, she naturally understood deeply, what kind of character is Zun Zun, and what weight!

This is like a god!

She has long heard that this knife is not an ordinary title-level powerhouse, but a legendary title limit!

Moreover, there is hope to step into the legend!

This kind of existence is even tougher than their entire herdsman. Once Dao Zun breaks through to become a legend, the status immediately stands at the top of the entire planet, and it is definitely not a title-level family that can be counted on.

Such a godlike figure actually sat in front of himself.

Mu Shuangwan felt her heart pounding and was about to rush out of her throat. Her body was hot and her blood accelerated, trembling: "Sword, Senior Sword, Senior Shepherd, and Mushuang Wan have seen seniors."

"Well." Dao Zun nodded slightly, seeing her look so excited, a little surprised, but then realized that most of this person's relationship with Su Ping.

After all, the monsters are surrounded by monsters. Just look at the blond hair next to Joanna. I see him as if he did not see it. Instead, his eyes are indifferent. He seems to have been despised.

"Zun Zun?" Song Lu was a little surprised. After all, she wasn't in the melee circle of pet masters. Although she was well-informed, she was only limited to the base city of Longjiang. She had never heard of this name.

However, this is obviously a title, not its real name.

The person who can be called a face-to-face person is the title. In front of him is a title-level strong? !

Looking at Mu Shuangwan's attitude, Song Lu reacted instantaneously, feeling a little shocked in her heart. She didn't expect to walk into this small shop casually. She was actually a title-ranked person, and depending on the situation, she still had a close relationship with Su Ping.

"Senior is good." She also hurriedly hurriedly, lowered her eyebrows and looked respectfully.

Dao Zun saw that she was an ordinary person. Such a person called himself a predecessor. There were some irregularities. He frowned slightly, but he still yelled.

"Senior, are you here?" Mu Shuang Wan asked cautiously, curiously.

How can such noble figures appear in the base city of Longjiang, and still in such an unknown pet shop.

Dao Zun said indifferently: "Do something, you are busy first."

Seeing his reluctance to say more, Mu Shuangwan did not dare to ask more, but her mind has been completely transferred from the matter of signing the endorsement contract to Zun Zun. If you can have a relationship with such a person, to her, And their entire herdsmen are extremely beneficial.

"Seniors and juniors are the local herders. If the seniors are free, you may wish to sit at the juniors' house. My family's elder, Mu Tianli, has long admired your name and wants to visit you." Mu Shuang smiled with a smile on her face. Said respectfully.

Song Lu next heard a bit stunned. She naturally knew what level of Mu Tianli existed, but that is the strong man in the title class, such a top gangster, actually want to visit this person in front of her?

She couldn't help but look at this person again, and found that she had miscalculated before. The latter is not only a title level, it may even be the top strong in the title level!

"Mu Tianliu?" Dao Zun whispered, knowing this person, but he didn't expect this woman to be the junior of Mu Tianliu. He nodded slightly, and said, "You don't need to visit. I have time to ask Tianliu brother for me ."


Mu Shuangwan nodded respectfully, but she was a little disappointed in her heart, her mind turned, and she wanted to talk to someone else.

Su Ping saw that they were chatting endlessly, and was a little speechless, saying: "Agent Song, let's finalize the contract before we talk."

Song Lu and Mu Shuangwan recovered at the same time, only to think of Su Ping's presence next to her, Mu Shuangwan flashed a light in her eyes, and looked at Su Ping. By his side, he can be calm, what is the descendant of this man?

"Contract matter..." Song Lu coughed and prepared to talk seriously about this issue.

"The contract matter is easy to say, it's up to Mr. Su to do it. For the endorsement fee, if Mr. Su has tight hands, I can cut it by half." Mu Shuangwan said.

Song Lu was stunned.

She turned her head and looked at Mu Shuangwan inconceivably. When she opened her mouth, she lowered it by half? This is a total of 25 million yuan, which is also a huge sum for her!

"It's not necessary, just let us talk about the promotion and promotion as we discussed earlier," Su Ping said.

Mu Shuang Wan nodded seriously.

Su Ping saw her so cheerful, and quickly signed the contract.

Song Lu saw the two immediately reached a deal, a little speechless, how can they talk about the contract so quickly, this is faster than buying a bun! However, seeing Mu Shuangwan's attitude, she did not dare to say more, and vaguely guessed her thoughts.

Sometimes making a network is more important than money.

Su Ping got up and sent the two out of the shop.

Mu Shuangwan was a little reluctant, but she was afraid to provoke Dao Zun's disgust and left the shop. She just said goodbye repeatedly before leaving, trying to make a good impression.


"Waner, do you know this person?"

In the car, Song Lu asked uncontrollably.

Mu Shuangwan and other business cars drove out of this street, and his tight body was relaxed. He exhaled lightly, and shook his head slightly. He said, "It's not just knowing, it's just like thunderous ears. The character, the general title-level strongman is in his hand, similar to chopping melons and vegetables, and he is considered by many people to be a legend!"

"Under the legend..."

Song Lu froze.

Especially when I heard "cut melon and cut vegetables", I was dumbfounded.

For her, an eighth-rank master of pets like Dong Mingsong is already a big figure, not to mention the title level above it. However, the previous man, even the title level can be hacked at will, under legend, this is simply...too far from her.

This is already a character on the cloud!

"No wonder..." Song Lu finally knew why Mu Shuangwan, who had always been proud, had such an attitude.

It's hard for others to spend a lot of money to buy her a smile, but in front of that man, the other party said nothing, but she took the initiative to respectfully laugh and take the initiative to talk, this is the charm of the top strong!

"Looking back and checking this store, I want to know what the name is Su Ping. What background?" Mu Shuang politely turned around and said to Song Lu.

Song Lu nodded, as can be seen from Su Ping's attitude towards Dao Zun, the relationship between the two was unusual.

"If Grandpa knows that Dao Zun is coming to Longjiang, it is estimated that he has to visit the house in person. I have to tell Grandpa about this..." Mu Shuangwan's eyes flickered slightly and murmured to herself.

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