Astral Pet Store Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Not For Sale

"Ha ha."

Some of Su Ping didn't know what to say and what to say.

At this time, he noticed the reward items this time, and asked in his heart: "What is this'Prince Force'?"

"The primary elixir taken by the war pet master is only effective for war pet masters below the third level, and can improve the star power." The system said.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and improved his cultivation behavior, which was not bad.

In any case, since the task has been taken, it can only be completed.

Thinking back to his eyes, Su Ping looked at the two women in front of him, thinking of their previous words, and asked, "In addition to'cultivation', do you need fostering? If your pet is injured less, fostering here can speed up recovery." ."

Su Yanying was surprised: "Boss, do you still bring healing here?"

"Limited to minor injuries." Su Ping said.

"Why didn't you say that if fostering also included treatment, it wouldn't be a loss."

Su Yanying was a little moved. Although the therapist she asked estimated that her beast could recover on the day of the second round of the game, if the prediction was not accurate and there was a slight deviation, the problem would be big.

If additional treatment is required, the cost is not low, at least tens of thousands of starting.

Su Ping chuckled.

He didn't say it before, because the minor therapeutic effect of this foster care position is not worth mentioning compared with improving perception and improving physique. I didn't expect it to be a selling point now.

"However, I don't seem to have so much money with me..." Su Yanying was about to agree, and suddenly thought that after paying the 10,000 incubation fees for the Lightning Mouse, he didn't seem to have much money left.

"It's okay, I'll lend you." Lan Lele took out her wallet. Now that the matter was over, she couldn't stop her friend, and simply accompanied her to gamble.

She didn't believe it. The store dared to swallow their money and didn't do anything. If that were the case, she wouldn't be annoying.

Feeling the hostility and anger on this young girl, Su Ping rolled his eyes angrily. If he didn't feel distressed that he would pay a maintenance fee of 1 energy per day, he wouldn't bother to take the initiative to win business.

Only he knows how good the system gives. This price is definitely a loss. When the reputation is opened in the future, you have to queue up if you want to come to foster care!

"Hello, I will pay you the next time I save money." Su Yanying grinned, not polite.

Lan Lele didn't have a good air: "Okay, choose your beast quickly, we have to go back early."


Su Yanying said she could do it. The light blue star flowed and gathered at her fingertips. She pointed to the empty space beside her, and suddenly a purple figure jumped out of the contract space and landed on the ground. Looking around, it was the Lightning Mouse.

Seeing this familiar place, Lei Guangshu blinked, looked up, and suddenly saw the smiling human face behind the counter.

At this moment, a deep memory suddenly rushed out.


Thunderlight's fangs grin, like an enemy, the whole body flashes.

Su Yanying was stunned, feeling the panic and irritability sent by the Lightning Mouse.

Su Ping raised her eyebrows slightly, but didn't expect this little thing to react so violently. It seemed that the time was really memorable.

A moment later, under Su Yanying's patience, the Lightning Mouse finally recovered slowly, but his body was tightly curled up at her feet, always in a state of vigilance.

"Come out, Rongfeng." Su Yanying summoned a beast again.

A blazing flame emerged out of thin air, and a half-human-sized flamingo appeared out of thin air, exuding arrogant heat, and the whole body was bathed in flames.

"Rongfeng, the bloodline of higher pets?"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly, but this is a precious bird and beast, but at present it is only in the third-order upper position, the qualification is inferior, the combat effectiveness is 4.2, and it is barely able to fight across the ranks.

After the Rongfeng, Su Yanying summoned his two powerful beasts one after another, one is a hundred-toothed evil tiger beast, of medium blood, and is now a fourth-order median level, with a combat power of 4.9, close to the fifth-order level.

The other is just the rock ugly beast, which looks like an irregular rock and is also of medium blood. It is currently a fourth-order subordinate with a combat strength of 4.3 and poor qualifications.

"Just these three." Su Yanying stopped and continued to summon.

The three pet beasts stand in the pet beast shop, which makes the pet shop that is not big at all seem a little crowded.

Su Ping thought that when he made money later, he had to expand the area of the store as soon as possible, otherwise he would wait for others to come to foster high-end beasts. Any one of them is more than ten meters, or even dozens of meters. I'm afraid The shops can't fit.

"Three, for three days of foster care, the fee is 21,600." Su Pingfei calculated quickly.

"Boss, we have wiped out the odds and ends?" Lan Lele prepared to pay.

Su Ping said lightly: "No discount."

"I knew it." Lan Lele pouted, humming, and quickly crossed the money.

After the money arrived, Su Ping opened the receipt list for them, "Is there anything else I need?"

"That's all." Su Yanying has run out of money and is embarrassed to continue to let her friends advance.

Lan Lele glanced around, strangely said: "Aren't you a beast shop, why haven't you seen a beast for sale?"

"No pets will be sold for now." Su Ping said.

"Beast shop that doesn't sell beasts?" Lan Lele looked weird.

Su Yanying also felt a little curious, and felt that the shop was full of mystery.

"Well, things are done, let's go." Lan Lele no longer nostalgic, ready to leave.

Su Yanying comforted a few beasts for a while, but was reluctant. Before leaving, she said to Su Ping: "Boss, you have to take care of them for me."

"Relax." Su Ping responded indifferently, seeming unconvincing.

Su Yanying opened her mouth and wanted to ask a few more words, but thought that three days would soon pass by, she refrained from saying more and turned away.

After they left, Su Ping brought a few beasts to the beast room at the back. Fortunately, the door of the beast room was wider and pushed horizontally, with a width of four meters, but it could pass the hundred-toothed tiger. The huge body of the beast.

"System, I want to buy another primary foster care place." Su Ping said to the system.

"Yes," the system said.

-10 energy

In the empty space of the beast room, after a twisted time and space, a junior foster care position appeared out of thin air.

Su Ping was already surprised by the power of the system, but when he saw the size of the foster home, he suddenly thought that with the size of a hundred-toothed evil tiger, such a small foster home could not fit.

"The host doesn't have to worry, the internal fostering space is self-contained, no matter how big the beast can be accommodated." The system said.

Su Ping suddenly relieved, but fortunately, the system is awesome.

He took out the sleeping small skulls and moon chasers from the previous two foster homes, and let the three foster pets walk into the foster home. As soon as their bodies stepped into the range of the foster home, they quickly shrank. , The original half-human-sized melting phoenix looks like a fiery canary at the moment.

The six-seven-meter-long Hundred-toothed Tiger Beast has also shrunk to the size of an ordinary puppy, and the tiger pattern on the body is still visible.

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