Astral Pet Store Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Amazing Price

"Since you say, as long as it is not a first-order beast, then this third-order me, you can do it!"

The young man raised his hand to tear open the summoning space and spawned a flame-tailed dog from the inside. This is a relatively common third-order beast with only fourth-order pedigree. It belongs to the poor breed among the medium-beast.

However, the advantage of this flame-tailed dog is that it has strong aggression, its combat ability in the same rank is also more obvious, and it is loyal, easy to tame, and very easy to cultivate feelings with its owner.

Don't underestimate the loyalty of this beast. In times of crisis, a beast with high loyalty may even die for the master.

But the loyalty is low, and some ferocious and violent beasts may be defected.

After a glance at the flame-tailed dog on the ground, Su Ping withdrew his eyes and said: "No problem, professional training, one million, pay it."

The young man sneered slightly and used a communicator to draw a million stars to Su Ping.

Hearing the prompt, Su Ping knew that 10,000 yuan of energy income had been received, so he was too lazy to care about what this person did. When his fame was not opened, he was psychologically prepared for such doubts.

"Xiao Tang, come over and take the beast." Su Ping shouted to Tang Ruyan in the distance.


"What is this backcountry, no one recognizes Miss Ben?"

In the distance, Tang Ruyan looked at the people around him with angrily.

She found that none of the guys who came into the door recognized her, and most of them did not look at her more, and her attention was attracted to Joanna on the other side.

In terms of face value, she felt crushed.

When she used to go out, she used her excellent face and temperament to crush other girls, but this time it was the other way round.


She was sulking and heard Su Ping's cry, stomping her feet resentfully and walked over.

"Anna, go to the Beast Room." Su Ping greeted Joanna on the other side and asked her to take charge of the situation inside the Beast Room, and handed over the reception work outside to Tang Ruyan.

Tang Ruyan is not bound to the shop. Without his permission, he cannot enter the pet room or use some functions in the pet room.

And Su Ping did not plan to recruit Tang Ruyan as a formal employee in the store, the reason is very simple, the qualifications are too low.

There is Joanna as a reference, and the grade is here. If Su Ping finds employees again, it will be no worse than Joanna, so Tang Ruyan can only be used as a temporary worker to make basic work.

"it is good."

When Joanna heard Su Ping's words, she shook off the buzzing male around her and turned into the pet room at the back.

If it weren't for the employee's code, she would have slapped all these flies like ants.

Tang Ruyan saw that Su Ping wanted to lead a third-order flame-tail dog and rolled her eyes. She was so lazy to look at such an inferior beast, and she had to take care of it now.

Forced by Su Ping's obsession, she had to bear her temper and led the flame-tail dog to the pet room.

Although the flame-tail dog has been accounted for by the owner, it really wants to be separated from the owner, but still reluctantly, with his limbs on the ground, he will not move forward anyway.

Tang Ruyan was annoyed in her heart. Unexpectedly, even a dog would add to her confusion. She suddenly released the star power in her body, and a powerful seventh-order deterrence vented from her.

Her eyes were like two cross-lit light bulbs, exuding a strong murder.


The flame-tail dog was trembling with horror, cold hair trembling, and whispered in grievance.

The young man who was about to persuade his pet beast again was surprised when he saw Tang Ruyan, who suddenly burst into a powerful momentum, his pupils shrank, and then he turned his attention to the woman dressed by the waiter. When he saw the appearance of the latter, Suddenly slightly lost.

He didn't expect...

Even a waiter has such value and strength.

Moreover, Tang Ruyan's appearance is only 18 or 9 years old, and he will never be older than him.

"Is this momentum a high-level master of war?"

The young man was a little shocked. He didnt expect even a waiter to be so terrible. The most important thing is that the waiters age and state are too wicked. This is definitely a genius!

In his impression, such geniuses are all stars and moons, which will appear in this kind of shop, let alone be a waiter here.


It must be an illusion.

The youth shook his head and frowned.

After receiving the payment, Su Ping was too lazy to ignore the young man and said, "If you have no other needs, come and collect it tomorrow."

The implication is that you can leave.

The young man raised his eyebrows slightly, "Well, I will wait tomorrow."

Like a ruthless talk, he turned away.

Soon, other people crowded in front of Su Pingping and asked inquiries about the things in the shop. Others asked Mu Shuangwan's gossip here.

Looking at the chaotic crowd, Su Ping said, "All line up and come one by one."

At this time, Tang Ruyan, who gave the flame-tail dog to Joanna, also returned. Su Ping looked at the still crowded people and said to Tang Ruyan: "Go to maintain order and let everyone line up."

The corner of Tang Ruyan's mouth twitched slightly, but he didn't expect his Tang successors to be really treated as a waiter by Su Ping.

She took a deep breath.

Bear with humiliation!


It was killed by tens of thousands of scouts from the Tang family. What sufferings have not been eaten? What is this? endure!

Moreover, now Joanna has been arranged by Su Ping to the Beast Room. She is all responsible for this outside. This is... a good thing!

She looked all over, revealing her indifferent expression when she usually went out, and said: "Everyone, please line up so that you don't mess up."

When she spoke, she did not conquer her momentum. Although the seventh-order war pet master was nothing in the secret realm, it was not a secret realm but a base city. She had long seen that these patrons, Most of them are tier 4 or 5 tier pet mentors, and some of them are tier 2 tier 3 tier pet strategists, purely for fun.

Against these people, she can completely overlook.

Sure enough, as the momentum spread, many people were shocked by Tang Ruyan and also noticed her.

At this point, many people were surprised.

Unexpectedly, in addition to the gorgeous blonde girl in this shop, there was another beauty.

Although this beauty is not as good as a blonde girl, it is quite eye-catching.

"This woman is so powerful!"

"Isn't this a Tier 6 pet master?"

"Shit, I can't stop."

"How is it possible that this girl doesn't look like she is twenty years old, and it's already terrible to have a sixth order."

The crowd crowded in front of the counter was shocked, and they dared not squeeze on the counter at random anymore. Under the arrangement of Tang Ruyan, they were all lined up. The people behind came to see that there was a team in the shop and consciously stood Behind the line.

When the rules are there, the latecomers will naturally follow.


"One hundred thousand?!!!"

A chunky man in front of the counter heard Su Ping's words, his eyes wide, and he almost jumped up and rubbed his head on the counter.

Su Ping expressed no expression, "commonly cultivate 100,000, if professional, one million."

"one million?!"

The chunky man screamed louder, as if someone was grabbing his wallet.

"Are you doing business or grabbing money? You are more expensive than other big stores. Are you kidding? Are there top nurturing masters in your store?" The chunky man was surprised and angry.

"The service of this shop is worth the money. If you think you are expensive, go to another shop. I will not accompany you." Su Ping said indifferently.

The chunky man glared at Su Ping, and suddenly turned around, saying: "Look, this black shop, it takes a hundred thousand to start to cultivate a beast, what professional cultivation is one million, what kind of joke is this? Robbing money!"

"One hundred thousand?"

"No, it's so expensive?"

"Fuck, this kind of price is also available. Wouldn't you like to earn the advertising fee of MU Mushuangwan from us?"

The arranged teams immediately startled and were frightened by the price.

If it is a well-known big store in Shangcheng District of the base city, the price you opened is quite reasonable. After all, there are people who cultivate masters, and the status is there. You have to make an appointment for millions of dollars.

But where is this place?


And it is not the only crescent in the slum area, but a remote area that can't be broken anymore.

How dare you ask for such a high price when you open a shop in such a cheap place?

Some people waiting in line were too lazy to wait in line. Someone stood beside the queue, and Su Ping behind the counter shouted: "Are you the boss, what a joke at this price, let's say it!"

"Yes, why do you want such a price?"

"I thought that if you invited a celebrity to endorse, would you be able to make a lot of money? Really when we are stupid!"

"Must give an explanation! You black shop, want to tarnish the reputation of Mushuang Wan, our bowl of powder first does not agree!"

"That's it!"

The team all shouted, some people did not speak, but they all stepped on their feet, holding a lively attitude.

Some other fans who came over because of Mu Shuangwan's appeal are extremely angry at this price. This is simply to borrow Mu Shuangwan's reputation to seek black money. Once it is spread, the negative impression of their love beans is too big!

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