Astral Pet Store Chapter 264

Chapter 264: The Top Ten Packages The Third More.. Make Up 21 More

Song Lu was stunned.

Top 10 league matches? !

She wondered if something was wrong with her ear.

This is an elite league. Numerous young talents have fought over the sand and sand. The global attention is on. Although it is currently a local base city selection stage, it is also difficult to stand out in the base city. There are millions of competitors. .

Previously, Su Ping said that the top 100 was not enough, but now it is directly shortened by ten times. ! !

Does this mean that in the top ten, Su Ping can send five people steadily? !

Do you think you are a fairy!

Song Lu didn't know how, Su Ping's response was actually this.

It's crazy, it's crazy!

She didn't know how to answer the call. She wondered whether Su Ping was over-stimulated, but it was obviously impossible to speak out. After all, Su Ping was her employer, and there were characters like Dao Zun. The relationship is unclear.

"This... Boss Su, did you really think about it?"

Song Lu couldn't help asking.

"Just like that, I will send you the package and notice details." Su Ping said, hung up the communication, and quickly edited it in the communicator.

He made this decision, of course, it was not a moment of arrogance and brainlessness. It is really difficult to guarantee the top ten, but this is a decision he has weighed, so he will limit it to only five places.

The cultivation currently launched in his shop is the highest in professional cultivation.

For professional cultivation, no matter what kind of beast, Su Ping must be cultivated to the middle and upper qualifications, as long as the beast's own realm and lineage are not first-order, low ridiculous, after professional cultivation, they can have a seventh-order combat power.

This kind of combat power is stable in the top 100 in the league.

But sprinting the top ten is not enough.

Therefore, Su Ping can't be more casual about the requirements of the top ten in the sprint league.

What he can provide is still professional cultivation service.

But this time, he had requirements for customers' beasts, as well as the number of nurturing times.

First of all, the customer's beast must be Tier 6 so that if it is professionally cultivated and reaches the upper and middle qualifications, it will have at least close to Tier 9 combat power.

This kind of combat power, entering the top ten of the league, the probability is already about 80%.

This is the data he obtained from the same rankings in previous sessions.

But this is not enough.

His package also includes follow-up cultivation, as well as pet food and foster care services.

If you choose to send the top ten packages, you have to pay for it, cooperate and complete all the services he has given, so this set goes down and enters the top ten of the league, which is basically stable.

As the saying goes.

There is only wrong purchase, no wrong sale.

If this package is launched, it will definitely be a big profit for customers, but Su Ping will not lose. He can also take the opportunity to bundle a wave of pet food or other services in his store.

Although the prices of these things have been fixed and cannot be modified, as long as he is a good man, he can always find ways to make money.



"What did you say there?"

The president of Mu Shixing Entertainment, looking at Song Lu who returned to the office, asked.

Song Lu put down the communicator in her hand and her face was hesitant. She didn't know whether she should send the package and the words that Su Ping sent to her. She originally said it locally. After all, how these words sounded like a lunatic.

"What happened to my mother-in-law, what happened?"

The president frowned.

Song Lu smiled bitterly and had to say things 1510.

"Guide to the top ten?!"

After listening to Song Lu's words, the president stood up in amazement, "Are you sure?"

Mu Shuangwan, who was sitting on the other side of the office, turned her head and looked at Song Lu with a surprised expression. Her expression seemed to say, did you say something wrong?

"It's true, I listened to him personally. This is the new package he wants me to post."

Song Lu handed over his communicator to the president.

Mu Shuangwan also stood up, looking curiously on tiptoe.

She is the company's darling and herdsman, and she doesn't need to be too careful about the rules in front of this cousin president.

Soon, both of them finished reading the content on the communicator.

For a time, there was some silence in the office.

The two looked at each other, and they both saw the stunned look in each other's eyes.

Is it true?

How dare you launch such a package? !

What is the concept of the top ten?

There are actually five places. Doesn't it mean that if five people really choose Su Ping's shop, in the top ten of this tournament, Su Ping will send five people to enter? !

What a joke!

Even a herdsman, a big family like the Qin family, dare not say such big words.

Among these big families, it is not a new generation without talents and talents, who are also counting on this league to become famous!

How important are the top ten places and how fierce the competition is. Su Ping is better here. He dare to boast Haikou and give five places at once. This is simply going to heaven!

"You, did you find a lunatic?!"

The president looked at Mu Shuangwan and Song Lu again, and finally spread his anger on Song Lu.

Song Lu hurriedly bowed his head, and his heart was bitter and helpless.

Mushuang Wan regained her spirits, her eyes were a bit dazed. She did see Dao Zun at that time, and it seemed quite good to see the relationship between Su Ping and Dao Zun. How could such a character be a lunatic?

She couldn't understand what the boss Su thought.

Even if there are nurturing masters sitting in town, they dare not let out such cruel words. After all, big families like the herdsmen and the Qin family are not unable to afford nurturing masters.

"Contact him immediately. You must talk to him about this matter. The shop owner you are looking for wants to go crazy. We can't accompany him to go crazy!" The president angrily gave Song Lu a death order. This package will be launched , It must not detonate the entire base city.

too exaggerated.

It was not only this shop that was ridiculed, but also Mu Shuangwan, who spoke for the shop, even affected their entire company.

"But, but the other party has already paid the promotion fee, and the contract is also..." Song Lu hesitated.

"What **** contract, I don't care, just talk to him and beg him. You have to make him change his mind. This kind of customer is so uncomfortable. I want to explode. Don't hurt others. This is not harmful!"

"Me, I will talk back."

"You have to talk!"



"It's settled, no need to say it."

In the shop.

Su Ping hung up the communication from Song Lugang.

The latter found him and wanted to discuss with him about revoking the new package. I was kidding. Can this thing be revoked? Once revoked, the business in his shop will be gone in an instant, and he will be robbed by the extraordinary pet shop.

After all, they are escorted to the top 50, specifically for his top 100.

He can only stabilize customers by backlashing.

Otherwise, the previous publicity fees and endorsement fees have all been ruined. Instead, they have made wedding dresses for others. They will even go to the hot search and make headlines for the base city of tomorrow because of the store competition.

At this time, it is not that he does not obey softness, but that he cannot obey softness.

Commercial competitors do not see blood, just like fighting, once they shrink, they die.

The other party also counted this point, and directly increased the discount to the top 50 of the guarantee. This is already the limit. Even for a large store such as an extraordinary pet shop, such a gambling activity is extremely difficult, at most. Guaranteed so many.

No matter how much, it will crash.

Of course, it is not ruled out that after the end of the league, the opponent will directly pay some people who rushed into the top 50 of the league and let them come forward, saying that they were cultivated by an extraordinary pet shop. In this case, their reputation The impact is not great, but will get a generous sum of money from the extraordinary pet shop.

Both parties benefit.

The accumulated credibility of the extraordinary pet shop is there, and no one will doubt anything.

The one who lost money and became a cannon fodder was Su Ping's beast shop.

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