Astral Pet Store Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Borrow The Beast Second More

"Boss, don't get me wrong."

Liu Ping saw Su Ping's slightly playful expression, his face slightly changed, and quickly said: "I am indeed from the Liu family, but our Liu family has many branches of the clan, and we are separated from Liu Yuan by several generations, and the relationship is very shallow. , Im here without any malice, I promise!"

Su Ping took a deep look at him and said indifferently: "It's okay to have a deep relationship, as long as you pay the money, it's my guest, as long as I don't break my rules, everything is easy to say."

Liu Ping was relieved and smiled: "The boss is straightforward!"

Su Ping said nothing more, and called Xiao Tang to let Tang Ruyan take the Shadow Beast away.

Tang Ruyan raised his ears long ago to hear their conversation. When he heard what the young man said about Liu's family and his clan, he immediately guessed that he might be a child of a big family. I havent eaten pork. Ive always seen a pig run, should I have heard of some of my own things?

She asked herself among the large families in the Asian region in her young life, still ranked well.

"Hello, please give me your pet**."

Tang Ruyan's heart is beautiful, but her face is pretended to be cold. This is her consistent expression all year round, which is convenient for identification.

Liu Ping looked at the news and was immediately shocked.

Tang Ruyan saw his expression and was very happy.

"Boss, where did you find this waiter? It's so beautiful!" Liu Ping turned to Su Ping and said, a little surprised.

Previously, his mind was shocked by the purgatory candle dragon beast at the door, and he did not observe this store carefully. I did not expect that in addition to the best pets in this store, even the waiters are so good!

This face value, the bumpy, can make a debut!

Su Ping glanced at Tang Ruyan and said, "I picked it up by the roadside and it works."

Liu Ping was stunned and gave thumbs up to Su Ping, "Boss!"

Tang Ruyan listened to the words of the two, and there was a dark cloud of lightning and thunder above his head, almost violent.

Seeing Su Ping's oblique eyes, she bit her lip slightly, feeling that her intention seemed to be seen through by Su Ping. The casual glance, with a hint of warning, made her heart angry and angry.

See what!

The old lady has been standing for so long, what customers are you soliciting in this broken shop, there is no one who knows the goods!

She stomped her feet and turned to drag the Shadow Beast heavily away.

The Shadow Beast is a little bit reluctant to the owner, but it seems that the creature that pulls itself is terrifying, so he has to look at the owner with tears in his eyes, and say goodbye to him.

Liu Ping waved his hand to appease his shadow beast, and said goodbye to it temporarily.

After watching the Shadow Beast leaving, Liu Ping turned to Su Ping and said, "Boss, Shadow Beast, you will have to take a lot of trouble. If there is anything I need to cooperate with, despite looking for me, this is my communication number."

Su Ping nodded and asked him to register the communication number on the customer record.

Liu Ping hesitated a little, but still wrote it. Dont look at his young age. He also has many titles. In addition to being a pet master, he also hangs the position of manager in a family-owned company. The contact information is usually the same. Vent.

Su Ping glanced at the customer record book and said, "During the cultivation process, I will give you some food for this Shadow Beast according to the situation. The expenses of these foods are all clearly priced. When feeding, there will also be video recordings. You will come here tomorrow to see the effect of the first phase of cultivation."

Liu Ping is still aware of the many processes of these top ten packages, and has also seen the pet food form in the Suping shop.

Although these pet foods are extremely expensive, he can only afford them in the package. After all, no matter what, in general, the upper limit is 30 million guarantees, even if it costs 30 million for a quota, he Also earned.

This will allow him to rise to a new level in the family, and the resource allocation will be greatly improved, with benefits far exceeding these 30 million.

"No problem, I will come tomorrow?"

Liu Ping was a little surprised. How long is it between today and tomorrow? In such a short time, can we see the effect of cultivation?

"Yes, tomorrow." Su Ping nodded.

Liu Ping glanced at Su Ping and confirmed that he was not kidding, so he nodded, "Well, I will wait for you tomorrow."

"it is good."


Sending Liu Ping away, Su Ping continued to entertain the customers behind.

"Brother, that man belongs to the Liu family? Who is Liu Yuan he said?"

Su Lingyue approached and asked curiously.

While registering customers, Su Ping said, "It is the owner of an extraordinary pet shop."

"The owner of an extraordinary beast shop?" Su Lingyue was surprised. She was so perplexed to this large-scale beast shop chain, and she had just competed with them, and suppressed them with discounts.

"What do you know?" Su Lingyue looked at Su Ping strangely. They didn't intersect with the extraordinary pet shop before. How could Su Ping pay attention to the matter of the extraordinary pet shop, even if he had just competed, but Su Ping I've been busy registering customers. How can I check?

"It's a search on the Internet, but I still know."

Su Ping didn't have a good airway.

"When did you check?"



Su Lingyue was surprised.

Yesterday, Mu Shuangwans endorsement ad has not yet appeared, and the store has not officially been fully publicized. How did Su Ping think of investigating the extraordinary pet shop?

Did Su Ping expect yesterday that there will be a conflict with this store today? !

She looked suspiciously at Su Ping. When did this guy's head become so smart that he could not tell the prophet?

Su Ping ignored Su Lingyue no longer, shouted to let her play while not affecting her.

Su Lingyue pouted, turned around and returned to the rest area. He continued to follow the Internet and pay attention to the situation on the Internet. In case something happened again, he would remind Su Ping in time.



Liu Family House.

This is the headquarters of the Liu family. It is said to be a house, but it is actually a large garden area.

It takes more than ten minutes to drive around in a sports car, and the location of this Liu's house is still located in the most luxurious Longshou district in the upper-city area.

At this moment, a lengthened luxury car galloped into Liu's house.

Follow the winding garden landscape, bypass the waterfall rockery, pool square, garden landscape, and come to a delicate villa.

The villa is green outside in a hurry. The villa is like an old wooden house structure. There are several guards wearing green armor standing at the door. This is the most elite Bilong guard of the Liu family. It is extremely powerful, and each is a high-level war pet. !

The luxury car was stopped.

When the car stopped, Liu Yuan walked out of the car.

"I want to see the patriarch, and trouble is spread."


The doorman turned and entered the chalet.

After a moment, the doorman came out and gave Liu Yuan a gesture of asking, "The patriarch is waiting for you inside."

Liu Yuan sorted his dress slightly, entered the villa, and walked up the wooden stairs to the second floor. He saw a white-haired old man sitting in the pavilion upstairs, tasting tea and playing chess.

Playing with this white-haired old man is an old man in a purple shirt with a short stature, but a ruddy complexion, and a pair of narrow and long eyes flashing from time to time.

Seeing this old man in purple shirt, Liu Yuan's face changed slightly, and he quickly said: "I have seen the patriarch and the senior Zilong."

The old man in purple shirt turned his head slightly and heard him, his face slightly gentle, said: "It's Liu Yuan."

"Senior noble health," Liu Yuan even said.

The patriarch was staring at the chessboard. His brows were getting tighter and tighter. After a moment, the chess piece in Panasonic's hand suddenly coughed and he turned his head to Liu Yuan: "So late, what are you doing here?"

Liu Yuan glanced at the old man in the purple shirt next to him, and hesitated slightly, saying, "Return to the patriarch, Liu Yuan wants to borrow your beast."


The patriarch raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "Let me beast? Do you want to fight with people, is it the shepherd or the Qin family?"

Liu Yuan's face was slightly embarrassed, saying: "It's not fighting with people, it's borrowing your pet from the patriarch to the store to help the town and town. Recently, the elite league is about to open, and all the stores in the base city are struggling. Favored, competition is quite big, so I...

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