Astral Pet Store Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Eight Hell Beasts Third More Thanks To love Song Lu For The Previous Leaders Reward

The patriarch suddenly realized that his face was kind and said, "Have you to say, which one do you want to borrow, is the Sword Horn Frost Dragon Beast, or the Seven-Tailed Star Flame Fox?"

Liu Yuan heard the words, his face was somewhat difficult, and carefully said: "Patriarch...I want to borrow your eight **** beasts for one use."

"Eight **** beasts?"

The patriarch slightly stunned.

His brow furrowed, his expression a little serious, and said, "Are you sure?"

Liu Yuan smiled bitterly and said: "Huijun patriarch, it is true that there is a pet shop that is competing with us and wants to monopolize the business. They have slogan of the top ten of the league, arrogant, and invited the pastoral. The girl made an endorsement and hyped up her fame.

Although we have some cooperation with the herdsmen, the relationship between the herdsmen is complicated, and the shepherd's girl has nothing to do with us.

Now everyone in Longjiang knows about this store, and if we continue this way, our extraordinary pet beast store business is estimated to be robbed of most of it. Come sit in the shop. "

The patriarch frowned.

Unexpectedly, in this base city of Longjiang, there are people who dare to compete with their Liu family's pet shop business, which is too eye-opening.

"In this case, just use my sword horn frost dragon beast to sit on the town, why do you need eight **** beasts." The patriarch said, his face a little unhappy, eight **** beasts is his strongest main darling.

I usually never show people easily, let alone take them to a shop and give them a visit.

Liu Yuan smiled bitterly and said, "The shop didn't know where it was. He brought a purgatory candle dragon beast and placed it in front of the shop. It shocked a lot of people. If not, I rely on my own means of use and the connections I have accumulated over the years. Capital is enough to make them unable to eat and walk around..."

"Infernal candle dragon beast?"


Not only was the patriarch surprised, but also the old man in the purple shirt turned his gaze from the chessboard, and his narrow and long eyes showed a little surprise, looking at Liu Yuan seriously.

The two title-level gazes made Liu Yuan suddenly feel that the pressure on his shoulders was doubled, and there was a feeling of cold sweat. It seemed that the secrets in his heart were not hidden, and they were all seen through. He quickly lowered his head, both to cover up his heart and some Fear faced the eyes directly.

"you sure?"

The patriarch's eyes sharpened, staring at Liu Yuan.

Liu Yuan shuddered: "It's true, I have a video to prove..."

"Bring it."

The patriarch reached out.

Liu Yuan quickly turned over his communicator, called up the online video, and then held it to the patriarch with both hands.

The patriarch took it and saw his old friend Zilong also cast his sights, so he lowered the video so that both could see it.

Soon, a video was played on the video.

After seeing the creatures in the screen, both of them changed their faces slightly.

Really the purgatory candle dragon beast!

Such a rare superb dragon beast appeared in the base city of Longjiang!

The patriarch's face was uncertain. Such a beast appeared in the base city of Longjiang. He didn't even hear the wind. It stands to reason that even if other families want to block the news, the spies inserted in each family can pass the information. It's back.

"Who started this shop?"

"This, according to the results of the current investigation, is a young man surnamed Su. As for who is behind him, I have not yet found out, but I contacted the people in the city government to help me investigate, but there seems to be a right This young boy with the surname Su is not taboo, and he refuses to say more than half a word."

"Is it?"

The patriarch froze slightly, frowning.

Surnamed Su?

If the Qin family or the herdsman were behind him, the people he managed in the city government would not help cover this way. After all, this Longjiang base city also has a world of their Liu family.

"Could it be that foreign forces want to get involved in our Longjiang base city?" The patriarch's eyes flashed coldly. The pattern of the Longjiang base city has been fixed. Generally, there will be no foreign forces involved, and even if there is, they will be driven away. .

But this time, the other party seemed to target their Liu family.

This beast shop, which was born out of the blue, directly robbed their Liu family's business in the beast shop, but they competed with other families for fighting, and paid for the **** forest to grab the business.

Does anyone dare to **** food? !

"If you want to open a pet shop in Longjiang, you have to ask me whether Liu Tianzong will agree!"

The patriarch snorted coldly, his eyes wide open, and a strong momentum bloomed.


He raised his hands, his fingers like swords, and pierced the void.

A dark vortex slowly emerged, growing larger and larger, and a deep and terrifying breath spread out from inside.

Liu Yuan felt the temperature around him suddenly plunge and seemed to freeze. His heart shivered uncontrollably, knowing what monster the patriarch summoned.

Eight **** beasts!

This is the ninth-order top demon beast!

It is said that these eight **** beasts have the pedigree of king beasts. If they are cultivated to the peak, there is a small probability that they will evolve into king beasts!

If it is pure value, these eight **** beasts are almost the same as the purgatory dragon beasts.

However, in front of this eight **** beasts, but at its peak!

And the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast at the door of that shop is just a young child. If you put two pet beasts together, then the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is a little cute in front of the eight **** beasts in this peak period.

The cold and cold atmosphere was released from the summoning space. A huge, gigantic beast, slowly descended, suspended in the air outside the pavilion, the body stretching movement was extremely slight, slow, and afraid of a little Destroy this attic villa with force.

Liu Yuan looked at the pair of cold and tyrannical eyes, feeling that his heart was thrashing and violently. Although he knew there was a patriarch around and someone was restrained, the killing breath of this peak demon pet was still too strong, making him feel at any time. Will be killed!

The several Bilong guards below the attic, all kneeling on the ground, were extremely respectful to the eight **** beasts.

These eight **** beasts are not only beasts, but also have psychic powers and high intelligence. They have a very high status in the family. Even if some family executives see them, they must be respectful and salute.

"Hei Ming borrowed you, don't let me down."

Liu Tianzong said indifferently,'Hei Ming' was the name he gave to the Eight Dao Hell Beasts.

Liu Yuan shivered and quickly said: "Liu Yuan will never live up to the expectations of the patriarch."

The old man in the purple shirt next to him looked at the eight **** beasts with a smile and said, "I haven't seen it in a few years. Brother Liu's black spirit has increased a bit. It should have reached the peak limit."

"It's still early." Liu Tianzong said indifferently.

The old man in purple shirt smiled and said nothing more.

"I'll ask the city government. I'd like to see what leopard gall bladder they ate and how much money they received. They dared to cover our eyes with Liu's family. After so many years of contact, they could not be blind! "

Liu Tianzong sneered, a little angry in his eyes.

Liu Yuan trembles and dares not talk.

"You go first."

"Yes, patriarch, thank you patriarch." Liu Yuan turned to the old man in the purple shirt on the other side, said: "Senior Zilong, the junior retired first."

"it is good."

The old man in purple shirt laughed.

Liu Yuan lowered his head and backed down, waited to walk under the attic, looked up at the fierce beast in the air, trembling in his heart, and respectfully preached: "Senior Hei Ming..."

"No need to say more, lead the way."

A cold and low thought came to his mind.

Liu Yuan did not dare to say more than half a word at once. He was more afraid of these eight **** beasts than facing the patriarch. After all, this is a beast, and it is the most fierce devil's pet. It is common to devour the Lord, not to mention Is someone else.

Enter the luxury car and tell the driver to return to the store.

The monster took off and followed behind the luxury car in the night sky...


Watching the eight **** beasts leave, the old man in the purple shirt withdrew his gaze and said to Liu Tianzong: "This shop can get the purgatory candle dragon beast. It is estimated that the beginning is not simple. In the recent Fengshen trading pavilion, I have never heard of any dragons** Easy news, you still have to be cautious, it is better to investigate clearly."

Liu Tianzong glanced at him and nodded slightly, "This is natural, and dare to invade the base city of Longjiang. If it is a local force, the municipal government will not do that. If it is an external force, I would like to see where it is. If the trouble of the Zhou family and the Ye family is not found, come to the Liu family. Could it be that our Liu family is best to bully?!"

The old man in the purple shirt flashed his eyes and said, "Will I take a look for you tomorrow?"

Liu Tianzong glanced at him, and he had nothing to hide and brave about his friends for many years. Although he was angry, he still had some concerns in seeing the purgatory candle dragon beast.

Reckless anger cannot sustain a family for a hundred years.

"Then wronged you, come back and invite you to drink."

"Then drink your bottle of dragon pulp."

"You old man, have long missed this."



Outside the store.

Over time, more and more people gathered.

Three hours after the advertisement, at nine o'clock in the evening, Su Ping found that all the foster care places purchased in the store and the upgraded storage space were already full...

According to the requirements of the system, the pets in the store can only be stored in foster care and storage space.

He can no longer pick up guests.

Su Ping was shocked by this. He flipped through the customer logbook and saw dense records.

There are so many people in the blink of an eye?

Su Ping took another look at the energy income.

840,000 energy.


Su Ping remembers that after upgrading the store previously, there was only more than 400,000 energy left. That is to say, he doubled his energy today one day?

400,000 energy a day?

With 400,000 energy, it equals 40 million star coins.

And this is just because his store has a storage limit, otherwise it can continue to revenue.

Su Ping turned through the notebook and found that most of them were selected for ordinary cultivation, and only seven or eight were selected for professional cultivation, and there were five of them, which were the top 100 packages.

If you are in the top 100, you have to buy some pet food in addition to professional cultivation. The cost is double that of ordinary professional cultivation, about 2 million. However, this pet food is gradually sold later, and it is only included in the package for the time being. The payment has not yet been made.

In addition, the ten million deposit that Liu Ping received earlier, and the remaining nine million, were not converted into energy because they were not used for store services. Only the professionally cultivated one million was converted into energy.

The remaining 9 million is still Star Coins. In the account, it is equivalent to Su Ping keeping it for Liu Ping.

It will be deducted one by one and turned into energy when the pet food is subsequently fed and cultivated again.

"With the quota in the store, if all received professional cultivation, is it an astronomical number in one day..." Su Ping didn't expect to achieve such quick results, only 400,000 energy per day, which was caused by a large amount of ordinary cultivation. .

If the number of people who buy professional training increases, he will earn more energy.

"400,000 a day, or 10 days, that's 4 million. It only takes one million energy to upgrade the spirit pool. At that time, the level 4 spirit pool has a higher probability to breed king beast..."

Su Ping's eyes brightened, and he was a little excited.

"Boss, I choose ordinary cultivation."

A young customer in front of the counter was very gentle.

Su Ping came back, looked at him, and said apologetically: "Sorry, the seat is full today, please come back tomorrow, I am really sorry."

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