Astral Pet Store Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Close The Door If You Dont Agree With Each Other.

"Seat is full?"

The youth was stunned.

The people in the back line were surprised when they heard Su Ping's words.

There are still so many people in line, and it's still too early. It's only more than nine o'clock. It is said that the seat is full and no longer accepts pets?

There are also pet shops that will close their doors and refuse customers? !

"Sorry, please come back." Su Ping bowed slightly, expressing apology, after all, people queued in vain.

Seeing Su Ping's attitude like this, some people who are resentful also don't know what to say for a while, and they have called for other shops, but they are here for a long time, but here... don't forget the purgatory at the door. The candle dragon beast!

This is not an ordinary store. It turned back and angered the store, and was bitten by the purgatory candle dragon beast, but it was gone.

Moreover, this is a slum area, not an orderly uptown area. It really happened. Who can be responsible?

"Forget it, let's go."

"Boss, what time will you open tomorrow?"

"How much do you receive every day, I will come here early next time."

Some people left, some people asked Su Ping when to open the store tomorrow.

Su Ping was asked a little stunned. He really didn't have the exact time to open the store, or when he woke up, he opened the store.

As for when he will wake up... he himself doesnt predict well, after all, he has to work overtime at night to cultivate the beast, so that the next day he can bring the cultivated beast to the original owner and free up Available.

"The time to open the shop... In the morning, around ten o'clock." Su Ping estimated it, not sure.

Hearing Su Ping's uncertain tone, some people waiting for the answer could not help but be speechless. If the dragon beast was in front of the door, it seemed that this store was unreliable.

"Xiao Tang, take the guests out."

Su Ping said to Tang Ruyan.

Tang Ruyan looked at Su Ping like a fool. Wasn't he clamoring to open a store to make money? Now he has to rest at nine o'clock. Are you funny?

So far, she has not met a person who recognizes her.

After a long day, she was working for Su Ping in vain.

I thought that if I boil it again, I should be able to meet someone who knows the goods, but Su Ping said that it is time to rest.

Resting so early at a young age, you have kidney deficiency!

Angry in her heart, she did not dare to attack, secretly sulking, and sent away the customers one by one.

Before going out, several of them also wanted to contact Tang Ruyan, and she was hit back with a blank eye.

Didn't even recognize the identity of Miss Ben, still want to contact? !



"Brother, isn't the place of this shop quite big, why do you say the seat is full again?"

Su Lingyue came up and looked at Su Ping with a puzzled face.

"You don't understand, go back and rest."


Su Lingyue, who wanted to argue about it, was dragged away by Wu Guansheng. It is rare that Su Ping closed early. This can make Wu Guansheng happy and bad. He doesn't care whether Su Ping makes money or not. Anyway, Su Ping has ordered him to teach Su Lingyue. task.

As long as he completes the task, he can leave.

Closing the door early, he will have more time to teach Su Lingyue and save time in this shop.

When the guests in the shop were all gone, Su Ping came outside the shop. This sight was shocked. I saw that this quiet and empty street was full of people at the moment, and was crowded by the crowd.

In the distance, many people took pictures with communicators.

Su Ping's extraordinary eyesight saw that there were still some cameras in it, which seemed to be media reporters.

"Is the impact so great..."

Su Ping didn't expect that the time for advertising to ferment was so fast. There were just so many people just today. Isn't there more tomorrow?

He suddenly felt the pressure multiplied, and it seemed that he had to cultivate the beast as soon as possible, and tomorrow would basically be a full day.

However, when tomorrow ends, he can accumulate enough energy to upgrade the spirit pool.

Beckoned, Su Ping passed it to Inferno Candle Dragon Beast and let it enter the door.

The purgatory candle dragon beast shook his body and grunted. He was dissatisfied with the crowd of ants in front of him, but because of Su Ping's restraint, it was not easy to attack, and he could only let these ants coil around like flies.

Boom, boom.

It turned down the steps and entered the store.

The onlookers gathered on the street and exclaimed when they saw the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast leaving.

Some of the bold people who stood in front were so scared that they all turned green and hurriedly backed away.

When it was discovered that the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast turned around and entered the store, the frightened people were slightly relieved.

"How to take away the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast."

"I haven't seen enough!"

"What's the matter, so many people suddenly came out of the store before, did something happen in the store?"

"I heard that Ximan was closed, and will open again tomorrow."

"The seats are closed? I'm leaning, what time is it!"

"No, I came here after reading the advertisement. Wasn't Mu Shuangwan's advertisement being promoted today? On the day of the promotion, the store closed down?"

"In other words, what time will the door open tomorrow?"

"Who knows, without notice."


The onlookers had a lot of discussion.

When I saw the shop door closed, some people who knew it later also knew that the shop was closed today.

In such a lively situation, the door was closed when there was a disagreement...

Everyone feels speechless. Is the owner of this shop too capricious? !

In the crowd, several figures gathered together.

"Old Zhou, we seem to be late."

"I just asked a few people who came out and said that it was closed and will open again tomorrow."

"No, I just hurried over here, but I pushed all the family meetings tonight!"

"What's the situation with this store, so many people are gathered at the door, they actually say that they will close the door, don't you want to make money?"

Several people looked at each other, all a little ignorant.

They finally arrived from Shangcheng District, and ended up eating a closed door soup.

"Forget it, come back tomorrow, Lao Zhou, I will come here early tomorrow to give you the position." One of the youths said.

Ask the young man of Lao Zhou to look at him and pat him on the shoulder, "You have worked hard."

After he finished speaking, he glanced at the shops house number. "This shop really has a temper. If it is opened in such a broken slum, its still so open. It really gives me insight."


As time passed, the people gathered outside the shop gradually dispersed.

Some drove directly back to Shangcheng District, while others stayed at nearby hotels.

And several restaurants and other business stores on this street have never seen such a battle. All of them have been converted into restaurants or hotels, and their accommodation has been vacated to give these guests from the upper city. Leased.

People in the whole street knew that there were big people in this street, and they were considered to be dying.

The shop was closed and closed.

It's a normal thing, but it happened to a small naughty pet shop with a high degree of attention today, but it once again went to the hot search and spread throughout the Longjiang intranet.

Some people who did not rush to eat melons or who were rushing to this place were shocked by the news.

It was only nine o'clock, and the little naughty pet beast shop surrounded by the crowd, actually... under this much attention, it closed its doors!

Isn't this money fragrant?

Previously huge advertisements, all-round publicity, advertisements inserted in various popular dramas...I thought such a big battle was to work hard to pay for the money. The result is now good, the store has just been hot, and it is actually Closed and rested.

This boss, how do you pay attention to the regularity of work and rest!

Below the news, there is a picture taken by the live media. The crowd of people outside the store is more lively than the concert.

In such a lively situation, it is normal to open another store overnight and switch to another store. Dont take advantage of the heat to earn a wave, isnt it? !

The shop turned out to be so good...it was closed.

The enthusiasm of countless customers outside the store is so turned away.

You are cold, you are ruthless, you are too willful!


Still four shifts, ten thousand words, say exactly ten thousand or so (???)?... rare enthusiasm is so full, continue to ask for monthly tickets! !

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