Astral Pet Store Chapter 273

Chapter 273: Golden Star Swirl Fourth More.. Make Up 24 More

"How much do you need?"

Joanna stared at Su Ping.

Su Ping saw that she was so serious before, and it was not good for the lion to open his mouth. After all, a **** crystal is equal to a **** clan, and Joanna is also a small ruler in this god's domain, eating in front of her. Her people... The dead people are still not quite suitable.

"Ten thousand?" Su Ping tentatively asked.

Joanna's face changed, and she said flatly: "Impossible!"

"Nine thousand and nine?"

"...No way!"

Su Ping gritted his teeth slightly and said, "Nine thousand and eight?"

Joanna looked at him speechlessly, how did he co-cut the price?

"Maximum one hundred." Joanna said flatly.

Su Ping almost jumped up, "One hundred? Sent to call Huazi, even if I go out to hunt, I will not only earn one hundred, the lowest is five thousand! Don't forget, you, but my staff, do you want to go to Swire God Realm, These **** crystals are dead people, who is it for? Isnt it for me to eat? I didnt let you kill them now!"

Joanna gritted her teeth and said, "Even if you lower my score, it won't work! Up to two thousand!"

"it is good!"

Su Ping agreed.

Joanna looked at what he promised so refreshingly and said angrily: "You!"

Su Ping said indifferently: "Don't you you, this is also in your estimated range, you are also stealing music in your heart!"


Joanna snorted heavily.

However, Su Ping was right halfway. Although she was angry, she was indeed stealing music.

The number estimated in her heart is not 2000, but more!

The following is a detailed psychological explanation of this trading war-

Going back to the moment when Su Ping spoke up and said the God Crystal, freeze it. Here, Joanna took only 0.01 seconds to react and knew what idea this guy was playing.

At the same time, she also thought that she was subject to others, and it was difficult for him to defy the score.

Therefore, her first expression at that time was to change her face, be surprised, and even carry some anger!

She wants to let Su Ping know that this is a serious matter and an inviolable thing!

As for the reaction of the driver next to the main god, that was completely true. Here, she had to silently give him a compliment and remember this credit.

In the subsequent conversation, Joanna implemented a serious, serious, and determined attitude!

Then they started negotiations with Su Ping.

The latter is still brazenly asking, and in her anticipation, this is the time for negotiations.

She knows the charm and importance of Shenjing, and also knows her identity here, which will be used by Su Ping. However, Su Ping is a bottomless hole, the greed of the people, and no more treasures can be filled.

So the bedding in front of her worked.

At the end of the negotiation, the transaction was made with 2000 Shenjing.

If there is no foreshadowing, Su Ping unlimited use of scores, even if she has more wealth, she will be hollowed out by Su Ping.

Moreover, this is her property. She hasn't seen the shadow of the ancient God Realm, so she can share it with Su Ping in vain.

"Huh, fortunately, there was a wave of pressure, otherwise this guy might have made a lion's mouth open, and it would cost hundreds of thousands, millions, and where to find him." Joanna was proud.

Play with yourself?

When she was born, Su Ping's grandfather, grandfather...neither grandfather was born yet!

What did she practice this round? This is the one to repair!


"This time I have a 2000 God Crystal, which is enough for some time. I will come again next time and increase the price. This guy must have lowered the price. It seems that when she still has to let her see the hope of the ancient God Realm, so she can I will truly recognize my identity as a "clerk" and carry out the duties of employees to the end..."

Su Ping thought so.

For this Joanna, he is ready to use Huairou policy.

Sticks and cakes must also be used.

He couldn't always get into a fight with this guy. He was not tired, and he didn't have the confidence to fight each other every time.

After all, this guy is second only to the existence of the Supreme God. He has lived countless years and has a deep mind, and he can hardly figure it out.

Only when this guy really realizes the benefits of being an employee and really regards the identity of the employee as her most important identity, then he, the store manager, will really control her, and it is estimated that she will take the initiative to find ways to let herself To become stronger, why do you need to ask for it like now?

"take it easy"

Su Ping was not in a hurry. He thought about the distribution of these two thousand **** crystals. He felt that he would leave it to the small skull first.

One trick is to eat it all over the sky, first strengthen the small skull to be more secure.

Last time in this **** realm, Su Ping worked so hard to get hundreds of **** crystals and shared them with a few beasts. This time, two thousand **** crystals, Su Ping wanted to concentrate on the small skull to see if there was anything. Qualitative change.


"This is Shenquan."

Joanna took Su Ping to a pool behind the fortress.

This pool is like a lake, with golden liquid swaying in it, exuding a rich divine breath.

Su Ping felt that the water in the lake was filled with fragrance, so that his pores were relaxed. He suddenly moved his heart. This **** spring can wash the blood of the beast. Isn't it possible to soak it in it?

Joanna glanced at Su Ping, seeming to guess his thoughts, and said: "You can also make bubbles inside and wash away the stupid smell from your body."

"Speak again, I will deduct you points directly!"

"Well, I still have something to do. You can soak here first. I will send a **** to come later. If you need anything, just tell me."


Su Ping listened to this name, a bit intoxicating, and the gods came to serve him, and the show was a little bit too big.

However, goddesses like Joanna have been hired by him as employees. The mysterious existence of the Chaos Necromancer, he has also seen a few. Thinking of these, his mood quickly calmed down. The words of the gods are legends. Above, I may ask you about your cultivation experience later. The so-called sensitive and easy-to-learn, dont be ashamed to ask.

When Joanna left, Su Ping summoned the beast and jumped into the Divine Spring himself.

The warm **** spring, with a wafting fragrance, Su Ping felt that his cells were all spread out.

Sitting cross-legged in the Shenquan, Su Ping began to practice the Chaos Star while trying to soak.

This practice does not matter, the divine energy in the surrounding divine springs, like the tide, flows along the pores and is taken into the body by Su Ping.

The overbearing power of Chaos Star tried to appear again. Su Ping was immersed in cultivation, insanely ingested the divine energy in the Shenquan, and found that the color of the star Xuan Xuan in the cells of the body changed from blue to pale gold.


Practice one day.

Su Ping opened his eyes again, feeling full of strength.

He took a closer look and found that the Star Force Realm has not improved much, and is still close to the sixth-order median, but he feels that the energy in his body is richer and more solid than before.

This kind of feeling is difficult to describe. He feels that the energy he can explode far exceeds the average sixth-order median.

"It is said that people have qualifications. I don't know my current qualifications. What level is it?" Su Ping's eyes flickered and soaked in Shenquan. How many people can enjoy such treatment?

He looked at those pet beasts and found that they did not change much, the level was still the same, maybe just the perception improved.

This kind of perception requires real combat to be seen.

Su Ping is going to let them go to the arena to practice, as to how to go, how to practice, this time he does not have to bother, can be given to Joanna to do it, he can also take advantage of this opportunity, soak himself here and continue to practice .

Time rushed, three days passed.

All the beasts have been nurtured. The beast battlefield in this **** city was wrapped up by Joanna, who was specially trained for Supings beasts, and his beasts died repeatedly in it, although it caused some alarm. However, because of the reason for the charter, not many people know, these people are Joanna's confidant, sealed by her.

Three days later.

All the beasts brought by Su Ping have been cultivated.

In the fight between life and death, they have all realized new skills, and the whole momentum has become different from the previous one. They have learned the sharpness of the old pet beasts in the battlefield.


Its still four to ten thousand words. Please ask for the monthly ticket. See if you can fight for five more tomorrow...

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