Astral Pet Store Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Guaranteed Champion Third More.. Make Up 25 More

"Which kind of pet do you want?"

Zhou Chuan closed the contract and asked Su Ping.



If there was no other place to go, Zhou Chuan really wanted to turn around and leave.

He didn't know where the self-confidence of this shop came from. It seemed like any sixth-order pet beast could nurture him into a super war pet. What a joke? !

Be aware that even nurturing masters have different specialties.

Some cultivating masters are good at cultivating flying pets, some are good at dragon pets, and some are studying elemental pets.

Any kind of beast has a wide variety and profoundness. Even the nurturing masters must work diligently for a lifetime.

But it's better here, pick nothing.

He preferred Su Ping to be demanding and demanding, strict enough to make him feel embarrassed, and didn't want to see this now, as if nothing mattered.

You dont care anymore, and you wont be able to get results by then.

He doesn't care about money, but he is not too young. If he misses this elite league, he will never have the chance to participate again!

Looking at Su Ping's indifferent expression, Zhou Chuan felt a little embarrassed and felt that he could not communicate normally with the other party.

Moreover, the role seems to be reversed. Isn't it usually the merchants who persuaded the buyer with painstaking care, hoping that the buyer would give a beast that is easy to cultivate? How did he get here, it was his turn to persuade the merchant? !

With a sigh, Zhou Chuan was completely convinced by this store. He opened it in a slum area. Last night, he even closed the door while waiting for everyone. Now he doesnt pick up a beast... but its such a wonderful store. The purgatory candle dragon beast came to town.

Where did this dragon come from?

Feeling tired for a while, Zhou Chuan was silent for a while. After thinking, he raised his hand to open the summoning space and summoned his best Tier 6 pet.

Demon, sixth-order blood, ghost-faced beast.

This is naturally not his strongest fighting pet. His first fighting pet is the eighth-order upper lineage. He has grown to the seventh-order median storm thunder spirit. This is a high-level thunder elemental pet. The attack is extremely fierce and suitable for groups. war.

But this shop does not accept.



"Ghost Masked Beast?"

Su Ping glanced and nodded, calling Tang Ruyan to let her take it away.

"Remember to come tomorrow." Su Ping said to Zhou Chuan.

Zhou Chuan glanced at him and said nothing. He turned and left. His mentality had collapsed, but he regarded the dead horse here as a living horse doctor.

Zhou Chuan was sent away, not long after, and some customers came from outside, but these people came to collect the beasts.

According to the register, Su Ping asked Joanna to take out the beasts and take customers to test the rooms one by one to test the effectiveness of cultivation.


Without customers, Tang Ruyan was idle in the shop. She suddenly noticed that when some of the beasts she received yesterday appeared again, the momentum completely changed. If the smell on her body was still there, she would still be like that. She Can't believe it's the same breed.

Only one night passed, what happened?

In the test room, the advanced scene construction equipment made the customers who came to the test open their eyes and were shocked.

The technology here, they have never heard of it, and for a time they felt a little ignorant.

Under the guidance of Joanna, switch between different venues in the test room for these customers to test the breeding effect of the beast.

After some quizzes, exclamations continued.

"too strong!"

"Is this really my dog?!"

"I don't dare to admit it anymore. It's awesome. What skill, my god, have you realized the intermediate skill?!"

During the quiz, the huge changes that happened to the beast made some people who came to receive it unbelievable.

If the power of the contract is still there, the familiar emotional connection is still maintained, and they all doubt whether their beast has been transferred.

Only one night has passed, so much progress, it is too exaggerated!

Most of the customers selected here are ordinary nurturing. Under the test, they found that their beasts either increased their combat power, improved at least one realm, or realized new skills.

Some are comprehending medium skills, and some are comprehending two or even three elementary skills.

With only one hundred thousand yuan, it has such a great effect, which has subverted their cognition!

The customers who came out of the test room bowed and thanked Su Ping when they passed the counter. They were very grateful.

Beasts are their closest friends. Su Ping gave the beasts such huge growth and changes, which shocked them and was full of gratitude to Su Ping.

Although they paid for it, they did not know why. After seeing the change of the beast, they felt it was a kindness, not just a simple money transaction!

"Boss, those who say bad things about your shop on the Internet are terrible. I will correct your name when I go back!"

"Yes, those people didn't come to your shop, they discredited your shop, and when I came here today, I was very worried."

"Needless to say, those people must have been a sailor from another store, deliberately discrediting the boss."

"Just because the boss made money, the business is hot and jealous."

"Boss, cultivate pets in the future, I only recognize your store!"


"Little naughty is the strongest!"

All customers give unanimous praise, the praise rate is 100%!

The effect of this cultivation, at such a price, completely hangs all the shops they have seen, even if they are extremely picky, they have nothing to say.

After all, for 100,000 yuan, the beast has such amazing changes, and the time is still so short, this is simply impossible!

Su Ping is still very confident in the nurturing effect of his own store. After all, his nurturing method cannot be imitated by general stores, and the effect is excellent.

These praises are the reputation of the store, and will be turned into a reputation and reputation guarantee in the future. There will be no need to do any publicity, and there will be stable customers every day to make the store full.

However, it is undoubtedly a slap in the face of the discredited online criticisms from customers who have received this favorable comment right now. It is difficult to change anything.


Su Ping's communicator rang.

He picked it up and found it from Mu Shixing Entertainment.

"Boss Su, your shop... doesn't matter?"

After being connected, Song Lu's voice came from inside, seeming to be cautious.

Su Ping smiled slightly and said, "Fortunately."

I heard that Su Ping's emotions were fairly stable, and Song Lu at the end of the communication was a little surprised, but it also made her relieved and said: "It's okay, the extraordinary pet shop is also advertised there, I don't think the situation is very good Optimistic, is there anything we can help you with?"

Now Mu Shuangwan's endorsement of Su Ping's shop is equivalent to bundling sales. If something happens to Su Ping's shop, it will not hurt Mu Shuangwan's reputation.


Su Ping is also looking for her.

"Boss Su, you say."

"Publicity is still the same, remove the previous slogan, our shop is now launching the latest package activities, guaranteed to... champion!"

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