Astral Pet Store Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Will Definitely Get First


Su Lingyue's eyes widened and she pointed at herself, suspecting that her ears were wrong.

Let her go to the competition?

Isn't this a joke, she is still a school student and still hasn't graduated.

Although she is very confident in herself, she believes that she is a relatively good (di) show (yi) in her class, but in this base city selection, the people who can stand up are not the old people who have accumulated extremely rich experience in the barren area. The hunter is a senior who has already graduated and has settled for several years.

And when these seniors were practicing in the college, they were the best people in the world.

If you give her another six years, she is confident to give it a go.

But now...when she goes to participate, it is basically a day trip.

If you are lucky, you may be able to hold two rounds, but not to mention winning the championship, she does not dare to hope in the top 100, and it can be considered a high fragrance to enter the 1,000!

"It's time for this, and are you still joking?" Su Lingyue was a little angry, thinking that Su Ping deliberately ridiculed her.

Su Ping is naturally not kidding. He beckoned to Joanna and asked her to fetch the dragon beast that was extorted from the bear-titled class.

Joanna's expression was dull, and she turned to enter the Beast Room. When she came out again, she was followed by a pony dragon.

Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon!

In the title level dragon beast rank, can be included in the top ten dragon beast.

Although it is incomparable with the top three rare species of the Inferno Candle Dragon Beast, it is also extremely rare and extremely rare on the market. At least dozens of base cities in the entire Asian land may not be found. Twenty silver frost star moon dragons.

In this way, most of the base cities may not have the shadow of this silver frost star moon dragon.

When Su Ping blackmailed this silver frost star moon dragon, he was ready to hand it over to Su Lingyue. He had the purgatory candle dragon beast, there was no need to make another one, and he had the energy to cultivate this silver frost moon dragon. It is better to focus on cultivating the purgatory candle dragon beast stronger.

Moreover, Su Lingyue has become stronger, and he also has no worries, after all, he is a family.

"this is"

Su Lingyue's eyes slowly widened.

Is it a top dragon beast? !

There is a purgatory candle dragon beast at the door. Don't say, there is a dragon beast hidden in this shop in Su Ping?

Is it the customer?

"This is the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon. Just as there is a letter in your name, I will give it to you. Take care of it. It happens that it is also at the end of childhood. It is about to end. You will sign a contract with it. No effort," Su Ping said.

Su Lingyong froze.

She turned her head, staring at Su Ping staring, "You, you mean, this, this dragon beast gave me?"

"That's right." Su Ping rarely joked, but smiled slightly.


Su Lingyue's brain fell into a blank, somewhat buzzing.

She never thought that she could own a dragon beast.

The price of this dragon beast on the market is completely unbearable for these ordinary families. Not to mention the rare Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon. Even the ordinary ninth-order dragon beast can't afford it!

Such a gift is completely beyond her imagination.

Tang Ruyan, who was next to him, was also looking at the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon. Hearing Su Ping's words, he was a little envious, even in her capacity, it was quite difficult to get such a rare beast.

Although their Tang family is powerful, the allocation of resources is being watched by countless eyes. To obtain any resources, you must rely on your own performance to win. Whichever is like Su Lingyue, there is no need to pay, as long as there is a good one Brother will do.

"Go, sign a contract."

Su Ping patted Su Lingyue on the shoulder and summoned her to God.

Su Lingyue looked at Su Ping and then at the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon. She bit her lip slightly, "Why do you give me such a beast?"

She would like to say that I was so bad to you and bullied you every day. Why would you still help me like this?

The usual Xiao En Xiaohui, she has been quite surprised, but this is not, this is a dragon beast, top!

Ordinary people, let alone a dragon beast, even a set of millions of properties, brothers and sisters will fight, not to mention that her relationship with Su Ping has always been bad, and they have not looked at each other well, in recent months, Su Ping's big change only eased their relationship.

But before that, they were in full swing.

"It's the gift I gave to you. If you think it's too expensive, you will be more obedient and soft and cute." Su Ping smiled and reached out to knead her face, it was deformed, and it felt good.

Su Lingyue was being moved by Su Ping, and she was moved by the point in her heart. She patted Su Ping's palm and hummed: "You didn't wash your hands, don't touch me so dirty!"

Su Ping, helpless, this gene of temper, I am afraid this life can not be soft and cute?

"Okay, let's sign a contract." Su Ping waved.

The play is back to play, but when it comes to the dragon beast, Su Lingyue's expression has changed slightly. She glanced at Su Ping, slightly silent, and whispered: "I remember this relationship. "

The sound was inaudible, but when Su Ping heard it, a slight arc appeared in the corner of his mouth.

Su Lingyue no longer hypocritical, ran to the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, looking at this half-human dragon beast, she squatted down, looked at the frost-like silver glittering scales on her body, feeling more and more like it ,So beautiful.

Yinshuang Xingyuelong's temperament is more docile, and the girl in front of her is reflected in her silver eyes.

It seems vaguely aware that this girl will be the only one in its world.

Soon, a star pattern was engraved on the forehead of the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, Su Lingyue dropped her hand, the star power and mental power in her body vented out, and merged with the mysterious contract. At the same time, her consciousness In the middle, a weak young consciousness was slowly connected.

This consciousness is getting deeper and deeper into her mind, tightly connected to her consciousness and becoming very firm.

This is the contract.

Stronger than the ties of blood.

Through the maintenance of this consciousness, she can always feel the emotions of her beast, and can also convey her thoughts to the beast in the blink of an eye.

At the moment when the contract was concluded, Su Lingyue felt that her blood was mixed with this little guy, and the other party was like her loved one.

The thick emotional bond made her a little touched, and she loved the little guy in front of her even more.


Silver Frost Xingyue dragon mouth whispered joyfully.

Su Lingyue smiled, stroking its head.

Su Ping turned around, looking at the intimate picture of this man, and said: "From today, this silver frost star moon dragon is yours, remember to come to me every day to cultivate, this time the champion, expect this little guy to bring You took off!"

Su Lingyue was stunned and turned back, saying, "Use it? How is it possible that it was in its infancy, and if it wants to win the championship, it must have at least nine ranks of combat power, this, this..."

"So you need to come here every day to cultivate, once a day, although professional cultivation, the same beast can only be carried out once a week, but ordinary cultivation is not limited, be sure to let it into adulthood before the start of the league." Su Ping said.

Su Lingyue dumbfounded, "The league will open immediately. In such a short time, let it skip the growth period from childhood to enter adulthood?! How is it possible, no, this is to promote seedlings, I don't allow it!"

Although this dragon beast was given by Su Ping, at this moment she instinctively protected the calf.

"My cultivation here, what are you still worried about, what is the promotion of seedlings, I am caring for growth, this matter is so settled."

"This..." Su Lingyue saw that Su Ping didn't intend to discuss at all. She immediately knew that persuasion was useless. She said, "However, you don't have to give me a discount here because of your cultivation. How can I have so much money."

"Go back and give me your card. I'll give you some money. It's you who lent me first." Su Ping said.

This is naturally within the scope of his consideration, and it is considered to be a loophole in the system. He can give Qian Su Lingyue to let her spend in the store, and then the money can be turned into energy.

If it wasn't for professional training to cool down only once a week, Su Ping could spend money to invite Su Lingyue to professional training every day.

She only needs to act as a tool person.

The real ruthless person is to make even his own money!

"This..." Su Lingyue was speechless, borrowing money to let her consume? Isn't this superfluous, it might as well be directly accounted!

However, Su parallels have always been strange and unpredictable, and she is too lazy to vomit more on this.

After all, there are too many places to vomit.

"Are you sure it won't hurt it?" Su Lingyue asked, feeling a little bit distressed about the beast he just got. The emotional transmission of the contract concluded not only affected the beast, but also his owner.

It's just that most human beings can make decisions sensibly, so someone can abandon the beast.

But among the beasts, except for some fierce and cold natures, most of the beasts are extremely loyal and easily influenced by contract emotions.

"Nonsense, move your mind to think about it, this is a top dragon beast, how could I harm it?" Su Ping saw her wordy, not good airway.

Su Lingyue was dumb.

She thought about it and thought so too.

If the dragon beast is well-cultivated, the value is greater than the significance of winning the championship. Su Ping has no reason to reverse it.

"That line, but are you sure? The time is so short, to win the championship..." Su Lingyue has no confidence in winning the championship. Although he has this Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon, it is still a child!

In such a short period of time, how is it possible to grow from level 3 to level 9?

"You only need to come on time every day, don't worry about anything else." Su Ping is also much lazy to explain, third-order or sixth-order, not much difference for him, just the question of efficiency.

In his own family, he naturally gave up the blood, and every time he could cultivate more than he could.

After all, the system can be unspecified and cannot be overtrained.

In this way, there is still room to exercise this silver frost star moon dragon before the league, but he will work a little harder.

However, this kind of hard work is worth it. For winning the championship, he is bound to win. Since others are competing with him for death, he will knock to the end!

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