Astral Pet Store Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Detonate Second More

Extraordinary pet shop, headquarters.

In front of a wide and clean store like a garden, there are crowds of people, not to mention thousands of people, arranged in long queues, some of them line up and look down at the communicator, and some look at the store ahead on tiptoe. The monstrous beast.

Although this beast is extremely unremarkable, it is a top devil's favorite.

It is rare to see it in reality. Usually they can only find pictures on the Internet, have used eye shadows, or watch the CG special effects synthesized in the movies to refresh, but now they can see this real top-level beast closely. .

Eight **** beasts!

The rarity is not higher than that of the purgatory candle dragon beast, but it is completely comparable!

"I heard that, that little naughty pet shop, there seems to be no sound."

"That's needless to say, they only escorted the top ten, and the extraordinary pet shop is here to **** the top five, how can they compare?"

"It's the case, this little naughty pet shop dare to send the top ten, it should be the limit. It seems that compared with the extraordinary pet shop, this background is still much worse. After all, the extraordinary pet shop is an old shop, I I have visited it a few times before, although the price is more expensive, but the service really has nothing to say, the effect is good."

"Let me say, this is what it deserves. Who made that little naughty pet shop so arrogant? It closed so early yesterday, so it closed, and Long Cong was taken in. It was not funny, not funny. What?"

"That's right, I went to the purgatory candle dragon beast deliberately, but I ran in vain. I heard that there is no news from them on the Internet.

The people queuing in front of the store whispered.

In the past two days, the battle between the two pet shops of'Little Naughty' and'Extraordinary' has been a hot topic on the intranet.

Switching to other beast shops will not necessarily cause such attention, but these two beast shops are different. Needless to say, the extraordinary beast shop, the old pet shop in the base city, has the first reputation and high attention. .

And this little naughty pet shop, although it is a new upstart, the reputation is not obvious, but this time the endorsement is the top traffic, coupled with the appearance of the inferior rare dragon pet like the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, immediately detonated the fame.

The competition between these two stores has also made some people who eat melons very happy, very curious who wins and who loses in the end.

However, from the current point of view, it is clear that the extraordinary pet shop has won.

After all, it is an old shop, the details are there, and some people broke the news, but there are Liu family behind the extraordinary pet shop.

Most ordinary people have no idea about the Liu family, but as long as they are born in the base city of Longjiang, they will have heard or used the products of large groups and companies operated by the Liu family. They are absolutely no strangers to these companies and products. Thunderous.

The extraordinary pet beast shop run by the Liu family is already well known.

When some good people popularize the strong strength of the Liu family, many people know that the foundation of the extraordinary pet shop is so hard!

This is simply a behemoth!

No wonder there is a purgatory candle dragon beast sitting there, this extraordinary pet beast shop will be able to invite top devil pets such as eight **** beasts to support it that night, this is the inside of the big family!

As a result, more people are not optimistic about the small naughty pet shop.


"Boss, there is still no movement over there."

"Oh, I guess I'm still asleep."

"They probably didn't expect that last night was their most glorious moment. They were so smug that they closed their stores and laughed dead!"

"Still our boss is so powerful, we invite top pets like Badao Hell Beast as soon as we go out, and people like Liu Jianxin. We are taking this opportunity to deter other pet beast shops. Let them know that In the business of pets, our Longjiang is our extraordinary deal!"


"The boss is amazing!"

At the conference table, many executives sat on both sides, a little excited.

When the little naughty purgatory candle dragon beast came out, their hearts were cold, but they didn't expect the dead wood and spring to reverse the situation in an instant. Now they are firmly in the upper hand, almost winning, just waiting for the naughty naughty self. Can be extinguished.

Liu Yuan listened to the touted surroundings and smiled faintly. This time the eight **** beasts who could bring in the patriarch really saved the situation. This is the advantage of having a family behind him, otherwise he would be left alone, just afraid that he would really eat it. The shop is at a loss.

"Everyone, if you hit the iron, you should contact each platform immediately to spread the promotion. Let us take this opportunity to let everyone know the details of the extraordinary pet shop. The eight **** beasts were borrowed by our Liu family elders. Taking advantage of this opportunity, seize the opportunity to publicize, there will not be such a good opportunity in the future." Liu Yuan pointed his finger on the desktop and said seriously.

Many executives also smiled slightly and all nodded.

"In addition, Xiao naughty continue to pay attention, don't stop, they should start business, the rabbit is anxious and bites, I bite and see, how will they bite me back." Liu Yuan sneered.

"Yes, boss." The assistant next to him nodded.

At this moment, suddenly the communicator on the assistant's wrist rang.

He glanced down, his face suddenly showing doubt.

"Huh?" Liu Yuan noticed his look and frowned: "Why?"

When the assistant asked him, he immediately replied: "Boss, the person who was just in charge of monitoring the movements of Xiao Naughty said that something was wrong, let me go online." When he answered, he was puzzled in his eyes, and this little naughty was all gone. There is no doubt that what is going to happen?

Liu Yuan raised his eyebrows.

After listening to the assistant's words, the other executives next to each other looked at each other. Some people laughed, but some people quickly took out the communicator and went online immediately.



Longjiang intranet, burst!

A minute ago, before a news was published, the intranet was still very normal and very lively. Most netizens are paying attention to the competition between small naughty and extraordinary pet shops, especially the most talk about extraordinary pet shops .

After all, the top five guarantees, there are eight **** beasts, as well as the cultivation of masters and other hot topics, are worth talking about.

The previously famous little naughty seems to have died, and now only the heat of the "corpse" is left. It is worth recalling. Anyway, it is also a shop where the purgatory candle dragon beast sits in the town. Some dragon beast fans feel very sorry.

However, on a mainstream platform with heavy traffic, an advertisement was suddenly released.

Little naughty ads.

-Guaranteed delivery, Longjiang League champion!

The simple words, like a nuclear bomb, instantly razed the lively Longjiang Intranet into silence.

Countless people who saw this advertisement were stunned for the first time.

After they repeatedly confirmed that they were right, this mainstream platform was instantly detonated!

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