Astral Pet Store Chapter 281

Chapter 281: One After Another First Change

Taohuaxi Street.

Inside a petty pet shop.

The customers who came one after another took all the beasts in the store, and Su Ping also received a lot of praise. One third of the customers continued to place orders on the same day and chose to cultivate again.

The other two thirds also said that they had enough money to go back and come back later.

With the promotion of the Champions League, the number of customers in the shop is increasing rapidly. By noon, the outside of the shop is overcrowded again, congesting the entire street.

Fortunately, this street is usually very remote, and no one passes by, so it does not hinder the passage.

"This time, you have to offend many people."

Tang Ruyan looked at Su Ping with some puzzled eyes. The Su Ping that she met in the secret realm was insidious like a fox, which made her suffer a big loss, but now Su Ping, acting like an ordinary teenager, was a little impulsive.

Su Ping said: "I just said one thing I could do as much as I could."

"Some things can only be done, not said."

"That's a crime. I don't break the law."

"It's not illegal, but the criminals are angry."

"I am not ashamed in my heart, but why fear the anger?"

Tang Ruyan stared at him, said nothing, and turned to the door to welcome him.

Looking at the people gathered outside the street, her eyes shone.

Su Ping once again used the communicator to contact Mushi Star Entertainment, "The list of guaranteed champions will be announced for me, and I will send you the list later."

"Uh, boss Su..."


"This is the case. Miss Mu is about to cancel the contract and cancel the endorsement. You can rest assured that if the penalty is paid, we will pay according to the contract."


Su Ping was silent.

He did not expect that at this critical moment, it was not the enemy who first injured him, but the spokesperson he invited.

Now that the endorsement of the termination of the contract, this matter will inevitably get on the topic and bring great negative comments to his shop.

Not to mention.

Su Ping didn't say much, just "huh", and then said: "The propaganda thing..."

"Boss Su, you can rest assured and promote this aspect. If you need it, we will continue to complete it according to the contract. The termination of the contract is also really compelling. Miss Mu is unwell and cannot show her head in the near future. I am really sorry..." Duan Songlu was polite and apologetic.

The corner of Su Ping's mouth touched it a little, feeling sick?

This excuse was so far-fetched that he was unable to vomit, and he said, "Nothing. Propaganda will continue."

After that, the communicator was hung up.

On the other side, when I heard the communicator hang up, the smile on Song Lu's face disappeared instantly. If I knew that this boss Su had a big back behind him, he was also a sword lord and a purgatory dragon beast. What an inestimable thing, she was too lazy to apologize to this madman.

With this termination, their company has suffered a lot of losses, they have not made money, they have to lose money, and they have to spend money to ask public relations to deal with reputation and mess. Half of this account will be counted against her. I'm afraid it's not easy.


"The endorsement has been cancelled. Fortunately, the store is already hot. It does not matter if there is no endorsement. The purgatory candle dragon beast is the signboard and endorsement."

Su Pingwans cancellation of the endorsement did not affect Su Pings mood much, but it was a bit regretful. After all, it was quite pleasing to look at the little girl before. Also jump off his boat.

Isn't he optimistic about him?

Shaking his head, Su Ping didn't think about it any more and continued to entertain customers who entered the store one after another.

"Boss, I'm here to collect my Flametail."

A young man came to the counter with a very polite attitude.

He was the first person who came to Su Ping to buy the top 100 packages yesterday. When he was not convinced of Su Ping's self-confidence, he deliberately gave Su Ping a lower third-order flametail dog to breed.

However, when he left shortly after seeing the purgatory candle dragon beast released from the Suping shop, and a series of competitions with extraordinary pet beast shops from last night to today, he didn't know that this shop had a real heritage.

Although it is much worse than the extraordinary pet shop, at least it is much stronger than other pet shop, he regretted his arrogant attitude yesterday.


Su Ping remembered this young man, and he even spoke harsh words at the time.

Looking through the register, I saw that this person was named Peng Yifeng.

Su Ping greeted Joanna and asked her to lead the flame-tail dog.

Peng Yifeng saw Joanna coming, her eyes straightened, and she had never seen such a beautiful woman.

Wang Wang!

When he was distracted, his chest was suddenly hit, and the flame-tail dog fell into his arms, a pair of dog eyes full of excitement.

"Take him to the test." Su Ping explained.

Joanna looked indifferent, and said to the young man, "Come with me." After that, he turned around and left, as if the latter was just her little follower.

Peng Yifeng quickly followed.

A moment later, when coming out of the test room, Peng Yifeng was completely convinced.

While convinced, he also had some regrets in his heart. He already knew that the cultivation effect was so powerful. Yesterday, he should take out his strongest darling. Otherwise, now, his strongest darling strength can go further, so he The hope of achieving the top 100 is even greater.

"Boss, thanks a lot. Yesterday it was my bad attitude." Peng Yifeng came to the counter and looked embarrassed.

Su Ping said indifferently: "Since you remember what you said yesterday, then come as yesterday."

Peng Yifeng's face changed slightly, revealing a bit difficult, he said, if the cultivation is effective, he is willing to apologize in public, otherwise he will smash the store, and now looking at the cultivation effect, he is no longer satisfied with it, but if he wants to apologize in public ...

Who doesn't want a face?

"Boss, this..." He glanced at it, and he noticed that there were a few more customers behind him, and his face suddenly felt red.

Su Ping glanced at him, without reason, and continued to receive customers behind.

"Boss, have you guaranteed the champion's place sold? I want it."

Several people who had just entered the shop ran quickly, led by Zhou Chuan, who had just left from Suping shop in the morning. On the way back, he saw the news just released on the Internet and hurriedly turned around to rush the car.

Rather than **** the top ten, it is better to directly win the championship.

Although it takes 100 million to send the champion, which puts a little pressure on him, it is not unbearable.

Su Ping said: "You are late, someone has already made a reservation."

Zhou Chuan was startled, and quickly said: "Who is it?"

"Our store will not disclose customer information." Su Ping said.

Zhou Chuan changed his face and asked, "Can you tell me, what is his surname?"

Su Ping thought for a while, and said, "The surname is Su."


Zhou Chuan froze.

I thought it was someone from several other families, but I didn't expect it to be.

He was relieved in his heart, so it might be the children of other ordinary rich people.

"Boss, didn't you lie to me?" Zhou Chuan asked deliberately with a straight face, wanting to criticize Su Ping.

Su Ping glanced at him and said indifferently: "You will see the list later, maybe now you have it online."

Zhou Chuan was stunned and used the communicator to get online quickly.

Soon, he saw the latest news from the small naughty shop that had been selected for attention, and sent the list of champions!

Su Lingyue!

A name he had never heard of.

In his impression of the famous young generation in Longjiang City, this name did not appear.

And looking at the name of the person, it is a girl.

"Boss, is this true?" Zhou Chuan looked up, a little surprised.

Su Ping said indifferently: "When she wins the championship, you will definitely verify her ID card. I can't change the name of others temporarily?"

Zhou Chuan thought that this was justified. With the mischief of small naughty and extraordinary pet beast shops, most of the people on the list that they escorted would be pulled out of the information, and it was impossible to hide it.

With a sigh, Zhou Chuan didn't say more, and had some regrets in his heart, but it was just regrets, not too disappointing. After all, it was said to be a champion of escort, but in the end, it was still the same thing. , Or the top ten reliable points.

"Got it, boss, bye, come and get the beast tomorrow, come back." Zhou Chuan waved and took the person to turn around and left without delaying time.

Soon after Zhou Chuan left, there were several waves of customers, some of them bought ordinary nurturings, and some bought the top 100 packages. They were also curious to ask some questions about the delivery of the champion, but the answers they got were almost the same. Sell.

Peng Yifeng stood next to him, his face fluctuating, and finally he gritted his teeth. While there were few people, he apologized in the store.

After apologizing, he blushed, bowed down with Su Ping, and ran out of the shop quickly.

After this lesson, his character became cautious.

Su Ping didn't care too much about whether he really apologized, but since he dared to throw out cruel words, he had to say what he did and be responsible for his own words, and he did the same.

Soon, Liu Ping came to collect the beast.

Su Ping asked Joanna to bring out his Shadow Beast. After some tests, Liu Ping opened her eyes and was completely convinced.

Liu Ping was shocked by the speed and level of nurturing in this shop in Suping, even though he had seen many important events in his family.

With the cultivation effect of this first period, he asked himself, with his current combat strength, he has been able to enter the top 100 steadily, and sprinting into the top ten is also quite promising.

"Boss, is the delivery champion launched in your shop really possible?" Liu Ping asked curiously. He had already seen the quota on the Internet and was bought by others, which also dispelled the idea of competition.

Moreover, he knew that Su Ping's move made the Liu family so angry that if he came to buy it, it was estimated that he would be killed by the family law as soon as he returned home.

Originally, this incident was Su Ping's battle with Liu Yuan, but now it has risen that the entire Liu family is fighting against Su Ping. He is ready to cancel the delivery service he ordered here in Su Ping.

Su Ping saw that he was dressed strictly and completely covered his face. It was a bit strange, but when he thought of the situation outside, he was relieved in his eyes, and he secretly admired the person in his heart. On such a stormy wave, he dared to venture to his store. , It seems to be a guy with no sense of family honor.

"You know when the league starts." Su Ping said.

Liu Ping looked at Su Ping seriously, and he suddenly felt that this teenager did not seem to be brave.

Coupled with the changes in the Shadow Beast he saw earlier, he suddenly felt a little regret in his heart. At this moment, for the first time in his life, he had a thought that the family had dragged himself.

He used to rely on the protection of his family. The family brought him convenience, but this time it was really delayed.

He feels that if he cancels the **** service here in Suping, he will suffer huge losses.

However, he had no choice.

Once this matter is known by the patriarch, he is a capital enemy, and this is something the family will never allow!

With a sigh, he shook his head and said to Su Ping: "Boss Su, your declaration is too big, too easy to offend people. As far as I know, other families are very dissatisfied with your remarks. You... take it easy. Right."

These words, he regarded as his own advice, can also be regarded as the return of Su Ping's kindness to cultivate his beast.

Although he cultivated this beast, he spent money, but he knew that he had made a big bargain for the effect of this cultivation.

Moreover, the family belongs to the family, he can use the family connections, and hope to develop his own connections, such as Su Ping, is an unpredictable, hidden thing behind him, even he can see it, it is not easy This is why other families did not directly use thunder to suppress this shop.

Change to another small shop, dare to be so arrogant, it is estimated that the store will be closed soon.

For those big families, closing a store is just a matter of one sentence. They don't need to come forward, just let the city management get it done.

Liu Ping chose to cancel the follow-up service, but he was polite and said goodbye to Su Ping.

Su Ping naturally understood that all the money that was not turned into energy was returned to him.

Sending Liu Ping away, Su Ping continued to receive customers in the back.

The effect of advertising is still very large. Although many people questioned that it is too unreliable to send champions, it is a gimmick for sensation, but a large number of people believe that dare to say such cruel words is also a kind of emboldened performance.

Whether it can be done is one thing, and the average person would not dare to lose it.

By two o'clock in the afternoon, the endless stream of customers had completely filled the store.

Su Ping heard Joannas notice that the warehouse was full again.

He glanced at today's energy income, which is more than yesterday, with about 500,000 energy credited.

Counting more than 800,000 before, there are more than 1.3 million.

Yesterday's upbringing cost didn't consume much energy. After all, he didn't die much in the whole process, just spent some ticket fees.

If only the entrance fee is paid, Su Ping can now enter and exit the Ancient God Realm, but unfortunately, he cannot, because in the Ancient God Realm, he does not have the internal response like Joanna, and it is dead to enter.

1.3 million energy... Finally, the Chaos Spirit Pool can be upgraded!

Su Ping burst into a little excitement.

"Sorry, the seat is full, please come back tomorrow."

Looking at the many customers in front of him, Su Ping had to apologize again. The number of places in the shop was limited, and he could not receive endlessly, otherwise there was still time to cultivate.

When they heard that the seats were full, the customers in the queue were all dumbfounded.

Actually full again?

Previously, the crowds in the Suping shop were full, and the closing of the shop made many customers know that they thought they wanted to be hungry for marketing on the first day, but they did not expect to face the step of the extraordinary pet shop Now, dare to be so arrogant.

Doesn't it mean that this store is driven crazy, dare to talk about the champion?

In such a hot situation, it is necessary to close the door. Is this really a posture to open a store and make money? !

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