Astral Pet Store Chapter 284

Chapter 284: The League Starts First

Su Ping called Tang Ruyan to take away the Lightning Mouse.

The Lightning Mouse grinned, and his whole body flickered, making a rebellious stance.

Tang Ruyan walked around and raised his eyebrows slightly.

After working here for two days, she has seen many beasts with violent temperament, but under the appeasement of the master, they all behaved quite well. Unexpectedly, this little thunder mouse is actually in this hairy hair!

"Small things, be good, don't mess up my work!"

Tang Ruyan snorted coldly, exuding the spirit of a seventh-order senior war pet division, like a mountain, oppressing towards the Lightning Mouse.

In exchange for other demon beasts, under her deterrence, some fear will arise.

But the anger in Thunder's eyes was even more excited.

Okay, I found an accomplice again? !

Its body split instantaneously, displaying the afterimage of Lei Ying, leaping in different directions.

Tang Ruyan can see his pupils shrink, is this an advanced thunder skill? !

Su Ping did not expect that the Lightning Mouse's resistance was so fierce. When he looked at Su Yanying again, his face looked stunned. He seemed helpless. He was speechless and had to pass it on to Joanna, who was guarding the beast room, and asked her to capture it.

It saves the little thing from jumping up and down in the store, knocking it over, and alarming other customers.

When Joanna received Su Ping's thoughts, her indifferent eyes glanced at the several electric lights that burst out of the store. Her body suddenly flashed golden light and appeared out of thin air. One of the lightnings disappeared suddenly. The body of the lightning mouse was picked up by Joanna.

The fluffy flesh behind its neck was pinched.

Lightning Mouse: "!"

Who caught the back of my destiny? !

"Take it in." Su Ping ordered.

Joanna carried the Lightning Mouse and turned away.

Looking at the Lightning Mouse being instantly subdued by Joanna, Tang Ruyan raised his eyebrows several times in a row.

Su Yanying was relieved and quickly said: "Boss Su, I'm so embarrassed."

"It's nothing." Su Ping said, but he was thinking in his heart. It seemed that this little guy had been with Su Yanying for some time, and he was a little comfortable, even not listening to his master's words.

In some respects, this is certainly beneficial to Su Yanying. After all, the negative impact of her towing oil bottle on the battle of Leiguang mice has been reduced... But in the long run, if you continue this way, I am afraid that there will be a bite.

Su Ping knew this temperament of the Lightning Mouse. After all, he followed him from the **** sea of corpses. Although he was an elemental pet, he was so fierce and not inferior to those high-level demon beasts.

"It seems to be tidying up, and if you go on like this, it will be lawless..." Su Ping murmured.

After the Lightning Mouse took away, Su Yanying and Lan Lele also said goodbye to Su Ping together.

Sending away Su Yanying, Su Ping continued to receive customers from behind.

Soon, Su Ping met a regular customer again.

"Boss Su, I'm here again."

Ye Hao is a brand-name casual wear and looks smart and suave.

Su Ping saw this little local tyrant, his eyes lightened slightly, and said, "Did you go to the barren area before, why didn't you see you?"

"Oh, has boss Su heard of the secret realm, I have gone to the secret realm."

Ye Hao smiled lightly and spoke very casually, but his eyes showed a little complacency.

The average school student who has just graduated and can enter the deserted area is already quite good, and if he wants to go to the secret area... Even many senior pioneers are not qualified. After all, in the secret area, high-level war pet master Bibi All, even the title level can see a few.

Su Ping suddenly realized that he had gone to the secret realm.

"How about harvesting in the secret realm." Su Ping asked with a smile.

"It's okay, that's what I followed to see and see, open my horizons, and mix my seniority. By the way, I went to the mysterious keel tower to see my level of qualifications." Ye Hao's face was indifferent, his tone was more humble, but in his eyes There is still some success.


Su Ping heard the Dragon Bone Tower, but he moved in his heart. He didn't know what was going on after he left.

However, if someone challenges the Jiulong bone, he will receive the induction by passing on the pre-selection mark.

"This keel tower can be tested for qualifications. There are nine keels in total. Before, no one had climbed the ninth keel, and the one who could climb to the seventh keel is already a rare wizard."

Ye Hao smiled slightly and said, "My qualifications are shallow. I am not prepared enough this time and I just barely enter the fourth keel. Unfortunately, if boss Su can pass, I estimate that I can at least enter the seventh keel."

For Su Ping in front of him, he did not have the heart to compare.

This is simply a monster, and at a young age, it shows a title-level means, which he has never heard of.

However, compared with Su Ping, he compared with other people of the same age, but still consciously achieved a little bit. After all, there are very few who can enter the fourth keel. Not many people in this generation can do it.

"Fourth keel?"

Su Ping didn't expect this guy to climb to such a high point.

"It seems you have to work hard," Su Ping encouraged.

Ye Hao saw Su Ping's caring look, and his mouth twitched slightly. He knew that talking about cultivation in front of this guy hurt his self-esteem. He immediately turned to the topic and said:

"I just came back and heard that your store is competing with the extraordinary pet beast shop? Behind this extraordinary pet beast shop is the Liu family. Although the Liu family is not well-known, in our base city of Longjiang, it is a half-leader. You can Be careful."

"Yeah. I know."

Su Ping nodded slightly about this concern and noted it down.

"The kind of cultivation method you used to use on the Lightning Mouse, can I buy it now?" Ye Hao asked.

He was extremely impressed with the Lightning Mouse, and later asked Su Yanying to find out that the Lightning Mouse was originally an ordinary Lightning Mouse and was thrown in the Suping store. After being cultivated, it became so evil and terrible. .

The strength of this cultivation is beyond his imagination. He was a little excited when he thought of using it with his silver snake and thunder dragon beast.

Su Ping nodded, "This is called professional cultivation, and now it is open to some people. You are an old customer, and you are naturally eligible to buy this service. Besides, in addition to this professional cultivation, our shop now has a package program that guarantees the top ten. Are you interested?"

"Guide to the top ten?"

Ye Hao knew something about the Suping store before coming. He knew that the Suping store not only declared that it would send the top ten, but also directly sent the champion. However, it is precisely because of the **** champion, which angered many forces.

Like their Ye family, the group of people who are staring at the base selection champion, who is staring at the main line of the heirs, were very angry at Su Ping. They all clamored to come and smash the Su Ping store, but they did not really come to implement it because of some concerns. .

Now, he can come to the Suping shop to patronize, which is considered a "crime".

"This..." Ye Hao thought for a while. He had a grandpa on his back, and no one in the family could pursue him because he came to the Suping shop.

What's more, he knows that he is strong enough to be able to speak, otherwise he will lose his chance to become stronger because he is worried about the tongue of others, that is really stupid!

"Okay, no problem."

Considering for a moment, Ye Hao made a decision.

Whether he can really guarantee the top ten, he does not know, after all, he still has some knowledge of the combat strength of the previous ten, with his current strength, it is still possible to enter the bottom of the top 100, but the top ten, the gap is too Big.

In any case, at least this high-end package is always much stronger than ordinary cultivation.

In his opinion, if you spend more money, the service is naturally better. The money is proportional to the service, so he only chooses the expensive ones, not the right ones.

"it is good."

Su Ping smiled slightly when he agreed, but still said: "The current professional breeding services in the store are only limited to the cultivation of medium and low-level beasts. The cultivation of high-level beasts is not yet open. If you want to cultivate your silver snake thunder Dragon beast, you can only wait for the future."

Ye Hao froze, what he wanted to cultivate was the Silver Snake Thunder Dragon Beast, which was his main favorite.

"This one"

He hesitated, seeing that Su Ping's expression had no room for maneuver, he sighed, "Okay."


With Ye Hao done, Su Ping continues to receive other customers, and time flies.

All of a sudden, it was full again today.

In the middle, Su Ping also received a few students from Fengshan College, which were also former old customers. However, because of their ordinary family background, this time they purchased ordinary cultivation services.

The premature closure of the secret realm, and the fact that the league is about to start, some students in the barren area have also come back one after another. Su Ping often sees some old faces, including Zhang Baoxing and Lu Pengfei, the most active people in the queue.

Su Ping missed the return of these old customers.

However, the rules are still rules. After the seats are full, Su Ping can only apologize for closing.

This is the third time that all customers have become accustomed to the occasional closing of the petty pet shop.

If the first two were for show, the third time is the norm.

This time, there were far fewer complaints, and everyone just left in sighs and sighs, and said nothing more. After all, people dont want to make your money. What else can you do?

When encountering such a wonderful store, everyone is helpless and can only try to come over early next time.

After closing the door, Su Ping included Tang Ruyan in the scroll as usual, and then took Joanna to continue to cultivate the beasts in God Realm.

It is said to cultivate beasts. In fact, all the beasts are handed over to Joanna. Su Ping is soaking in the Quanquan in Shenquan. In the middle, Joanna has found him a few gods (above the legend) for guidance. He practiced.

With the body quenching effect of Shenquan, plus the guidance of several gods, Su Ping's understanding of the practice of Zhenmo Shenquan is getting more and more, and he is getting closer and closer to the first level of Dacheng.

During the cultivation of this time, every time Su Ping brought the Yinshuang Xingyue Dragon, now it has 8.5 combat power.

Cultivating in the Divine Realm, Su Ping found that with his current breeding resources, it is relatively easy and quick to cultivate a beast to the ranks of eighth and nineth ranks, but after the ranks enter the rank nine, each upward increase of 0.1 , It's a bit difficult.

However, he counted the start time of the next league, and it was fairly ample. After all, the current strength of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon was enough to rush into the top ten of the league.

time flies.

In a blink of an eye, the day of the league's start is approaching.

Three days before the start of the game, the promotion of the league has been spread on all platforms, including the construction and shooting of the league venue, which are all broadcast live.

This base city selection competition can be said to be the focus of attention, and tens of millions of people throughout the base city of Longjiang will follow.

Various TV channels are broadcasting relevant news.

Under the intense and lively atmosphere in full swing, the league started soon.

During this time, the business in the Suping store was still overcrowded every day, as was the extraordinary pet shop on the other side. Except for the initial battle, everything seemed to be quiet behind.

The two shops are full every day, busy making money, and it seems that they no longer have to worry about fighting.

Some conspiracy theorists even speculate that the previous competition was deliberately hyped by the two stores joining forces in private.

But such intellectually-disabled speech was quickly refuted to be speechless.

After all, if you want to join in the hype, you dont have to be a gimmick for the top ten, or the top five, or even the champion. This is too much hatred, and when the league ends, you must give everyone an explanation, one Its notorious that its notorious, and it has since collapsed. Its completely unnecessary for an old shop like extraordinary pet shop.

When the league was about to start, the topic of the battle between the two stores was also slightly quieter, and more people focused on the hot players who participated in the league.

In all online platforms, there are top ten voting activities.

Among them, those who received the most votes were all the top ten players who participated in the league in previous years.

Those who have passed the age and are not qualified to participate are naturally not counted, and they have not won the vote. However, some people who are still qualified and whose age and state are within the scope are attracting everyone's attention.

The top ten popular players, their identities and information have all become celebrities in various media reports.

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