Astral Pet Store Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Qualifier Second More

"Yueyue, your ranking is a bit low."

In the small naughty pet shop, on a sofa in the lounge area, there are two young girls sitting, one is Su Lingyue and the other is her classmate, Jiang Xingyu.

In the academy, Jiang Xingyu is also a little goddess-level figure, and he is very good in terms of face value, figure, and family background. Although his achievements in the academy are not as good as those of Su Lingyue, he is also among the top-ranked students in the grade.

Some time ago, the competition between the extraordinary pet shop and Xiao Naughty was booming. Both stores published a part of their own delivery list. Like in the Xiao Naughty store, they announced the winner of the delivery, Su Lingyue.

Some good deeds immediately picked out Su Lingyue's photos and materials, making Su Lingyue a famous person in the base city of Longjiang, which attracted many people's attention.

After seeing that the "arrogant man" who bought the delivery champion turned out to be such a beautiful girl, many grumpy netizens immediately chose to forgive...

Such a lovely girl, of course, forgive others!

There were even many people who immediately became fans of Su Lingyue and became her loyal online fan...

At this moment, Su Lingyue and Jiang Xingyu are looking at the votes on each platform.

Su Lingyue's votes are not optimistic. At 82, the number of votes is only more than 30,000 points.

Of the top ten, those with the lowest number of votes are millions!

Seeing such a ranking, Su Lingyue blushed a little, especially thinking that she was pushed out by Su Ping and put on the title of **** champion. As a result, the number of votes now shows that no one takes her seriously at all, only When watching a lively.

This made her a little embarrassed and discouraged.


In the distance, Su Ping was behind the counter, and his extraordinary physique allowed him to easily hear the conversation between the two women. He glanced at it, wiped his hands with the rag in his hand, and wiped the counter by the way. He walked around the counter.

"Winning the championship depends on strength, but not on the number of votes. What use is this?" Su Ping said angrily, sitting down on the sofa next to him, and taking a break.

Now that the league is about to start, the number of customers in the store is gradually decreasing. After all, the league is about to open. Many contestants are doing the final preparations. The most popular business in these two days is not the pet shop, but the battle hall. .

In each battle hall, the venue is almost full and there are no empty seats.

Seeing Su Ping coming, Jiang Xingyu looked at him with some admiration. She had seen Su Ping before when Su Ping worked as a senior tutor in the college. Such a young tutor is unique. When he was a student, he was still a tutor. Senior tutor, this is excellent.

Later, when the college was kicked by Jianlan College, Su Ping came forward and easily defeated her opponent, which also left a deep impression on her, especially the extraordinary performance of the one-handed imperial flight, which shocked the audience.

To Su Lingyue has such an elder brother, she envied from the bottom of her heart.

"If you have time to look at this boring ranking here, you might as well go back and practice with Master Wu, but the title level is enough for you to learn for a lifetime." Su Ping didn't have a good air for Su Lingyue.

Su Lingyue froze: "How do you know that Teacher Wu is..."

She thought that this matter was only known to her. Like Teacher Wu, who was late in teaching, she was left at home to eat at home. She sat on the same table with Su Ping. Seeing Su Ping's attitude of caring about him, she didn't seem to know her at all. This teacher is terrible.

But unexpectedly, Su Ping actually knew!

Do you know how to treat him with this attitude? !

Su Ping snorted and said: "Although people only teach you the skills in treatment, but in terms of combat power, they are also title grades. Anyway, you have to dig some points, study hard, and ask if you don't understand. Most people want this. No title-level tutors!"

Su Lingyue was stunned, this guy never asked him about his studies, and was not curious about her teacher Wu's appearance, but he did not expect that he knew everything, even what she was learning!

"You..." She looked at Su Ping seriously, and suddenly there was a suspicious look on her face, "Are you secretly paying attention to me?"



Su Lingyue turned his head grumblingly.

Jiang Xingyu looked at the brothers and sisters, which was a little funny, but she only smiled slightly on her lips, looking at Su Ping's eyes, a little splendid. She always felt that such a Su tutor seemed more real and approachable.

Su Ping looked at the two glasses of juice on the table and said to them: "Let's go after eating, go back and practice well, it's fine to come to the store and be lazy."

Su Lingyue turned her head and hummed: "Isn't the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon here with you? How can I practice without pets? Say how have you cultivated my dragon pet, I feel the golden scales on it More and more, wouldnt you give it any hormones?"

Su Ping rolled his eyes angrily. "I think you are taking hormones in your brain."

"You only take hormones in your brain."

"You eat hormones."

"You eat it."

"you eat!"


"Okay, here you are." Tang Ruyan next to him said with a cold face, some could not see the childish siblings.

Jiang Xingyu was sandwiched in the middle, and his expression was also a smirk.

Su Ping hummed, turned around and left to go and receive the guests.

Su Lingyue picked up the juice on the table, drank it, and said angrily: "Let's go to the Star Rain, I'm going back to practice, we are not in this guy's shop."

Jiang Xingyu smiled bitterly and had to accompany her to leave quite reluctantly. Before leaving, he even looked at Su Ping.

After Su Ping entertained the customers and collected the money, Tang Ruyan came over and sneered and said with a sneer: "The girl with your sister seems to have a little meaning to you?"

"What do you mean?" Su Ping asked.

"It's up to you." Tang Ruyan sneered.

Su Ping said: "Isn't this normal, I'm so handsome, I have to go see more beautiful women."

Tang Ru's mouth twitched slightly.

Ok... shameless!

Su Ping looked at Tang Ruyan with a little curiosity and said, "I haven't had time to ask you, are you really the young master of the Tang family? Why hasn't anyone come to pick me up for so many days?"

"You are listed, your whole family is listed!" Tang Ruyan suddenly irritable.

Su Ping tapped her forehead lightly with her finger. Tang Ruyan immediately fell down honestly, but still stared at Su Ping with glaring eyes.

Su Ping had read her expression for a long time, and said lightly: "It seems that your Tang family is nothing more than that. Young Master has lost it for so long. I have been here for the public, but I haven't found it yet, which is too disappointing. Now."

Tang Ruyan gritted his teeth and said, "Who knows your base city, what a broken place in the backcountry!"

"Huh." Su Ping shook his head with emotion, and turned away.

Tang Ru stomped on the smoke. When she first came to stay in the Suping shop, she felt that she would be found by the Tang family immediately, but one day passed, two days passed... Until the week passed, she still didn't see the Tang family coming.

She really doubted whether she was wearing a veil before, covering it up so well, and making it too mysterious. There are so many customers she has seen these days that even none of them recognize her, which is incredible.

All this can only be attributed to the fact that the place where Su Ping is staying is too small, and all are ants!

A group of ants, do you know the true phoenix? !


Three days passed in a hurry.

Among all the people's concerns and lively controversy, the global elite league and the trial of each base city have finally officially opened!

This base city's selection contest is also divided into several stages, the first is the preliminary contest!

In different regions of the base city, divided into regions, there are set up preliminary selection field, a total of twelve selection fields!

Among them, there are a total of ten sorting fields in each district of Shangcheng District, while there are two in the slums!

In fact, the land area of the slums is not less than that of the upper city, but it is larger, but because of the barren resources and the scarcity of talents, it is only divided into two venues, which causes many people in other areas of the slums to have to hurry up overnight To the area where the stadium is set up.

One venue was set up in the richest crescent area in the slum area, and one was the gun-free zone where the slum government was located.

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