Astral Pet Store Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Waiting Area First

Taking off... flying?

Seeing the two figures suddenly soaring from the crowd, the crowd around the avoidance was shocked.

The two couples who were shouting and repelling before were also swollen with eyes swollen and shocked in their faces. Unexpectedly, the two young backs in front of them had a title-level strongman...

And they even let people stay out of the way?

The couple's faces were pale and their bodies shivered. If the title-level powerhouse had a violent temper and slapped them to death, they would have no way to avenge their grievances. In the base city, the title-level powerhouses have a lot of power to kill.

When the two of them flew away, the talents around recovered, and looked at each other. Unexpectedly, there was a title level in such a sorting field. This competition in the league is too fierce, right? !


Su Ping led Su Lingyue all the way through the crowd, flying past.

Fortunately, Su Lingyue usually likes to wear jeans, and it's the same today, otherwise I'm just afraid to run out all the way.

Countless people along the way noticed the two passing by in the air, and they were all shocked. After all, the title level exists, but it is rare to see. It is as rare as an airplane when it often appears in the air at the base.

In this era, although technology has developed, but aircraft are extremely rare, most of them are fighters. After all, there are many flying beasts in the wild, and ordinary aircraft are easily sunk.

The transportation tool for other base cities is either the pioneers driving by themselves or taking the underground rail.

Outside the underground rail tunnel, there are equipment for detecting rock monsters, as well as special sound waves, which can shock the monsters and be relatively safe.

Looking at the densely packed luxury cars and heads under her feet, she felt the wind whizzing in her ears. Su Lingyue was a little shocked. For the first time in her life, she enjoyed the privilege of the title level. This is the welfare brought by power.

In her heart, she suddenly breeds unlimited yearning.

All of a sudden, Su Ping and Su Lingyue flew to the front of the crowd and landed slowly outside the stadium. The crowd was crowded, waiting in line to enter the venue and registering one by one.

Su Ping found a flower bed and dropped it. The figure descending from the sky suddenly caught the attention of the people around him and caused an exclamation.

The person in charge of registering at the door also noticed that one of them suddenly froze and immediately beckoned: "Mr. Su!"

Su Ping followed his prestige, and for a moment, one of the staff, he even recognized that it was Cheng Shuanglin in Fengshan College, and Su Lingyue's class director.

Why is she here?

Su Ping took Su Lingyue to fly immediately.

"Director Cheng?" Su Ping looked at her in surprise, "What are you?"

"Isn't this hosting a league? There is a shortage of people in the municipal party committee to maintain order. I was naturalized in the municipal party committee in my early years, so the school sent me over here." Cheng Shuanglin looked at Su Ping and Su Lingyue, knowing that they were brothers and sisters, smiling Said.

She had some holidays before this for Su Ping, but later she only saw admiration for Su Ping's performance when playing at Jianlan College.

After learning that Su Lingyue was Su Ping's sister, she also took care of Su Lingyue more.

Su Ping suddenly.

It seems that Cheng Shuanglin is half a civil servant. This is probably the route that other instructors will choose. It avoids the struggle in the deserted areas. When you are old, you can have a stable pension, which is quite comfortable.

"You are here to participate, come, go from here, as you are qualified to enter through this passage." Cheng Shuanglin gave Su Ping a guide to the passage next to it. There were no people queuing outside this passage, but there were also guards .

Su Ping is curious, "This is?"

"This is a VIP channel. It is specially prepared for the hot players with larger backgrounds. If the accompanying person has a high-level pet master, they can also enter through this channel, saving time." Cheng Shuanglin said with a smile.

Su Ping came to understand that it seems that anywhere, at any time, has the privilege of the strong.

"Are you two ready to compete?" Cheng Shuanglin couldn't help but talk. She looked at Su Ping with her eyes. She was too curious about this. She had witnessed Su Ping's combat power with her own eyes. If she competed, she must win the championship. Very popular!

Su Ping shook his head, "I sent this guy, I won't participate."

Su Lingyue next to him suddenly squinted him, what is this guy? Does anyone have a name? Even if there is no name, there is no identity, I am your sister!

Cheng Shuanglin froze, "Are you not participating?"

When Su Ping nodded, her eyes suddenly showed disappointment. If Su Ping won the championship, Fengshan College will also be famous. This is her alma mater and now where she is serving. She quite hopes that she can let The college was so immersed in Su Ping's light that it could be squeezed into the higher rankings of famous schools.

"Teacher Cheng, let's go." Su Lingyue said in a clever way, saying goodbye to Cheng Shuanglin, it was also a relief for Su Ping. She had persuaded Su Ping on this issue repeatedly, and she also knew Su Ping's attitude. No more persuasion.

Cheng Shuanglin came back, smiled a little embarrassedly and politely, and said, "Well, then I will register you first."


Su Lingyue nodded cleverly.

Su Ping gave her a squint. Why didn't this guy learn to behave like this in front of himself?

Even if it was pretended, it made him look pleasing and relieved.

Soon after the registration was completed, Cheng Shuanglin sent Su Ping and Su Lingyue into the side passage. Without taking a few steps, they said goodbye to them and went back to continue the reception work.

Su Ping and Su Lingyue walked along the passage all the way. It didn't take long for them to come to the white light area in front. I saw that outside the passage was the infield of the venue, like an auditorium.

But the pavilion divided the auditorium into eight areas with eight passages.

This passage where Su Ping is located, says the exit of the A1 passage.

Looking around at the waiting area, Su Ping found that the number of people in other areas was extremely large, and in the A1 area where he was, and another A2 level opposite, the number of people sitting was the least, which was relatively sparse.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. He didn't expect the league to start. From the registration, he has divided the players into three, six, and nine.

However, the current division is based only on background.

If someone temporarily invites a high-level war pets to accompany themselves to register for the competition, they can also enter the A-level area, but most ordinary people will not spend this innocent money. Rely on hard skills.

"Come on, just sit somewhere."

Su Ping said that at the same time, he glanced at the suspended drones in the sky above the stadium. These drones were shot below, and there were various media logos, which are estimated to be live broadcast.

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