Astral Pet Store Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Jianlan Academy

"Teacher Su?"

After Su Ping picked a seat with a vision to open up, it didn't take long before a sudden soft voice came from behind.

Su Ping and Su Lingyue turned their heads to look at the same time. Su Lingyue was a little surprised. She didn't expect to meet someone who knew Su Ping here. The reputation of this guy seemed to be higher than she expected.

Su Ping turned his head and immediately recognized the person who was Fei Yanbo, a senior tutor at Jianlan College, who had dealt with him before.

Su Ping still had some impressions of his abyss demon snake, I don't know if it has become impoverished now.

"It's really you..."

Fei Yanbo saw Su Ping's face, his eyes were a little complicated, but he did not expect to meet Su Ping again here.

He was easily defeated by Su Ping during the exchange battle at the academy. He saw the title-level combat capability of this young man. At such an age, such combat capability is the only one in his life, and it left an indelible impression on him. .

"Mr. Su, don't come unharmed." Fei Yanbo smiled bitterly.

Behind him, stood a few young figures, each with a strong breath, exuding a strong spirit, but when these people saw Su Ping, their faces changed a little, and the breath on their bodies also converged a lot, and they were a bit afraid.

Su Ping's eyes turned around him, and all he saw were familiar faces.

Luo Fengtian who made some impressions on him, the arrogant young man who provokes him at first, and a few others. In addition, there was an extra girl who had not seen him last time. Looking at the ponytail, he looks brisk and very capable.

"Are they the people from your college this time?" Su Ping asked casually.

Luo Fengtian et al.'s face changed slightly, and he bowed his head to Su Ping and called "Mr. Su", which was considered a teacher-student ceremony.

Although Su Ping's age was younger than them, Su Ping's strength made them obliged to serve. The scenes of the previous exchange battle at the academy seemed to them like what happened yesterday.

When the ponytail girl saw Luo Fengtian standing upright, she suddenly became humble and couldn't help but wonder. She looked suspiciously at Su Ping who was sitting in front of her. Is Mr. Luo called a teacher?

"Well." Fei Yanbo nodded and glanced at Su Ping. "Are you also here to participate?"

When he asked this question, Luo Fengtian and others all changed their faces slightly. If Su Ping also wants to participate, once they meet, they can only surrender and admit defeat. The gap is too big.

Su Ping shook his head, "I don't participate, I just send my sister to play."

"Your sister?"

A few people's eyes only noticed Su Lingyue next to him. Instead, the value of Su Lingyue has long been attracting attention, but sitting beside Su Ping, they completely ignored it.

Fei Yanbo glanced at Su Lingyue and was a little surprised. At first glance, he saw that the girl's breath was only about 4th order, and he seemed to have a little impression. At first, the girl had fought on the stage but was defeated by their trainees. .

Unexpectedly, this girl was actually Su Ping's sister.

These two brothers and sisters, it seems that the age difference is not big, how is the strength...

He didn't read more, nodded to Su Ping, and said: "Since Tutor Su doesn't participate, let's watch it together here."


Su Ping did not refuse.

There was a seat next to it, and Fei Yanbo sat down next to it.

Luo Fengtian and others intentionally wanted to stay away from Su Ping, but when they saw that the teacher was already seated, they could only find a place in the next place to sit down.

Su Lingyue glanced at Fei Yanbo, and she was a little sullen in her heart. She was very accurate. The teacher's previous eyes clearly showed that she was slandering her in the heart!


As a teacher, how can you be purple!

"Mr. Su, do you know the exam questions for this preliminary round?" After taking the seat, Fei Yanbo smiled at Su Ping.

Although they were fighting last time, they were opponents, but after all, they did not forge too much hatred, and he was not interested. At a young age like Su Ping, it was a title-level existence, forming a family of enemies, unless the brain was kicked by a donkey.

Su Ping shook his head, "Not very clear."

He really didn't pay much attention. Anyway, he tried his best to break through all the methods. No matter how fancy the exam questions were, he could just finish it.

Fei Yanbo smiled and said: "I heard that the preliminary examination questions will directly wipe out a group of contestants below the fifth level, which is quite difficult."


Seeing that Su Ping was indifferent, Fei Yanbo glanced at the girl next to him, so it was hard to go on.

It didn't take long for more and more people in this A1 area, but most of the people who came in were contestants. From the age, it can be seen at a glance that escorts like Fei Yanbo, who are obviously beyond the age, are rare.

Under Fei Yanbo's initiative, Su Ping learned that ordinary people want to enter this infield, it is not easy, unless they are masters of war pets, or have a larger background, they can accompany the entry.

Otherwise, you can only wait outside dryly, or go home and watch the live broadcast.

Su Ping wanted to come, Cheng Shuanglin estimated that he regarded himself as a gangster, so let him enter directly, but did not think that there are these bends in what he thinks should be such, no wonder he did not see anything else Parents enter.

"Sure enough, the strong people can't see the unspoken rules, only the weak people know how heavy the "smog" above the head really is..." Su Ping secretly said.

As the time gradually passed to noon, the sun was shining, and the figure of several pet masters also appeared on the field below the stadium. The enchantment device was activated at the edge of the field. A clear blue, almost transparent enchantment lifted into the sky. The huge stadium is completely covered.

The area of the stadium is huge, ten times larger than the length of football. The area of the entire stadium is very huge. For ordinary people to come in, looking at the audience seat on the opposite side is like a tens of thousands of meters away, only to see a blur Human heads, even the huge fonts of sponsors on the ground and the slogans of advertisements, cannot be seen clearly.

"It's about to start."

Fei Yanbo's eyes brightened slightly.

Luo Fengtian and others sitting beside him were also refreshed.

I saw a low-flying yacht, and suddenly flew in from outside the stadium. The yacht was a huge hot air balloon-like device. Inside were several hosts, holding microphones:

"Everyone, the 52nd Global Elite League, the Longjiang base city trial, the Crescent Division, the preliminary contest, officially opened!!"

Under a long list of titles, the final opening of the word was extremely high, which also made the audience cheer.

Afterwards, the atmosphere of the audience was mobilized and became fierce under the excitement of the host's impassioned and frustrating explanation.

Soon, the rules of the preliminary round were announced.

In the first round of knockout, a thousand participants will be randomly selected to enter the arena.

Three hundred Phantom Butterflies will be placed in the arena, all in adulthood, with a fifth-order median!

One hundred Phantom Butterflies will carry a very small entry card. Those who defeat the Phantom Butterflies and get the entry card will pass the first round of the knockout and enter the final formal selection!

This first hurdle is a selection of big waves and sands, and the starting point is set to five levels!

For most of the ordinary students who come to join in the livelihood, this is an unattainable combat power and can only be prohibitive.

Moreover, the Phantom Butterfly Bee not only has a fast speed, but also has a paralyzing poison needle. One is not good. If it is attacked, it will directly lose its combat ability!

As soon as this rule came out, there was a lot of sorrow in the field.

Countless participants are already desperate.

This is not even a chance to stand alone!

"Three hundred fifth-order monsters, one thousand contestants, one hundred places, this is to choose one thousand miles..." Su Lingyue heard a little amazement, and some worry appeared on her face, although Su Ping gave After her silver frost star moon dragon, but she only has four ranks after all, one must be carried out if one is not good.

Next to Fei Yanbo, when he heard Su Lingyue's words, he smiled slightly and said, "This is not a one-of-a-kind choice. Once the phantom butterfly bees swarm inside, the lethality, a thousand contestants may not all be spared, maybe one Nothing was passed. After all, the beasts can come together in groups, but the competitors compete with each other, which is equal to 1V1300!"


Listening to him, Su Lingyue became more nervous.


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