Astral Pet Store Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Killing Training

"Are you sure?"

Seeing that Su Ping picked the first-level sequence in this top nurturing plane, the system asked a sentence.

"Of course." Su Ping grinned.

"it is good."

As soon as the system agreed, Su Ping felt that his line of sight suddenly rotated and fell into a vortex of darkness, a feeling of separation of soul and body.

When consciousness is restored again, the familiar system prompt sounds.

"The host is connected to the'Chaotic Necromancer'."

"Five-day connection time..."

"This connection, the host gets unlimited deaths."

"Please explore on your own..."

Su Ping recovered, looked around, and saw a blushing color in his eyes.

Three huge scarlet moons hang in the sky, shining the dim sky bright red. From here, you can see the surface of the scarlet moon faintly, and there seems to be a black shadow passing by, like tiny flying insects.

However, considering the distance between the two, one can imagine how terrifying the real volume of these tiny black shadows look like flying insects!


Frightened thoughts and wail came, Su Ping looked down, Leiguang mouse shrunk at his feet, trembling, looking around nervously.

Su Ping also turned his head to look at the surrounding environment, and his heart suddenly choked.

What a scene of purgatory!

Twisted strange trees, like human limbs, gray and dry grass, but twisted wantonly, seems to contain strong vitality!

He was standing on the edge of a desolate and dead wood. It seemed to have been raining. In the puddles in front of him, maggot-like monsters were swimming, and there were a lot of skeletal bones scattered in the grass beside the road.

Looking around, this is a world where people can't see any vitality.

The crimson sky and the dim world are full of death and despair.

When Su Ping was embarrassed, suddenly, the small skull and the lightning mouse sent him the awareness of vigilance at the same time, but compared with the small skull, the lightning mouse's consciousness was a little more fearful.

When Su Ping looked forward, he saw two slender figures wandering over the sparse wood.

When you get close, you can see that these are two nearly three-meter-high skeletons. Their bodies are rickets, and their walking posture is also very laborious, almost twisting.

Su Ping's heartbeat speeded up a few beats, but thinking of his infinite death, the courage suddenly became bigger, and immediately issued instructions to the two little guys to attack.

Click and click.

After receiving the order, the small skull rushed forward without thinking, seemingly unaware of death.

The Lightning Mouse came to resist the idea, still crunching at Su Ping's feet. Although it knew that this human being was abhorrent, in this strange and terrifying environment, this human being was the only one it felt could rely on.

"So timid?"

Su Ping was stunned, but thought that he would not be afraid if he knew that he would not die, but this little thing did not know that it would be normal to be afraid.

This is a bit of a headache.

Soon, Su Ping thought of the war pet master skill book he had previously received, and he immediately patted his hands. How did he forget this thing?

As soon as he thought about it, the skill book in the storage space suddenly fell into his hands.

Killing intention!

Two sharp words on the cover of the skill book.

Su Ping didn't want to think about it, and immediately turned to study.

When he opened the skill book, the skill book instantly turned into a little golden light and floated into his body. The next moment, Su Ping felt that a lot of information poured into his consciousness. After he sorted it out, he found that he had mastered it. This skill.

"Killing intention!"

Su Ping immediately released the Lightning Mouse.

There seemed to be something thin flowing into the Lightning Mouse along the bond of the contract.

At the next moment, the trembling thunder mouse suddenly turned red, full of bloodthirsty and violent, showing sharp teeth, and rushed towards the two human-shaped skulls in front.

When the Lightning Mouse rushed out, Su Ping felt a little tired of consciousness, and seemed to suddenly consume a lot of energy.

At this time, the Lightning Mouse had crossed the small skull and rushed to the two human-shaped skulls at the fastest speed. The most powerful attack was the thunder!

The tyrannical thunderbolt converged on top of it, instantly compressed into a thunder sword, and suddenly cut into one of the humanoid skeletons.

The two human-shaped skeletons were twisting slowly. At the moment when the lightning mouse jumped and attacked, they seemed to react. Two red lights suddenly appeared in the huge hollow eye socket. The body suddenly flicked at the next moment, and the sickle-like arm hit hard. Hit the thunder blade above the thunder mouse.

With a bang, the Lightning Mouse's body was rebounded and flew out.

The burning skeleton smoked from the skeleton arm of the human skull, but the injury was lighter, and it seemed to feel the pain. It made a howl and rushed towards the Lightning Mouse.


The running speed of the humanoid skeleton is extremely amazing, and it is very different from the previous slow twisting. It immediately caught up with the thunder mouse, and also smashed the small skull that rushed in front of it.


The sound of bone cracking is extremely crisp.

Su Ping's mind connection with the small skull suddenly disappeared and was disconnected.

"Do you want to revive the beast in situ?"


Su Ping said immediately.

The fighting strength of the small skull is too weak, and it is only a first-class level. The regeneration of the broken limb can only make it connect the intact skeleton, but if it is crushed, it cannot be recovered.

After Su Ping answered, the small skeleton quickly reorganized on the spot and was resurrected, but it was crushed by the second human-shaped skeleton immediately after the resurrection.


Su Ping again chose to resurrect in place.

The little skeleton also stood up again. After looking left and right, he saw the whereabouts of the two human-shaped skeletons and immediately chased after him stumbled.

At the same time, at the moment when the first humanoid skull approached, the whole body's cold hair suddenly erected, displaying a thunderbolt coat, and the crackling electric light surrounded its body, and at the same time, a thunderbolt rat suddenly emerged from its body. , Leaping towards the other side of the human skeleton.

Afterimage of Lei Ying!

The humanoid skeleton didn't seem to react, and still waved its arms towards the first Lightning Rat.


The body of the first Lightning Mouse was shattered, turned into a thunderbolt, and exploded on the arm of the humanoid skeleton, causing no small damage. The lightning power also dispelled the dark turbidity surrounding the humanoid skeleton.

In the moment when the afterimage was broken, the body of the Lightning Mouse jumped out suddenly, and Thunder cut to the neck of the human skull!


The humanoid skull responds faster!

At the moment of the attack, its body suddenly twisted at an explosive speed, and the other arm waved towards the Lightning Mouse.

Thunder flash!

In the moment of being hit, the Lightning Mouse suddenly disappeared, jumping over the arm of the humanoid skeleton, and Thunder broke his face severely.


The skull of the humanoid skull was knocked, and the neck and neck were almost broken, and it was about to fall.

But before the Lightning Mouse made a second attack, another human-shaped skull rushed over, followed by the dry and sharp claws, tearing its body into pieces!

The blood sprayed, and the body of the Lightning Rat also fell to the ground.

All this happened between electro-optical flint, extremely fierce.

Su Ping saw his heart pounding in the distance. When he saw the Lightning Rat killed, he quickly chose to resurrect.

I saw the body that fell to the ground in less than a second.

The Lightning Mouse, who had just been resurrected, realized the dangerous instinct and let it bounce away instantly, pulling away from the human skeleton.

After seeing clearly the things around him, the thunder mouse rattled with cold hair, and turned and ran.

Su Ping's face turned black, and he quickly launched another'killing intention'.

The Lightning Mouse, who had just turned around and ran halfway, stopped immediately, turned around with a grin, and rushed towards the humanoid skeleton again.

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