Astral Pet Store Chapter 290

Chapter 290: Play Second More

With the preliminary selection of the first batch of contestants, the following staff and medical team quickly came to power to clean up the messy field.

Some of the more seriously injured were all carried out on stretchers for medical treatment.

Carrying the stretcher is the treatment pet commonly used in the top three hospitals.

Duque grass is a plant beast of the third-order lineage. Its fighting ability is average, but it has more useful healing skills, such as paralysis, hemostasis, and primary healing. Because of his docile temperament, he was removed from the Confederate Battle Pets Illustrated Book and listed as a pet of life.

The so-called life beasts are those beasts that can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys. They do not have the combat ability, but have ornamental or other functions. Some beasts can pave the way for others, some can heal, there are Can be used as a navigation to guide the route for the blind.

With a stupid, stupid flower running back and forth, all the wounded soldiers in the field were moved away immediately, and those who received the selection certificate, under the identification of the field staff, entered their names into the promotion Among the places.

The names of these people, as well as the avatars they entered in the instrument, appear on the big screen at the edge of the arena and are scrolled.

Su Ping watched it carefully for a while. In the first batch of 1,000 players, only more than 30 people were qualified, and the elimination rate was one-thirtieth.

"Those dead Phantom Butterflies have been dragged on like this?" Su Lingyue's eyes fell on the bodies of Phantom Butterflies killed by the contestants in the field.

Fei Yanbo next to him smiled lightly and said, "Don't worry, although these phantom butterflies have lost some, they will soon be filled again. The breeding ability of this kind of beast is very fast. All the sub-fields should be prepared this time. Is sufficient."

Su Lingyue glanced at him, then turned his head to look at the bodies of Phantom Butterfly Bees that were treated as garbage, and said nothing more.

Su Ping gazed at the bodies of the phantom butterflies and bees that had been dragged away by the truck, and withdrawn his gaze, his indifferent eyebrows wrinkled slightly.


Soon, the second batch of contestants came out.

"It's my turn."

"And I."

Luo Fengtian and another young man stood up next to Fei Yanbo, Luo Fengtian's face was indifferent, and there was a touch of floating temperament on his body. Compared with the last time he was with Su Ping, his momentum was more restrained and his eyes were also Become sharper.

For this preliminary game, he didn't even care about it, let alone the eyes. With his strength, he came to the stage, and he only cares about the next game.

Fei Yanbo glanced at the two of them, and nodded. "Don't care, if you can, pick up a few more selection cards, reduce a few **** opponents, and save time for the next match."


Luo Fengtian nodded.

Another young man nodded with a smile, very relaxed.

Su Ping watched them enter the following arena, and when the assembly time came, the enchantment opened and everyone walked in.

Those who were notified of their names but did not go to the stadium automatically decided to abstain. After all, if they did not enter the enchantment, they would not be able to win the selection card, and naturally they would not be able to enter the next game.

In the sky, a group of phantom butterfly bees that had been damaged previously also flew from a distance. As Fei Yanbo said, the quantity had already been filled.

It was still the same offensive as the previous round. At the beginning, hundreds of contestants were defeated.

Su Ping looked at it twice, and then closed his eyes to keep up, no interest in this boring battle.

Su Lingyue next to him opened his eyes wide and paid close attention to the situation on the field, especially looking at Luo Fengtian and the young man. After all, the two had come to the college to kick the hall, she Having seen their combat power is also considered an "acquaintance."

After a quarter of an hour, the battle was over.

There were hundreds of people standing on the field, among them Luo Fengtian and the young man.

The young man gasped for breath, standing next to a giant giant six-tier gray bear, killing a lot, and smashing a lot of phantom butterflies.

And Luo Fengtian, white clothes floating, no blood stained on his body, with a long sword in his hand, he beheaded several phantom butterfly bees, squatting a small stone lion at his feet, this is only a beast of fifth-order blood, And it has not yet grown to the peak of the fifth order.

However, with the cooperation and cover of the little stone lion, Luo Fengtian was at ease in the bee colony, and completely regarded this preliminary game as his warm-up field.

After the assessment was over, their identities were entered into the staff's instruments and displayed on the big screen, both of them returned to the waiting seats.

"Teacher, I won six selections." The young man who controlled the giant bear laughed.

Fei Yanbo smiled slightly and looked at Luo Fengtian.

Luo Fengtian's face was indifferent and he was seated at will, saying: "Thirteen."

"I rely on it, it's more than double my size." The giant bear youth exclaimed, and then smiled bitterly: "Brother Luo is more powerful after returning from the secret realm this time."

Luo Fengtian glanced at him, and his eyes seemed to despise him for using vulgar words like "nitty" in his body.

Fei Yanbo smiled softly, but also somewhat amused, but when he looked at Su Ping's face with closed eyes and a close mind, the smile on his face could not help but converge. No matter how powerful, in front of this guy, it was difficult Compare it.

This was followed by the third round of list selection.

This time Fei Yanbo had another student drawn, which was undoubtedly easy to pass.

Among the trainees brought by Fei Yanbo, the lowest combat strength is Tier 5, which is the third-grader. The pet teachers in their hands are Tier 6 and even Tier 7, and it is easy to pass this preliminary contest.



At the end of the fifth round, the girl with a pony tail, who looked heroic and cool, but looked indifferent, also returned to Fei Yanbo to sit down and spoke a figure lightly.

Hearing this young girl's words, Fei Yanbo froze for a moment, then smiled softly, "Not bad."

The other students had normal expressions on their faces, but just laughed and praised a few words.

Luo Fengtian glanced at the young girl without saying much. His eyes glanced over a few people. He glanced at Fei Yanbo's right hand side. He saw that the man was still closing his eyes and raising his mind. His eyes flickered slightly, and his eyes returned. Leaning on the chair, he closed his eyes and rested.

The girl glanced at Luo Fengtian and saw that he seemed indifferent to his achievements and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Soon, the sixth round of drawing begins below.

It didn't take long for the host to suddenly read Su Lingyue's name. On the big screen below, her name and registered number also appeared. Double confirmation, even if it was the same name and same surname, it was impossible to make mistakes.

Last night I didn't have a good rest. Su Ping, who was recuperating, opened his eyes when he heard Su Lingyue's name appear.

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