Astral Pet Store Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Sneak Attack

"It's my turn."

Su Lingyue stood up quickly, a little nervous.

"It's enough to get a selection card, to leave some opportunities for others." Su Ping said.

Su Lingyu smiled bitterly, and looked at Su Ping's appearance, which seemed to be more than her own confidence in her.

"I know."

"Just use your Phantom Flame Beast first. If you don't need it, you don't need to move it." Su Ping said.

Su Lingyue nodded, she knew to hide.

Fei Yanbo next to him heard Su Ping's instructions and couldn't help but glance at the young girl. Looking at Su Ping's appearance, he seemed to have great confidence in the young girl's qualification to be selected. That's it.

Even if there is a strong pet, which crosses two tiers and is a tier 6 war pet, it may not be able to pass 100%. After all, this is a large group of phantom butterflies and bees, and there are other participants. .

Luo Fengtian, who closed his eyes and nourished his eyes, also opened his eyes and looked at the sister of Su Ping.

It is said that the tiger father has no dogs, there is such a brother, this sister, do not know how to behave.

The ponytail girl sitting beside him saw Luo Fengtian caring about the woman, raised her eyebrows slightly, and there was a flash of anger in her eyes, but her expression was still cold, but the cold frost on her face was thicker. Minute.

"Come on!"

Fei Yanbo laughed.

Several other students beside him looked at Su Ping's face, and they all expressed their encouragement.

Su Lingyue took a deep breath, thanked them, and went down the aisle to the stadium.

Su Ping's eyes drifted over her, looking at other places on the field, wanting to see if any other family members appeared, this was the only situation he cared about, otherwise he would have gone back to the store and fell asleep.

Soon, Su Lingyue arrived, and some people in other waiting areas ran down one after another. When the assembly time was up, everyone entered the field together.

Looking around, Su Lingyue found that she was standing in the stadium, and she realized more deeply how huge this pavilion was. She standing here was like a grain of sand, unremarkable.

With the successive summons of others around him, Su Lingyue also quickly opened up the summoning space and released the Phantom Flame Beast from the inside.

As soon as the Phantom Flame Beast jumped out, he was frightened by the huge battle around him. Some of them were frowning, crawling on Su Lingyue's shoulder, and looked around with vigilance.

Su Lingyue found a loose location for the crowd and was alert to other contestants around.


"That's Su Lingyue?"

"Hum, it's her, it's exactly the same as the information, but that's it."

"Look at that childish look, it looks like a baby, let's go, and wait for the bee colony to get rid of her later."

Among the contestants, three young people with more outstanding temperaments gathered together. Their eyes searched the crowd. They had found the figure of Su Lingyue, and immediately quietly approached the past from the crowd immediately.

"Wait for killing her, how can the broken shop fight with us and return to the family, Uncle Liu Yuan will thank us, the patriarch can show his face there, we can be regarded as a great contribution to the family."

"The people in this slum area are rubbish. Looking at the surroundings, they are all weak chickens. Choosing to come here to participate in the competition is really the right choice."

"Be quiet, don't let her find out."

The three of them marched, surrounded by beasts, and slowly approached the **** the edge of the enclave in the crowd.

Other people around me saw that the three seemed to be a group, all of them swearing and hiding far away. In this preliminary game, if they can draw with their acquaintances, they can cooperate with each other. The probability of obtaining the entry certificate will be greatly increased.

However, the pick list is random, and it is all luck to meet friends.

These three, apparently, had been **** for eight years.

People around think so.

Soon, the test began.


The phantom butterfly bee hovering above the enchantment suddenly screamed and swooped down. Numerous poisonous tail spurs were thrown out, like countless arrows passing by, and black spots like rain, sweeping towards the many participants below.

Many contestants immediately propped up their star shields or used their beasts to display their defense skills.

"Quickly use magic flame!" Su Lingyue immediately commanded the magic flame beast, and at the same time he also propped up a star shield to cover himself to prevent being attacked by others.

Phantom Flame's dark and fat body jumped from her shoulder and swelled in midair. Behind the body of the black cat, there were two very small and short wings. It only showed up as the body expanded. Flapping fan.

Its belly swelled up, suddenly inhaled, spitting out against countless poison needles.

A blaze of black flames swept through. This is the flame of the magic flame, the devil's beast, which is more lethal than the ordinary ordinary flame and the elemental flame.

The poison needle that swept across was instantly burned by the flame, the venom on it was evaporated, and the tip of the poison thorn was burned and dried, shot on the hair of the Phantom Beast, and fell all the way, without hurting it.

Su Lingyue looked relieved.

She let the Phantom Beast stand in front of her, waiting for the Phantom Butterfly to approach, and then captured it.

The speed of this phantom butterfly was too fast, and she could not tell whether the phantom butterfly was carrying the entry card, and she could only find a few more.


Waiting area.

"Your sister is pretty good. You can easily control this fifth-order demon pet." Fei Yanbo's eyes are very poisonous, and he can see the realm of the Phantom Flame at a glance. When he sees Su Lingyue easily resists the Phantom Butterfly After the first wave of fierce offensive, he turned and smiled at Su Ping.

Su Ping smiled slightly, undecided.

Although this black charcoal is a fiendish devil's favorite, it was nurtured by this guy from an early age, and cultivated deep feelings. Even at the sixth level, it can be easily controlled.

At this time, in the field, the phantom butterfly bee rushed into the crowd and fluttered with wind and blades, wounding many participants.

Su Lingyue's eyes locked on several Phantom Butterfly bees, waiting for them to come close, and when she was about to let the Phantom Flame Beast shot, she suddenly felt a chill hit behind her, and she couldn't help but change her face.


The star shield on her body shattered instantly.

Later, when she turned her head, she saw a greasy beast clawed at a very fast speed. She couldn't respond at all. With a bang, her body was hit on the spot, and she slapped it out and hit the knot. On the world.

This sudden shot froze the phantom flame beast ready to attack Phantom Butterfly, but when Su Lingyue was shot and flew out, its black and white eyes suddenly rose red and became bright red like blood!


Its body swelled several times again, revealing its real body, burning a fierce magic flame all over its body, and sending out a strong evil spirit, so that the seven or eight phantom butterfly bees that were about to pounce around were shocked.


The three young men standing behind the fierce beast that attacked Su Lingyue saw the terrifying murderousness revealed by this fantasy flame beast, they were all stunned for a moment. Unexpectedly, this fantasy flame beast of only the fifth-order realm actually had Such momentum.

"The champion is also guaranteed, but that's how it was solved." A young man in the middle said with a cold face.

The two beside them nodded, and they also summoned their own beasts and launched an attack on the Phantom Flame Beast.

Soon, they saw the Phantasy Beast standing blankly, being killed by their beast instantly, and their bodies torn apart.

"Why, it looks so fierce, so weak..." The young man in the middle couldn't help but sneer, but half of the laugh, the smile suddenly frozen on his face, he suddenly sweated like a rain, thinking of the necessary skills of the Phantom Flame Beast, nightmare!


Pain violently, suddenly appeared from his chest, clear and profound, and the pain reached the depths of the soul!

The phantom flame beast that was torn in front of his eyes didn't know when to appear in front of him, close at hand, those red **** eyes made his cold hair stand up, and his heart was split!

What a terrible killing intention this is!


The young man's shoulders were spattered with blood, and his arms were torn.

Beside him, the bodies of the other two young men flew out at almost the same time. The body of the Phantom Flame beastly attacked the three people and their beasts at a speed far beyond the fifth order.

No effort to fight back!

There is no room for parry!

Waiting area.

Fei Yanbo and others saw this scene and were a bit stunned.

They didn't expect that Su Lingyue would be attacked by anyone, nor did they expect that the Fairy Flame Beast, which was quite satisfactory in the past, was so terrible. This is the beast of the fifth-order realm, which is simply the sixth-order peak!

Su Ping's eyes fell on the three people who attacked Su Lingyue. There was a slight coldness in his eyes. There were obviously other better bullying options near Su Lingyue, but these three people aimed at Su Lingyue. Ling Yue, and the extremely fierce shot, the kind of life-threatening, is by no means a simple competition.

The killing intention in his heart was spreading, wanting to see which family these three belonged to.

As for Su Lingyue who was blown out, Su Ping glanced, and she knew that she was not a big deal. After all, she still had the original water treasure armor she had, and elements and physical attacks below the eighth order could resist.

And these three people, Su Ping can see at a glance that they are all in the fifth-order state, and their beast is the sixth-order. If this is a person in several big families, it must be a marginal child.

At this moment, the furious beast of flames beat all the beasts of these three youths to death, and some of their limbs were broken, and they were already crippled, and they could be cured only after spending a lot of money.

Su Ping didn't worry about the combat power of this Phantom Flame Beast, after all, he had cultivated it in his shop.

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