Astral Pet Store Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Dead

Coming down the passage to the stadium, Su Ping closed his eyes slightly. The star power in the body slowly flowed into the prism star core in the pocket inside his clothes. Through the increase of the prism star core, the originally gentle and small star power suddenly became Several times thick, exudes a breath of breath.

This breath emanated from Su Ping's body, and his hair fluttered gently without the wind.

Su Lingyue, who was following him, felt a mountain-like coercion, stepped, and looked up in amazement. Su Ping, who was in her sight, became infinitely tall, like a giant giant, a kind of An unmatched look up.

What a terrible momentum!

In her heart, her pupils contracted slightly.

Su Ping's perception ability, as the star power drifted out, covered the surrounding venues.

Through the increase of the prism star core, his sixth-order median star power has suddenly increased to an intensity close to the ninth order, which can cover the entire venue!

However, Su Ping has not been arrogant enough to directly cover the entire venue. After all, there are obviously big people in this pavilion who sit in the guards and feel the past, easily invading the majesty of others.

His field of perception slowly spread, and soon, he found those two familiar breaths.

Not far away.


Su Ping opened his eyes and walked up the stairs in the passage.

Su Lingyue didn't know what Su Ping was doing, but just followed him honestly and didn't dare to say anything.

In the rear, Fei Yanbo, who was about to follow him, stepped slightly, and he felt the breath of Su Ping ahead, rising sharply just now, and actually surpassed him!

This boy... really a title!

He secretly panicked, feeling more and more that he was unjustly defeated. This boy was a monster.

Through the way of breath escape, he knew that Su Ping was playing around with energy perception, mostly searching for those two unlucky eggs, and he quickly stepped up and followed.

Luo Fengtian and others behind him did not feel any more. After all, Su Ping released too much sensational power over them, and they didn't even notice it.


"You have to disqualify that stinky woman!"

"Yes! She killed!"

"You don't care about killing people, is there any reason!"

At the exit of a passageway, two young people were talking excitedly with two middle-aged men in suits. Next to them were two dull grass flowers, carrying a stretcher, on which a body was lying, and their heads had been turned back. When he reached the neck, his expression was very serene.

"Two, dont be excited. The live video shows that your friend died under the attack of Phantom Butterfly. According to the participating treaty, we will give a certain amount of compensation. This has nothing to do with other players. Please go back and wait. News." One of the middle-aged men in suits with glasses said that he looked gentle and gentle, but the tone of his speech was very cold.

Moreover, his glasses only have frames, but no lenses.

On his right hand, who pushed his glasses from time to time, there were also several obscure scars.

"You, do you know who we are? We are from the Liu family. The Liu family has never heard of it. It is our largest Liu family in Longjiang City!" One of the youths was so angry that his expression was slightly untidy, and he grabbed a middle-aged man in a suit. The neckline said, "Can you afford to kill the people of our Liu family? If it weren't for the smelly woman, how could my brother be killed by the phantom butterfly bees?"

The middle-aged man in the suit frowned and reached for the other's hand.

The young man's face changed abruptly, and his wrist seemed to be clamped by iron. His expression changed slightly, and he said in exasperation, "What do you want?"

"Liu family, I know that naturally, but Longjiang is not the largest of the Liu family, nor the largest of the Qin family, it is the largest of the municipal government!" The middle-aged man in a suit looked at him indifferently and said, "I want to borrow our hand , With your two miscellaneous little hair characters, it is not worthy, and if it is nonsense, I will detain you directly and let your head come to pick up the person himself!"

While speaking, he also pushed away the young man who grabbed his collar, and at the same time, he sorted out his neckline.

The faces of the two young men changed, and if there were any fluctuations in the energy emitted from the middle-aged man in this suit, they were clearly advanced pet masters.

Looking at another middle-aged man in a suit next to him, his expression was extremely dull, and obviously he didn't take them into his eyes.

I hit a hard bone!

The two looked at each other, gritted their teeth and squeezed their hearts.

However, after all, they are the children of the Liu family. Although they are a bit young, they are not so brainless that anyone will provoke them. If they are ordinary administrative staff of the general city government, they will learn the lesson, but the two in front of them... they have this The heart does not have this ability.

"You are ruthless!"

The previous youth squeezed his wrist and found that it was red and swollen. He glanced viciously at the middle-aged man in a suit with glasses, turned around and saw two dull flowers on a stretcher beside him, and raised his hand to one of them. She slaps, "Look what, don't carry it!"

The dull flowers of the selected medical team have been tamed to be extremely proficient in human nature, plus they are the beasts of high IQ. They were slapped and looked at him with some grievances, tears in their eyes.

The young man glared at him, and suddenly the tears in his eyes shrank back again, raising his stretcher with his head down, shaking his body like a penguin, and speeding forward.

It didn't take long for the dull grass flower in front to stop and saw a foot step in the sight.

At the corner in front of it, two humans came, a teenager and a girl.

In the subconscious mind where durian flowers are trained, humans have long been regarded as the highest existence, and must not be offended, so under any circumstances, durian flowers, like other beasts of life, will not attack humans.


Behind the stretcher, the mournful youths saw the dull grass suddenly stop, just about to drink and scold, they looked up and saw the people in front of them, when they saw the young girl, their face suddenly changed, showing a little fear .

"People from the Liu family?"

Su Ping's indifferent eyes swept towards the two.

The two of them looked back and noticed Su Ping next to them. Although they didn't recognize Su Ping, the girl next to them was enough to make them unable to cope.

"You, what are you doing? Now that the game is over, you are also promoted, what do you want?" The young man with the previous wrist pinched, gritted his teeth, still worried about the girl's previous Phantom Beast.

"Did the family send you, or did you come?" Su Ping said.

"What do you want to do?" The young man gritted his teeth and looked at Su Ping, his body was alert and vigilant.

The two middle-aged men in suits at the exit also noticed the situation here and came over. Soon, they recognized Su Lingyues identity. I still heard it a little bit, and I have also seen simple information about this girl.

Because they knew what the girl looked like, they were too lazy to get involved in the struggle between the Liu family and the girl behind it, otherwise they would not be so tough on the Liu family.

"Forget it, no matter how it came, the result is the same, since you shot, then use blood to repay it!" Su Ping's indifferent color gradually thickened, without any emotion.

The two youths changed their words.

The two middle-aged middle-aged men in the suits also frowned. The middle-aged man in the suit with glasses said indifferently: "Two, if you want to fight privately, please find another place. This is the arena. In addition, I would like to advise you, privately Fighting is illegal."

As a member of the municipal government, he needs to remind these people of the importance of the law.

Seeing the middle-aged man in this suit coming forward, the two young people were slightly relieved and suddenly felt that the people of these municipalities were not useless.


Su Ping did not look at the two middle-aged men in the suit next to him. He raised his hand slightly and activated the spirit control skills. The increase in star power and willpower through the prism star core turned into a violent and violent force, which changed into A pair of invisible big hands!


This invisible big hand was formed around the bodies of the two young men, and suddenly they slammed fiercely!

The blood shot, and there was a trace of luck on the faces of the two young men, but the next time the bodies hit each other fiercely, and then burst suddenly!

The ink-like blood sputtered radiatingly along the gap of the invisible big hand, splashing on the walls of the passage, and the rich **** odor immediately flew out. The two fifth-order war pet masters had no resistance, even He didn't even have a trace of defense, so he was killed!

Su Ping dropped his hand, and the invisible hand faded.

There was still no undulation on his face, so calm that he did not fluctuate.

The two middle-aged men in suits, all stained with blood on their shoulders, were stunned and unable to speak for a while.

In the air...kill!

This is a title-level means! !

The boy in front of him turned out to be a title-level existence? !

At the same time, footsteps sounded behind Su Ping, and Fei Yanbo and others also followed. Just after crossing the corner, they saw the **** scene in the passage, all stunned, some breathless.


Seeking the next month's ticket, come to the outbreak of power plug~!

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