Astral Pet Store Chapter 294

Chapter 294: Unsightly

This scene is too cruel!

Fei Yanbo was shocked all over his face. He didn't expect to see such a **** picture when he first arrived.

From the blood drops rolling slowly on the wall, it can be seen that this is what happened a second before they arrived.

He also just heard some kind of bone mixed internal organs, and the burst of flesh and blood!

But there was no screaming.

It can be seen that the dead people have no chance of screaming for mercy, and are killed instantly!

He couldn't help but look at Su Ping in front of him, a flash of horror flashed in his eyes, and only this young man with the power of title level could instantly strangle others!

Luo Fengtian and the others beside him all opened their eyes wide, but could not make a sound with their mouths open.


Su Lingyue stared blankly at this scene, his mind a little blank.

She was a little dazed.

It wasn't until she smelled the strong **** smell coming from her face, and the radiating blood reflected in her sight, that she reacted. There was an instinctive desire to vomit in her stomach, and she coughed violently.

However, she coughed several times in a row, but only coughed up some saliva.

The effect of the exercise in the barren area is reflected at this moment. Although the scene before her has a great impact on her, she has experienced in the barren area and has seen death. She has seen the blood bloom in front of her and she has also seen Human bones falling in the ruins.

The death was always close to them, only blocked by the base wall.

She wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth and turned to look at Su Ping.

But seeing this familiar guy in the past, there is no fluctuation in his face, it seems that he just raised his hands and pinched two poultry.

Why can he be so calm? !

There was a moment of loss in her eyes.

"Previous, senior..."

The two middle-aged middle-aged men in the realm of high-level war pet masters have already reacted.

The young man in front of him was so young that he had an illusion. He didn't know whether the latter was a real boy or a monster that he had taken to rejuvenate.

But no matter what, this means of protecting the two Tier 5 pet masters out of thin air is, without doubt, the existence of a title level!


Su Ping's eyes rolled, and it seemed that he had noticed the two of them. Seeing the blood stains spattered on them, he said indifferently: "Sorry, the two are dirty."

Although he said "sorry" on his mouth, he was not half apologetic on his face, and the villains were full of stance.

The two middle-aged men in suits smiled bitterly, and naturally did not expect a title-level strongman to sincerely apologize to them for the small matter of soiling their clothes, but the fact that the other party killed in front of them happened before them. Make them feel tricky.

These two squeezed to death, although the realm is general, but in the end it is the people of Liu family, even if it is just the siblings of the family, the name of Liu family is also hung.

Now they are killed here, still under their "witness".

This will certainly not be able to hide, and Liu family will not be upset by then!

"Senior, I don't know how these two have caused you, what can you do, you can tell us, we can do it for you according to law!" Another middle-aged man in a suit said with a complacent smile and a wry smile.

His attitude seems to be very humble, but in fact he is also expressing their positions and attitudes, so as not to be looked back and said that they have done nothing.

"It's ugly, it's getting in my eyes." Su Ping said.


The two middle-aged men in suits were speechless for a while. It was simply too lazy to find excuses.

However, for Su Ping's shot, they probably could guess the reason for seven or eight points.

When they saw the young girl who was the champion of Su Ping's side, they knew that Su Ping was probably the man behind the shop that competed with the extraordinary pet shop.

Regardless of the Liu family, or this store with the purgatory candle dragon beast at their door, they are reluctant to provoke them. The leaders above have specifically told them that the people below should never provoke this newly-rising petty pet shop.

As for the reason, they do not know.

But from this store, throwing a top-level dragon pet like Infernal Candle Dragon Beast at the door, you can probably guess some reasons.

Su Ping looked at the middle-aged man in a suit with two faces, and ignored them. He glanced at the stretcher next to him, and the two trembling flowers shook with fright. The murderousness on his body converged, and a warm idea was passed to them. Appease them.

The two dull grass flowers were soothed by Su Ping's thoughts, and then it slowly became less tense, but still a little afraid of him.

After the matter was processed, Su Ping did not stay any longer, and turned back along the same path.

Su Lingyue turned back, glanced at the **** channel, clenched her lips slightly, and quickly followed Su Ping behind.

Fei Yanbo and Luo Fengtian and others stood like wood, motionless, and their bodies seemed to froze. After Su Ping's figure had gone away, Fei Yanbo was slightly relieved, and even felt a little strange.

Su Ping killed the two people who provoke his sister. Why are you nervous here?

He was speechless in his heart, secretly irritated that he was too restless, is this a frightened shadow?

Luo Fengtian and several other students looked at each other with a pale face.

They were not scared by the scene in front of them. After all, they have worked out in the barren area, they have seen a lot of brutal battles, and their mental tolerance is still strong. They just thought that they would have been in front of Fengshan College before. Its probably the most reckless and "courageous" of their life, right?

The Mawei girl stared blankly at the scene in front of her. When she recovered and wanted to ask what was happening, she saw the expressions of her teacher and other classmates around her. It was strange and seemed to be afraid of something.

When she heard the conversation between the two middle-aged men in suits and the teenager, she realized what was going on, and she couldn't help but be puzzled.


Out of the channel, back to the high platform of the waiting area.

Fresh air and bursts of exclamation rushed at the same time, Su Ping stopped his footsteps, glanced at the field that was still being tested, and heard the footsteps behind him, he did not look back, said: "The two Liu family If he dies, the Liu family will inevitably send someone to target you in the back arena and stop you. You will be mentally prepared."

Su Lingyue followed along, thinking wildly.

She was wondering why Su Ping would become so strange, just like a battle-hardened veteran.

Suddenly hearing Su Ping's words, she woke up suddenly, only to find that she had walked out of the passage, she looked at Su Ping's back, hesitated, and said: "Since you know the Liu family will be angry, then why... can't bear it ?"

Su Ping turned to look at her, his expression calmed down and said, "Can you bear the championship all the way? Even if you can, will they allow it?"

Su Lingyue opened her mouth slightly, but was silent.

She knew, no.

"Enraging the enemy can disturb the enemy's rhythm. If they stop you in the game, you are the one who beats them. Use them as your stepping stones. Remember to trust your beasts, they are very strong." Su Ping said.

Su Lingyue thought of the Phantom Flame Beast that had been mad at her before, and she nodded and said: "I know."

"Hostile, defeat.

Killing, killing. "

Su Ping gave a serious look to his face and said, "Don't be soft-hearted in the competition behind, hand over the battlefield to your beast, they will know how to defend their masters."

Su Lingyue nodded slightly, and suddenly thought in her mind that the words in front could still be understood, but how to sound the words behind, it seemed to tell herself that she should just lie down. Dont blindly command and affect your beast?

She glanced at Su Ping's side, but Su Ping was also glancing at her.

The brothers and sisters looked at each other for only a second, Su Lingyue immediately saw the thought of this guy, she was so angry, this guy definitely meant that!

"Okay, today's primary election is over. Let's participate in the competition tomorrow." Su Ping rubbed her head and turned away.

The schedule and the rules of the game have been announced online in advance. After all, it is a global league and it has been available for dozens of times. The rules and schedule are well known.

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