Astral Pet Store Chapter 296

Chapter 296: Ring Race

"Being a man, the most important thing is to be stable!"

"As long as you have a thick skin, nobody can spray you."

"If this little thing made you angry, wouldn't it be someone else's casually leading his nose in the future?"

An old **** of Su Ping was lying on the ground, speaking with tireless teaching, while half-opening his eyes, squinting in front of the seemingly shrewd girl, said: "Go back to rest, if you are really angry, just Go to exercise.

Turn anger into motivation, so that it can turn other people's attacks on you into your progressive nutrients, go. "

"Huh, it's nice!"

Seeing that he could not find comfort and help here, Su Lingyue was too lazy to listen to Su Ping's rhetoric here and turned away.

Although she doesn't like to listen to what Su Ping said, she also knows that there is no other way to argue and explain. These rumors will only intensify. Only when she wins the championship will all the rumors and slurs subside. .

After watching Su Lingyue's back leave at the door of the store, Su Ping also withdrew her gaze. This level is a test for Su Lingyue. She must persevere on her own. As a strong man, besides strength, she must also have The mentality of a strong man, otherwise, there is strength in the air, and it will be devastated by a setback, and it will eventually be a mess.

Closing the door smoothly, Su Ping turned back to the field of the test room, greeted the dark dragon dog lying on the ground and continued to exercise.

Throughout the afternoon to night, only a few old customers came home.

Su Ping was immersed in cultivation, let Tang Ruyan entertain the registration, and the pet to be cultivated can be completed for the shadow doppelganger, there is no need for professional cultivation.


The next day, Su Ping still took Su Lingyue out of the house and went to the stadium to prevent her from being attacked on the road.

"Drive slowly, be careful and safe."

Under the care of my mother, the brother and sister went to the arena.

Today is the second day of the selection of the sub-field. According to the schedule, yesterday was the finalist selection, and today is the official ring game. Everyone has a chance to appear separately.

In addition, there will also be spectators in the venue today.

Last night, the finalists in each sub-field were announced.

There are a total of twelve sub-fields, and the number of candidates in each sub-field is almost seven or eight thousand!

In the two slums, the number of participants in the sub-field is the highest, exceeding five figures, and there are tens of thousands!

According to the final screening test, the average probability of promotion is almost one-tenth or even lower, which means that at least two hundred thousand people in the slum area have participated in at least 100,000 people!

Now that the primary stage has passed, today will be the second stage of the ring game, which lasts for five days, and will only retain 100 places!

This is a one-of-a-kind promotion!

These 100 people will be selected from the sub-field, representing the area where the sub-field is located, and going to the final venue of the base city selection competition to compete for the championship!


There are still many people on the road today, more than yesterday.

When Su Ping and Su Lingyue came to the venue, there was already a crowd of people outside and it was crowded. Su Ping still used the old method to take Su Lingyue to fly over the crowd and fly directly into the venue.

In the stadium, there was also a crowd of people, cheers raging.

Yesterday's waiting area was full of spectators today. It is an open ring game today. The audience is put in to watch, and by the way, you can make profits through ticket prices.

In the venue below, yesterdays huge stadium is gone, and today it has become eight small stadiums. At first glance, it was built temporarily with pets from the rock system. It is said to be a small stadium, but it is actually a single-player competition. But it's not small at all. There are several basketball courts that are so big.

"Here is the waiting area for our players." Su Lingyue pulled La Suping's sleeve and said.

Su Ping glanced and took her past.

This auditorium is divided into several areas. The players under the waiting area are actually VIP seats in the front row. They are closer to the field below and can play quickly.

Outside the players' seats, there are iron railings, and guards in bodyguard uniforms stand.

Su Lingyue was stopped by the guards and immediately took out his player token, which was passed. As for Su Ping, this time it was intercepted outside the player's seat.

Su Ping did not embarrass the two guards. Although he knew that he had released the spirit control skills and pretended to be the title level, he would definitely be able to enter the player's seat, but he did not want to be so high-profile and eye-catching.

"Be careful yourself." Su Ping told him to watch from the back. No one could attack Su Lingyue from the player's bench. As for things on the field, he could only let Su Lingyue let go.

"Well." Su Lingyue nodded vigorously. She knew what kind of important task she was wearing, and she must not fall here.

Without going far, Su Lingyue found a seat nearby.

Su Ping also intends to find a place next to it, but finds that the position near the player seat is already full.

He glanced back and forth, seeing that there were no seats, he had to turn around and leave.

"Mr. Su?"

Suddenly, a surprised voice shouted.

Su Ping was also surprised when he heard it. He turned around and looked at Fei Yanbo, whom he saw yesterday.

I met again today!

"Mr. Su, come, there is a seat here." Fei Yanbo quickly waved and patted the shoulder of a young boy beside him, saying, "Get up and make a seat."

The teenager looked like a fifteen or sixteen year old, with a tender face and some dissatisfaction, but he obediently moved his buttocks out.

Upon seeing this, Su Ping walked over, closer to Su Lingyue, and he was also relieved, saving the Liu family's real courage, and sent a **** to attack Su Lingyue directly off-site, when he could also shoot in time.

Fei Yanbo also moved his butt, squeezed out a little bit, and frowned at another beautiful woman beside him who didn't know him.

"The place is small, don't be too crowded." Fei Yanbo laughed.

"It's okay." Su Ping squeezed in the middle and sat down, feeling a little better for Fei Yanbo's senses, and said a nonsense nonsense, "Are you also watching the game here?"

Fei Yanbo smiled, "Bongtian they are in front." said Nu Mou.

Su Ping looked at it and immediately saw Luo Fengtian and others who were selected yesterday. Several classmates seemed to have left Fei Yanbo's side. They were many, sitting and talking together, full of youth and vigor.

Su Ping was a little touched by the campus style. He wanted to become a classmate and go to school, but he was old and could never experience the kind of youth and innocence on campus.

"Mr. Su, we really have a fate." Fei Yanbo laughed.

Su Ping also smiled. This game is very big. There are several areas that can be encountered continuously. It is indeed fate.

After looking at the seat where half of the buttocks were occupied by himself, Su Ping said to Fei Yanbo, "This is... your child?"

"Well, my little son." Fei Yanbo smiled and said to the teenager: "Feir, call your uncle, you should learn from this little uncle, don't look at this young uncle, he is a title. "

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