Astral Pet Store Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Debut

"This guy took out the strongest beast as soon as he came to power, and he didn't know how to hide it." Fei Yanbo saw this scene and shook his head.

Fei Fei glanced at his father and said, "Brother Fengtian is domineering. Men should be like this. If you don't accept it, you should do it. What's the point of hiding your hands?" The rarest dragon beast cant be targeted if you know it. The big deal is to pick one out of four, and Brother Fengtian is not doing it!"

Fei Yanbo glared at him, "Nonsense, what do you know, this is called strategy!"


The teenager sneered, obviously disdain his dad's suit.

Fei Yanbo's face was a bit dark. For his students, he dared to talk back. He had been beaten up for a long time, but instead of his son, he was helpless. He turned back and complained. He had to kneel down the remote control...

Su Ping smiled softly and said, "Lao Fei, your son is justified. The job is over, and he is still afraid of his big fist. Besides, I think this Ronaldinho is not like a brash person. This league, as a training ground, did not pay attention to the rankings at all, and it would be a big deal to come next time."

Fei Fei didn't expect his words to be accepted. He couldn't help but glance at Su Ping. Suddenly he felt that this guy who occupied half of his **** seats was also a bit pleasing to the eye. Brother Luo is bigger than you in any way. It is actually called Ronaldinho.

Although dissatisfied, he snorted softly and did not argue about anything.

Fei Yanbo was a bit speechless when he heard Su Pings words, thinking that you are an old conspiracy, hiding deeper than anyone else. Now its enough to say that the fist is big. Who doesnt know that the fist is king?

But the key is that you have a big fist, other people are bigger than you, don't know how to hide, don't you find death!

While they were chatting, the battle on the field had already begun.

The appearance of the Dark Nether Black Dragon caused an exclamation outside the court, and no one expected that a rare top dragon beast could be seen here.

The four people on the same field looked at each other, their eyes instantly agreed, and at the same time they attacked Luo Fengtian.

A pet beast was called out and surrounded Luo Fengtian from four directions.

These beasts are all elemental pets, some of them are of intermediate blood, and some of them are of high blood, but as soon as they appear, they are shocked by the dragon power of the Dark Dragon and a little timid.

Only one of the beasts seems to be well-tamed and fierce. Under the command of the master, he still releases his skills towards the Dark Dragon.


A dragon snarled and burst out.

The skills of attacking the past have left no trace on the dragon scales of the dark dragon. In contrast, the pets of the four people, including their masters, are all under the fierce dragon Yin deterrence technique of the dark dragon, if they are heavily attacked. Heart and soul are cold.

At the next moment, the dark energy of the Dark Nether Dragon surged, suddenly released a dark shock wave, with its dragon body as the center, burst out, and immediately swept the four people together with their beasts, swept all under the stage.


The audience cheered and boiled.

"Brother Luo, good!"

Fei Fei next to him threw a fist in excitement, as if he were standing on the stage at the moment.

Fei Yanbo looked a little speechless, and it was normal to win, but winning was so unskilled, there was nothing to be exclaimed. This was entirely dependent on the suppression of beasts. Besides, without this dark dragon, with the strength of those four people You can also win with other beasts. If young people want to be so high-profile, dont they trouble themselves?

Abdominal defamation is defamatory, but in the end it is won, and he is not good to splash cold water.

He glanced at Su Ping next to him, Fei Yanbo saw a smile on his face and raised his eyebrows slightly. He always felt a strange feeling in this smile, as if...civil?

"Mr. Su, you gave your sister the championship. Should you give her a very strong beast?" Fei Yanbo moved and asked curiously, he saw the purgatory candle dragon beast last time, and knew that this one was outside. The top dragon beast relished is just Su Ping's deputy.

Since Su Ping is so confident to **** his sister and the beasts prepared for her, how could he not be inferior to his deputy?

"It's okay, it's just a dragon beast." Su Ping smiled and did not intend to hide, not to mention that Fei Yanbo would leak it.

Fei Yanbo was sure, and could not help being curious. There are only one or two dragon beasts stronger than the purgatory candle dragon beast. If they are taller... that's a legendary breed.

The Infernal Candle Dragon Beast is already very rare. Can it be said that in this league, he can see with his own eyes those two rarer than the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast?

He didn't ask in detail, knowing that pet beasts are the secrets of the contestants, and after further inquiries, he revealed that his emotional quotient was low, and it would be more embarrassing for others not to answer.

At this time, Luo Fengtian had returned to the waiting area.

On the vacated arena, new contestants were drawn to the stage.

The eight arenas, the battles in each are different, allowing people to watch at will, which is a feast for the eyes.

With the end of a field battle, Fei Yanbo's several trainees took the stage one after another. Fei Yanbo was thankful that although he had many trainees, none of them hit the same arena, thus avoiding fratricide.

A few hours later, all the students brought by Fei Yanbo were finished.

Only two of them lost. They met tougher opponents on the field, and they seemed to come from other areas. The two sub-fields in the slum area often attracted some players from the upper city.

After all, in the eyes of most Shangcheng districts, the slums are short of resources, and their pets and players are generally of lower ranks. If you come here to participate, it is easier to advance.

Fei Yanbo's face is slightly unsightly, but there will be a separate challenge later, as long as he wins five games in a row, he still hopes to enter the second round of the competition.

It didn't take long for Su Lingyue's name and photo to appear on the big screen.

Finally got her.

Su Ping's eyes narrowed slightly, looking towards the waiting area ahead.

Su Lingyue sat not far from Su Ping and saw her name. After she froze for a moment, she instinctively glanced at her back. After seeing Su Ping's affirmative glance, she instantly tightened her body. Just relaxed a little bit.

With the emergence of Su Lingyue's name, some commotion also appeared in the auditorium, and there was a faint voice of anger.

"It's finally your sister." Fei Yanbo sat up a little bit, and at the same time, when moving, he squeezed to the beautiful woman next to him. The latter's brows were tighter, and he looked at him repeatedly.

Su Ping nodded.

Fei Fei next to him heard Su Da's words and looked at Su Ping curiously, "This is your sister? She entered the competition, why didn't you participate?"

"It doesn't make sense for me to participate," Su Ping said.

Fei Fei raised her eyebrows, her eyes flashed suddenly, and said: "I still said that I wasn't a round-trip game. As an older brother, it was really shameful to be compared with your own sister."

Fei Yanbo was stunned, his face changed, and shouted: "What nonsense do you have to apologize to Supervisor Su!"

Yesterday, the picture of Su Ping's murder, he still vividly remembers, don't look at this guy is just like an ordinary person, there is no momentum at all, the dog who does not call is the most fierce bite, really annoying, he can't stop it A title-level anger.

Fei Fei was stunned. In general, although his dad would reprimand him a few words, he was rarely so serious. !"

"You, you still talk, even today your mother is useless here!" Fei Yanbo wanted to stand up and teach this kid so well that he would never be so arrogant that he might cause trouble for him in the future.

But as soon as he was about to stand up, his body was held.

Su Ping's palm grabbed his arm, patted, and said, "Okay, let's watch the game. I'm not worried about being angry with children here."

Fei Yanbo glanced at him and saw that he was still smiling, hesitated, and sat down peacefully, sighing: "Mr. Su, don't you have the general knowledge of this little animal, he was spoiled by his mother, Im definitely going to clean up when I go back!"

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