Astral Pet Store Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon

Su Ping smiled, did not persuade anything, and focused on the field.

Fei Yanbo saw that Su Ping's thoughts were not on this, and he didn't say anything more, but just gave his son a hard look.

Fei Fei rarely sees his dad so afraid of a person. Although he is a little rebellious, he also knows his dad's personality and is usually a person with high eyes. Now he can treat this guy who is only a few years older than himself. Awe, most of the latter have a power background.

He secretly whispered in his heart, but no longer talked about it, turned his head to continue to watch his game, and by the way, he also looked at the stadium of Su Lingyue.

He would like to see how powerful this sister is for his dad and his sister.

On the field.

Su Lingyue walked down the steps to the arena. As soon as she took the stage, she felt that the atmosphere around her was a bit wrong. The eyes of several other players on the stage seemed to have fallen on her.

Was she attracted by her beauty?

For another occasion, she would probably think so, but after learning about the situation on the Internet yesterday, combining these peoples weird and mocking eyes, she knew that she was already "famous".


She gritted her teeth slightly and moved slowly, moving to an edge of the arena to avoid being attacked from behind.

At this time, she noticed that the footsteps of the others were slowly approaching towards her direction.

"You are Su Lingyue, I heard that you are the champion of the shop guarantee?"

"Huh, if I beat you here, am I the champion?"

"I heard that she and the owner of the shop had secrets that were unspeakable, and I got them by betraying her body..."

Several people said, slowly approaching Su Lingyue.

When they knew their opponents on the same field, they were immediately attracted by the most famous Su Lingyue in it. Naturally, the latter also successfully became their unanimous goal.

Hearing the humiliation, Su Lingyue's nervous heart was suddenly filled with anger. She glared at the four people, "Shut up!"

"Yo, it's still very fierce. I've done everything. Are you afraid of others?"

"Okay, clear her out first, let's play again."

No one disagreed and summoned their beasts at the same time.

The beast is the face of the war pet master. Some people call out a beast of the fifth-order bloodline, and some people call out a beast of the seventh-order bloodline. The former suddenly becomes a little bit embarrassed.

Seeing their beast, Su Lingyue's eyes became firm, and he couldn't help summoning his own Phantasy Beast.


With one of them speaking, four of them attacked Su Lingyue at the same time.

The Phantom Flame Be aware of the owner's anger and the crisis in front of him. His body quickly swelled with anger, and a black magic flame burst out all over his body. He issued the "spiritual scream" skill, which made the bodies of several beasts attacked at the same time, and the body was obviously sluggish.


At the next moment, the Phantom Beast quickly rushed out, aiming at the nearest fifth-order storm wolf.

This storm wolf has a huge body and makes a cry of excitement, propping up a wall of wind in front of it, and at the same time exhibiting the "wind blade array" to attack the Phantom Flame Beast, but the puff of the Phantom Flame Beast is like a sponge. Countless wind blades swept through, but all fell into it, causing no damage.

Every time the fifth-order pet beast attacked, it completely ignored it.

With a loud bang, the storm wolf was approached by the Phantom Flame Beast, instantaneously shot several blood marks on one claw, and the body flew out.

After defeating a target, the Phantom Beast's body did not stay and quickly turned to another person.

The faces of these people were shocked. They had not seen Su Lingyue's battle through the final selection before. They did not expect that the Phantasm Beast was so terrible in her hand. This definitely has the strength of a seventh-order battle pet!


"This bitch!"

The owner of the storm wolf was chased by the Phantom Flame Beast and took the initiative to jump out of the game to save his life, while the other person was spoiled by the man, and the Phantom Flame Beast shot the field. There were only two people left in the field in the blink of an eye.


"Your sister's Phantom Flame Beast is really good, and it's the best."

Fei Yanbo could not help admiring this scene.

The Fei Fei beside him was also somewhat conquered. The power of Tier 7 pets is already at the level of a high-level pet strategist. He is also an extremely excellent person in the entire base city selection competition. It is basically no problem to enter the top 1,000.

Su Ping did not reply, still staring at the arena.


The Phantom Beast continued its rush towards the remaining two.

At this moment, the remaining two seemed to have a tacit understanding, and quickly opened the distance, and one of them suddenly rushed towards Su Lingyue in the rear.

Phantom Flame Beast noticed the man's movements and had to brake, turning to help the master.

"Unexpectedly, in this first round of the battle in the ring, I have to force out my hole card, go to die!"

The young man who was swiftly approaching Su Lingyue had a fierce look. He was 26 to 7 years old and was close to the maximum age limit in the league regulations. The pace of combat skills.

At a distance of more than ten meters, it was almost instantaneous.

As the youth approached, the palm of his momentum suddenly opened, and a black summoning space appeared. From the inside, a figure with a body height of more than ten was suddenly drilled, like a giant bee. Speed of sound.


Su Lingyue's pupils contracted, but it was too late to parry.

She only felt a shock in her neck, her body flew out, but did not fly far, and her back hit a ball of soft things. She opened her eyes and it was the Phantom Beast catching herself.

Behind the Phantom Flame Beast is the edge of the arena. She only flew out of the ring!

Su Lingyue's face changed, and she was frightened. She knew what would happen to her defeat. Not only would she lose her reputation, but Suping's store would also be in danger, and even their family would be worried.

Can't fall down!

She gritted her teeth, forcibly focused her attention quickly, turned her eyes, and faintly captured a dark black afterimage, flashing on the field, but unable to see the real body of the latter, her vision could not keep up.

"A quick attack beast..."

She knew that with this thing, the Phantom Beast could only protect her personally. Once she left, she would be thrown out of the game.

But if the Phantom Beast is always close to her, she can only be beaten passively.

She didn't expect that in this first competition, she had to force her own cards.

She wanted to keep it, and wanted to hide it, so as not to be targeted by others, but now she dragged the Phantom Beast's hind legs and only let it play.

"It would be nice if I was stronger..." With such suffocation, Su Lingyue gritted her teeth and tore the calling space apart, calling out her current strongest darling.

"Protective clothing? Huh?"

Su Lingyue did not kill Su Lingyue in one blow. The young man's face changed slightly, and he saw that the latter had protective clothing on it, and it was of a very high level, otherwise it would be impossible to withstand the attack of his supersonic monster.

This is comparable to a 7th order attack.

Seeing Su Lingyue's opening call space, his eyes showed vigilance.

A cold breath suddenly emanated from the summoning space, and then, a gold and silver dragon neck slowly extended from the inside, followed by the entire majestic dragon body!

This dragon's body is seven or eight meters tall, and at first glance it is close to the height of an adult dragon beast.

The dragon body is fit, but with a little slender, at first glance is the female dragon.

Dragon beast? !

The young man's pupil shrank, and his heart was shocked.

The dragon beast is known as the invincible of the same rank, and this dragon beast, he looks very familiar, a bit like the rare silver frost star moon dragon, but not very similar, after all, the silver frost star moon dragon is silver-white , Like frost, but the scales of this dragon beast are a bit chaotic, not pure and beautiful.


Su Lingyue gritted her teeth and passed on her ideas, without giving the two people time to react.

The previous blow hit her neck and neck. If it was not resisted by the original water treasure armor, she would not only fall out of the game, but even be killed on the spot!

This young man's shot was too fierce, and she did not show mercy, and her killing intent was extremely strong.

The **** scene I saw yesterday flashed through her mind, more or less, which affected her heart.

Feeling the master's anger, the silver frost star moon dragon, who was calm in heart, was also enraged immediately, and roared with a dragon chant.

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