Astral Pet Store Chapter 301

Chapter 301: The Secret Method Of The Tang Family Second More

The appearance of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon set off a small climax in the venue.

With the end of the game, the stadium gradually returned to calm, and the rest of the game was still chaotic, and some eye-catching peculiar beasts appeared, attracting some people's attention.

"Your sister's dragon beast seems to have never been seen before?"

Fei Yanbo's gaze withdrew from Su Lingyue, turning his head and knocking sideways with Su Ping to inquire.

He didn't want to ask about such secret things, but he couldn't suppress curiosity. The appearance of the dragon beast, which he had never seen, was a wonder.

You know, he is a senior mentor at Jianlan College. As long as he is a beast on the battle pet illustration book, there is nothing he does not know, let alone this is the most high-profile and relatively few dragon beast subjects. Also familiar with his son's wife.

Fei Fei on the side heard his dad asking and immediately erect his ears to eavesdrop.

Su Ping didn't answer, but just smiled and said nothing.

Seeing Su Ping's reluctance to say, Fei Yanbo smiled bitterly in his heart and had some regrets, but he also knew that Su Lingyue was currently the candidate for Su Ping's sponsored delivery champion, which attracted much attention. This beast is her secret. Often.

"The momentum of your sister's dragon beast, in my opinion, has an intensity close to the eighth order. It is no problem to enter the top 100. I will congratulate the tutor Su in advance here." Fei Yanbo turned away from the awkward topic and said .

Su Ping also said politely: "Your students are the same, there are two good seedlings, and Ronaldinho has great potential."

"Mr. Su has won the prize. Ronaldinho is still too young. He has talent and experience. He has to exercise for a few more years." Fei Yanbo said, he still knows his own students very well.

Fei Fei next to him did not hear the answer he wanted, and was somewhat dissatisfied, but from this dragon beast, he also saw that Su Ping's background was extraordinary, and he dared not provoke further insults.

Su Ping and Fei Yanbo were humble again. Seeing that it was not early, he didn't stay long and got up to say goodbye to Fei Yanbo, thanking him for his seat.

Fei Yanbo didn't expect Su Ping to leave so early, the game had just started shortly, don't you look at the performance of other players behind?

However, thinking of Su Ping's combat power, he was relieved in his mind. Looking at such a battle from the perspective of the title level, it was naturally boring and unbearable.

After Su Ping said goodbye to Fei Yanbo, she was called to call Su Lingyue and let her go back with her.

"I haven't finished it yet." Su Lingyue called out the first reaction.

Su Ping gave her a white eye, "The first round of the ring game will be compared to night, 24 hours non-stop, can you finish it? With this time, it is better to go back and practice yourself, the dragon beast is also exposed by you Thats it. Just go out and throw it out. If it cant save you, youll be at the end of the league."

Su Lingyue opened his mouth slightly, thinking of his staggering performance on the stage today, suddenly a little speechless.

Su Ping didn't hit her anymore. Normally, first-year students like Su Lingyue were simply not eligible to come to the league. Now they are only pushed hard by him. This is no wonder that her own strength is too Hot eyes.

However, to become a strong man, it is inevitable not to take the usual path.

If you honestly wait for graduation, exercise for three years, increase your knowledge, and then sprint for another three years, you will naturally get a good ranking, and your performance is also remarkable, but then you have wasted too much time.

At an age that shouldnt be tolerated, leading something to bear will grow faster.

This is not to promote seedlings, but "precocious".

What Su Ping needs is to make Su Lingyue's mentality precocious and possess a strong mentality, so that when she goes to the First College of the Mainland, Su Ping is also at ease, and she can also become a famous town after graduating from that college in the future The strong side.

In this way, at least she can be assured of her own life without worry.

After all, this is not a peaceful age, but a troubled world.

Across the wall, the monsters looted, and only strength was the only wealth!


Leave the field and go home.

Su Ping first returned home and reported safety to his mother.

Seeing that Wu Guansheng didn't wait at the door of his house today, Su Ping guessed that he thought that they went to the competition and had no time to practice, so they didn't come to teach Su Lingyue.

In this case, Su Lingyue is free this afternoon.

"Come back to my shop." Su Ping told her a sentence, then greeted her mother, and turned back to the shop.

Su Lingyue was a little puzzled. She spoke with her mother for a while and hurried to the Suping shop.

"Are you looking for me?"

"Aren't you going to practice, she came to teach you."

Su Ping was behind the counter, wiping the glass with ease, and he looked up at Su Lingyue's arrival, then he gave a spit to Tang Ruyan next to him.

"She taught me? (I taught her?)"

The two women spoke in unison and were both stunned.

When they reacted, they immediately glared at each other.

"Brother, aren't you wrong? You asked a waiter in your shop to teach me?!" Su Lingyue was getting angry, even if she was weak, she was stumped today, but there is no need to look down on her like that, this is simply Constitutes an insult!

Tang Ruyan next to him jumped and said: "Who do you say is a waiter, your whole family is a waiter!"

Su Ping glanced at her, "You said she should not take me, nor our family, be careful I beat you!"

Tang Ruyan was frustrated by his words, glaring a pair of big and small eyes, but was so angry that she could not speak. She felt that the beast that threw herself in and shook it out, most of you would not know what it means to be gentlemanly. It is not necessarily impossible to beat a woman!

"Your brothers and sisters, this is a co-op to bully people!" She clenched her teeth and stomped her feet. She was very angry.

Su Ping ignored her, but said to Su Lingyue, who was also indignant: "She is quite general, but it is more than enough to teach you. In addition, she is not a waiter in my shop. She is only a temporary worker. Right now, there is nowhere in sight, and there is a risk of being fired."

Upon hearing this, Tang Ruyan exploded again.

What is normal?

She's a pretty girl!

Young Master of the Tang Family!

Among the children of the major families, it is absolutely possible to reach it. If you are under 20 years old, you will become a high-level war pet master. How many people can do this? !

What's more, there is no time to change, and who will? A broken waiter is like a general, but if you can't beat you, the old lady will have left!

Su Lingyue put his hands on his hips and said with a cold face: "Most people, I don't learn, it's better to practice by myself, so that I can teach me badly."

Tang Ruyan's pair of eyebrows were about to reach the back of their heads, and they were very angry with the wonderful siblings. "You don't learn? I don't teach my aunt and grandmother. Who will teach you a rare one? You are a fourth-order who has just climbed to the middle-level warfare master. , I still think of my aunt and grandma, I cant open your eyes!"

If the people she knew in the past were here, most of them would be surprised. The Tang Master who was always indifferent and elegant, the language is so rude at the moment... Back to the original!

Su Lingyue said to her that she broke through her own realm and was a little surprised. She raised her eyebrows and said, "Really, then I want to see what your realm is."


Tang Ruyan sneered, as if to say, waiting for you.

Then she made an expression of "You have seen me well", she burst into star power, and a momentum of the seventh-order war pet master burst out, deterring Su Lingyue.

Su Lingyue's face changed and her eyes widened.

She was a little ignorant, and did not expect that a waiter here in Su Ping turned out to be a superior pet master!

Looking at the woman's appearance and age, she never imagined that the latter had such a state and strength.

She thought that this woman is based on beauty...


After a long while, Su Lingyue recovered and looked at her with surprise and suspicion. With such a strong strength, she ran here to work, what is this picture?

Tang Ruyan saw that she was shocked, sneered, condensed her breath, and proudly said: "Little sister, I now know that my aunt is qualified, huh, but you know it is too late, I will not teach you aunt."

Su Lingyue still has some [youu reading www.uutxt.me] ignorant, did not react.

Su Ping did not intervene, and the woman's affairs were left to the woman to resolve.

But it seems that they have solved it. Su Ping said to Tang Ruyan: "Teach her two tricks of the Tang family, or some secret methods, to teach her, if you are satisfied with me, maybe you will be let go in advance. "

Tang Ruyan suddenly changed his face, but did not expect Su Ping to hit this idea.


She categorically said: "The secret method of our Tang family is absolutely undisclosed!

"Then do you think the secret method is important, or is your life important?" Su Ping asked.

Tang Ruyan's face changed, she couldn't help but gritt her teeth, she didn't have any hope that Su Ping would let her go. Now that's the way to do it is to kill chickens and get eggs!

She was secretly anxious in her heart. Why did she work as a waiter for so many days and met so many people before her news has been sent back to the Tang family? Isn't her popularity so low? !

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