Astral Pet Store Chapter 303

Chapter 303: Second Round

"There are seven layers in "Unmoving Liuli Body". You can practice to the seventh layer. You can resist the rocket artillery with your flesh and shake the ninth order monster!" Tang Ruyan is teaching, with a serious expression.

She is considering whether to teach a set of attacking cheats in addition to teaching "Do not move Liuli body".

After all, the non-moving Liuli body can only be beaten, especially in the early stage, it is difficult to see clues from the appearance, but the attack cheats are different, and one can see the calendar with one shot.

Thinking of this, she made up her mind.

However, she did not teach immediately, but planned to wait for Su Ping to leave and then secretly teach his sister, so as not to be known to this guy to stop it. When his sister secretly learned to play, even if he knew it, it would not help , And I can say that he is good for his sister.

Didnt you let me teach your sister?

This is a love for your sister!

"Hardly shake the ninth order monster?"

Su Lingyue was shocked by Tang Ruyan's description, and was a little shocked. Can a set of cheats for human cultivation even meet the monsters? In her mind, humans are inherently weak and rely on the beast to fight against the monster, and the beast is also domesticated by the monster, and the human is only the role of the pet trainer.

Now, this man actually said that he can rely on a set of cheats, and after practicing, he can personally fight with the monsters? !

Tang Ruyan saw Su Lingyue's stunned look, and sneered in her heart, knowing that the little girl who had no knowledge had been shocked by herself, and she immediately revealed the secrets of the cheats and began to teach from the foundation.

After teaching for half a quarter of an hour, she saw that Su Ping was still watching by the side of the venue, raised her brow, and turned to Su Ping, saying: "Hey, our Tang family's cheats aren't just cultivated by the mouth, especially this set. In addition to body training, "Fuji Liuli Body" also needs to be combined with some herbs to bathe and soak, in order to temper the body to the extreme. If you don't have these herbs, I will teach them white religion."

Su Ping smiled, "What do you need? You said, I'll find it."

Su Lingyue didn't expect to practice a set of cheats, but she was so stubborn. When she heard Su Ping's words, she felt a little bit overwhelmed and secretly firm. No matter how the waiter mocked herself, she had to learn with humility and learn from each other's skills. !

Seeing Su Ping speak so eloquently, Tang Ruyan smiled in his heart and said lightly: "Then you write down, I will first report the medicated dietary conditioning needed for the first two layers of cultivation."

"it is good."

Su Ping nodded.

After Tang Ruyan reported the names of the materials one by one, Su Ping didn't have much time to stay, turned back to the store, logged on the pioneer's website on the computer, entered the pioneer's treasure trove, and looked for these herbs.

Fortunately, these herbs are not too rare. They are found in the secondary inventory of the Pioneer Medicinal Herbs Library. Only one herb is missing and is out of stock.

Su Ping checked the herb store at a higher level, and there was nothing in it. He frowned, and suddenly thought of a man who had come with the legend to collect the material of the Golden Crow God.

Turning out the list in the communicator, Su Ping quickly found the person's communication number, with the name of the note: Herbal Tool Man.

"Hey, it's me."

Unable to remember the other party's name, Su Ping had to let the other party identify it.

Lin Ziqing at the other end of the communicator heard this sound, his face slightly changed, and he knew who he was looking for from the communication number, so the first time he picked it up, his attitude was the same as that of Yuan Tianchen. It also has legendary combat power, and it seems to be stronger than the original Tianchen.

"It turns out to be Mr. Su. Hello. How can I help you?" Lin Ziqing immediately smiled, very polite.

If you see this scene with someone you know, most of you will be shocked. This is a giant who eats on both sides of the palm of your hand. The average person mentions the three words "Lin Ziqing" and will be frightened, and he is so kind to others now. Awe, it's unimaginable.

"How did you find the material that you found for me earlier?" Su Ping asked.

Lin Ziqing expected this to happen, and quickly said: "Mr. Su, I have already handled this matter. Recently I got news that there is a place to sell the spirit material you need. We are doing everything we can to get it for you. ."

"Oh?" Su Ping raised his eyebrows. He didn't expect to have eyebrows so quickly. Once the materials were put together, his golden black **** demon body officially entered the second floor.

"Must be as soon as possible!" Su Ping continued to exert pressure. After all, it was unclear whether the other party was really doing all the energy as he said.

"You can rest assured that there will be no mistake in this matter." Lin Ziqing immediately assured.

Su Ping didn't say anything, but turned to the medicinal material he was looking for and reported the name to the other party. He said, "You can also find this medicinal material and send it to my store as soon as possible."

"Okay, no problem." Lin Zi agreed quickly.

When the communicator hung up, the smile on Lin Ziqing's face disappeared instantly and turned into a haze. The communicator in his hand was almost squeezed.

"Take me as a cash machine, stupid boy!"

He was so proud as a character who was once ridiculous, but now he was coerced by this boy and had to obey his orders. Thinking of the blonde girl in the boy shop, he was so shocked and angry that he could only gritt his teeth.


After dealing with the medicinal materials, Su Ping did not return to the test room.

Came to the beast room, closed the door, Su Ping went to practice.

At night, Su Ping came out of the beast room and saw that Su Lingyue and Tang Ruyan were still exercising and did not disturb. Anyway, Su Lingyue did not need to participate tomorrow. After all, in the first round of the competition, too many people eliminated, at least It takes less than three days to complete. These three days, Su Lingyue was able to charge and recharge.

In his spare time, Su Ping went online to check the other players in the Crescent Zone who entered the second round of the ring game. From the inside, he picked out some of the more outstanding records, and watched the video intercepted online.

After probably understanding some things, Su Ping felt relieved and went to foster care to continue his cultivation.

It was the fourth day.

After the preliminary selection of the ring battle ended, some people who lost in the ring battle also advanced through the subsequent challenge. Now the official selection of the second round of the ring battle is officially started. This time, 100 places will be selected.

There are more than 3,000 people who have qualified for the second round of challenge!

This is one-thirtieth of the promotion probability!

After the promotion, it is the end of the selection of the various sub-fields. Below will be all the players who entered the upper stage of the upper city to compete for the top 1,000 places.

When the first 1000 places challenge is over, it is the top 100 battles, and the next top ten ranking battles, as well as the admission quota battles!

Each base city selected five places.

From champion to fifth place!

This entire stadium will last for more than half a month.

It's just now entering the middle and front.

The fourth day.

Su Ping still personally sent Su Lingyue to the stadium.

"Brother, you have been patronizing me with me these days. I remember you also sent other people in the shop to the top 100 and the top ten. Do you not go to see them, in case they fail..." On the way, Su Ling Yue said worried about Su Ping.

Su Ping didn't expect that she remembered it, and said indifferently: "Now you are the key target, as long as you are sent to the police, even if they are cut off, they will have little effect, but they will have some impact on them personally. You can rest assured. Well, I paid attention to their game and it went smoothly."

He gave Su Yanying and Ye Hao the beasts they cultivated. It is no problem to attack the top 100. Even if the Lius want to block, but the rules of the system are random, it is difficult to target them, and even in the five-player ring If the game is lost, they can also get places through qualifying.

Although the Liu family has great power, in such a league where all families are eyeing, it is difficult to secretly exchange opponents.

Moreover, for the Liu family, it is of little significance to block other people. As long as Su Lingyue wins the championship, this honor is enough to wash everything. Their purpose is to defeat Su Ping's store, but there is no hatred for the customers in Su Ping's store.

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