Astral Pet Store Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Enter The Finals

Inside the league venue.

Still crowded, the audience was full.

The number of players in the waiting area ahead of the day has dropped sharply. There were tens of thousands of people who passed the finals before, but now there are only more than 3,000 players who can squeeze into the second round of the ring.

Two thousand of them were promoted through the five-player ring battle, and the remaining one thousand or more were still the places seized through the qualifying challenge.

Below the stadium, there are still eight arenas.

The eight games started at the same time, the purpose is to pick out the real excellent players as soon as possible. After all, the most exciting part of this selection station is that it starts from entering the main stadium of the upper city.


Su Ping sent Su Lingyue into the waiting area. Afterwards, he looked around and found no seats. He came to the back row of seats and found a place to sit down.

I didn't meet Fei Yanbo again today. Su Ping looked around the stadium after he was seated. After seeing nothing unusual, he threw the hood on his collar over his head and covered it, resting on the chair with his eyes closed.

With more and more people entering the venue, Su Ping was also filled with people, and some ordinary audiences came to see the lively.

It didnt take long for the second round of the battle to begin.

Today's fighting rules are simpler and cruel!

This time, three people are on the same stage. To win, you must defeat the other two!

The winner directly obtains the qualification for promotion, while the loser fails to pass the challenge to compete for the qualification of the place, and will never bid farewell to this league.

Such rules also allow more people to fight for battle in the ring battle.

The players were still drawn to the stage in a random way. As the battle started, there were players on the eight arenas.

Rules Su Ping already knew, without any worry, he looked at the stadium boredom, waiting for Su Lingyue to be selected and then went home.

Soon after, Su Lingyue was selected.

B2 field.

With the other two players on the stage, the battle was on the verge.

But at the beginning of the game, the battle was over, Su Lingyue directly called out the exposed Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, a dragon roar, shocked the other two, and then a breath of frost dragon breath, the whole game freeze.

One of them had a stronger willpower, reacted in time and jumped off the field.

The other person was frozen into an ice sculpture and stood on the stage, breaking with just a touch.

Su Lingyue did not kill, but let the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon **** back the frost gas inside and thaw the man.

After thawing, the man's face was complex, and he no longer stubborn, chose to admit defeat, the game ended in less than a minute, it was a unilateral crush!

As soon as the game ended, Su Lingyue withdrew the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, and although her game here ended quickly, it attracted the attention of most people.

This strange dragon beast, and Su Lingyue, many of the audience present basically knew this, thanks to the overwhelming negative news online.

However, seeing such strength, the voice of doubt on the scene has weakened a lot. A delicate woman crawling up to the body by her body, but unable to tame the brutal dragon beast.

Seeing that the game was over, Su Ping didn't have any surprise and got up and waited for Su Lingyue to play.

After Su Lingyue came out of the waiting area, Su Ping ignored her surroundings and took her home directly without delaying time here.

As for the other players, it is not arrogant, but Su Ping really feels that there is no need to watch. He has paid attention to the battle of some of the hot players who have won the championship online, but those people are not in the crescent zone, but in the upper city.

After all, like the hot players, if you leave your upper city and live in a slum area to compete, once exposed, your face will be completely lost.

After returning home, Su Ping handed Su Lingyue to Tang Ruyan to teach that the medicines he had ordered on the pioneer's website had been delivered long ago, and Su Lingyue had been boiled into a medicinal bath to temper the body.

After just a few days of training, Su Lingyue's progress has progressed by leaps and bounds, just like the dry soil was suddenly nourished with sufficient nutrients, and his strength has surged.

Su Ping knows that her sister's talent is still okay, but her family is too poor and lacks resources, otherwise she will be cultivated in the way of those big families, and she may not be inferior to those of the big family.

The fifth day.

Su Ping still sent Su Lingyue to the stadium.

Today is the third round of the competition. Thousands of people were selected yesterday. Today, the final 100 places are decided and sent to the league in the main stadium.

There are one hundred places in each competition area. Only the Tianwang District and Longtui District in Shangcheng District have 200 places, and the 12 sub-areas add up to a total of 1400 places.

It is also a great honor to be able to rush into the top 100 in the sub-competition area. The name will be forwarded to the various colleges in the area through the Academic Affairs Office in the sub-competition area to become an example and let the students in the academy learn from it.

This kind of thing, although not included in the textbook, is also an extremely glorious thing, enough to boast of a lifetime.

The battle for the top 100 places is more intense than yesterday.

The method is still random selection, first select a batch, and then compete for the remaining places through the challenge.

When Su Lingyue came on the court, Su Ping paid a little attention, but soon found that his worries were superfluous. With the appearance of the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, there was still a dragon chant and a bit of frost dragon breath. The remaining opponents.

Even though the opponents of the two of them are the blood of higher pets, but under the strange dragon chant of the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, they were also shocked and shivered, and their fighting power was greatly reduced.

Su Ping knew that the Dragon Frost of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon was specially instructed by Joanna to find the main **** level (above the legend) dragon clan in the Divine Realm. The dragon sounds learned in the field have doubled the lethality against these legendary monsters.


A passionate audience, a lively venue.

When the final top 100 came out, the audience boiled and cheered.

Su Ping was sitting in the crowd, but he was very quiet. This was what was expected, but it happened with the passage of time. There was no surprise at all, so there was no fluctuation in mood.

The game continued into the evening. Under the super-powered spotlight in the stadium, the stadium shone as bright as the day, and the grass beside the stadium was clear and clear.

When the top 100 contestants were invited to the stage one after another by the host, the mayor of the Crescent District personally took the stage and presented medals and medals to everyone!

These one hundred people will represent the sprint of the Crescent Division. Once someone wins the championship, or competes for the base city admission, it will be a glory for the entire Crescent District, which will allow the Crescent District to be in the future. The economy of the year has improved a lot, and the city government has received more resources and welfare benefits.

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