Astral Pet Store Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Offseason First

At the end of the awards ceremony, many players left one after another. This week's selection of the sub-area from the beginning of the sea election formally announced the end, followed by the competition for the admission of the total field.

The 1400 young elites selected from the twelve sub-fields will compete for the final five places, play on behalf of the base city, and participate in global competitions!

Go home.

My mother was crying with joy. Through the live broadcast of various radio media in the Crescent area, she had seen the picture of Su Lingyue winning the top 100 places, and also saw the scene of the Crescent District leader awarding medals to each player.

Her daughter won such honors, something she never dared to think about.

Su Lingyue's mood is also a little excited, although this is still far from Su Ping's goal for her to win the championship, but it has finally taken a crucial step.

And the warm atmosphere of the previous awards made her surging and truly felt the charm of honor.

Seeing the two of them excited, Su Ping smiled slightly, washed their hands and returned to the dining table, waiting for dinner.


Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.

In addition to the top 100 places in the Crescent Division, all the top 100 places in the other divisions were also announced. In a flash, the 1,400 selected players became the most eye-catching presence tonight.

Regardless of his previous background, whether it is poverty or obscurity, he has become a shining star tonight. After many years of struggle, it seems that he has finally gained a lot.

And in this, the most shining are those hot players with championship appearance.

The next is the selection of the main venue. The top ten candidates and the hot spots to win the championship are being discussed vigorously in the forums of each sub-area.

The champion is always the most anticipated and welcomed.

On the Internet, the game videos of the top 100 players in various sub-regions are overwhelming and can be searched casually. Among the people who voted in the top ten, all the videos they participated in were highly watched.

From the sea election to the battle in the ring, to the top 100 places.

Among them, the outstanding performance, the number of votes on the Internet has soared higher, and some games have been mediocre, relatively low-key, and the number of votes has dropped a lot.

On the contrary, some other people who had been unknown in the past have successfully attracted the attention of a large number of people and squeezed into the hot list through the stunning performance in the sea election and the battle in the ring.


Liucheng's house in Shangcheng District.

The lights were bright and lively.

Outside is a jubilant family celebration party, where all the children of the family are celebrating inside, and they also invited many big-name stars to stir up the lively atmosphere.

And inside are some senior members of the family, who are discussing wine tasting.

"The Qin family's is still as deep as ever. It is hidden deep. With an eighth-order Demon Abyss, it was killed in seconds."

"It's needless to say that the young masters of these families will not reveal their main power beasts until they compete for the top 100 in the Finals. Instead, they will be the one who broke our shop against the Liu family. Little girl, have you seen her battle?"

"Look, that dragon beast, I asked several professors who studied dragon beast, it should be the mutated silver frost star moon dragon no doubt!"

"This Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon ranks in the top eight of the top dragon ranks, and it is quite precious. If this thing is their bottom card, it is okay to say that if it is not, it is tricky."

Several high-level eyebrows are a little worried. If the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon are all deputy pets, what level should the main pet be? They can't imagine, or dare not imagine!

Liu Tianzong glanced at everyone and said indifferently: "Don't even think about it, Brother Zilong has observed it for me up close. The little girl is just a fourth-order war pet master. It is impossible to exceed the sixth level!

Even if it is a rare superb dragon beast, with its extraordinary qualifications, it exerts a seventh-order combat power, which is already top!

To put it a little more exaggerated, even if the little girl has any secrets, she can greatly increase her mental strength, allowing her to directly cross the third order and control the seventh-order beast, but how much combat power can the seventh-order beast explode. Even if the order is the limit! "

Hearing his words, everyone looked at each other with incredible faces.

"That little girl... just fourth order?"

"This... won't it?"

Although they knew that the patriarch would not make a joke, they were still a little unbelievable.

Is that broken shop crazy and wants to win a Tier 4 pet champion? !

This too underestimates the gold content of the champion!

Although this is only the champion of the Longjiang Base City League, it is the goal of the major families. The people fighting for are the seeds of the various families, or the young masters.

Not to mention Tier VIII, even if it is Tier IX combat power, you dare not say that you can win the championship steadily, unless it is more powerful and scary than the ordinary Tier IX!

You must know that the selected people will represent Al-Qaeda in the global elections. The winners of each Al-Qaida city will have at least eight ranks or even nine ranks. Otherwise, even if they win the championship, there will be no nine on the mainland. The combat power of the first order is just a round tour, meaningless.

"I thought there was a big man behind this store, but I didn't expect to be a lunatic."

"It seems that not only our Liu family, but also the Qin family and the shepherd, have been underestimated."

"Senior Zilong is a title-level, and if it is sensed at close range, it should never be wrong, unless the little girl has an extremely top hidden secret treasure, but the other party should not need to use this to confuse us."

The other senior officials were relieved, feeling that the previous scruples were a bit superfluous.

Liu Tianzong said indifferently: "The following is the selection of the total arena. One thousand places will be directly selected through the unified test. The bottom line of this unified test is the seventh-order lower power to pass the line. You can give the little girl'appropriate' Raise the ground a bit, and take the eighth order as the standard to see her real weight."

Others were stunned and could not help but glance at him.

It is not easy to intervene in the league, otherwise their family will send people to block and intervene early.

But now it seems, is it... some relationship has been broken?

The people stared at each other, and they were speechless.


In the shop.

After practicing in the foster care room for one night, Su Ping felt that the star power in his body had improved again. He got up early and heard a lively voice outside the store and opened the door.

I saw a lot of customers from outside the store, some of them were chatting with each other, and they were talking about the content of the league.

Su Ping clapped his head, thinking that today is the rest day of the league, and the competition of the total league will start tomorrow. Unexpectedly, as soon as this offseason, business came.

After a few days of no business, Su Ping was a little uncomfortable. He did not open the door immediately, but closed the door again.

"Eh, boss?"

Many of the customers waiting at the door were shocked by the closed door before the smile on their faces was revealed.

After Su Ping closed the door, he immediately opened the scroll and shook Tang Ruyan out of it.

Tang Ruyan slept soundly, and was suddenly thrown by Su Ping on the floor of the store. She was suddenly shocked and came to see the familiar store and the abominable man when she turned around and watched alertly.

Her tight body instantly relaxed, thinking that she was still in captivity, feeling a little bit depressed, standing up and tidying her clothes without a good air: "The next time you call me, can you speak in advance."

"Go and wash. There is business today. You can dress up better. Maybe you are licking your dog, it will appear today." Su Ping said as she sorted out the counter.

After not doing business for a few days, Tang Ruyan seems to be used to imprisonment, and has completely turned into an image of a house lady in the scroll. If it is not a mother, it is estimated that he has a beard.

"There is business?"

Hearing Su Ping's words, Tang Ruyan heard the movement outside the door, his eyes lit up, and finally he waited for business again!

She was a little excited, and was even happier than Su Ping. She couldn't count on Su Ping anymore, and quickly ran to the bathroom to dress herself up.

When it comes to makeup, there is actually no makeup, just a simple face wash, and by the way, the messy hair is combed well, so that you can save it from one to another, like a bird's nest.

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