Astral Pet Store Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Su Ping's Fury

Sun Qiu's face changed slightly, and he was angrily said: "Boss Su, don't you say that this thing has passed, I have confessed to you wrongly, it was my carelessness that hurt my beast.

I really had no choice but to come to you to claim for compensation. You have treated my beast for me. I am very grateful to you. If you want medical expenses, I will send you back immediately after raising the money! "

"So, don't you say you're hardened?"

Su Ping chuckled.

If he changed before, he would still estimate the truth of the remarks, but now it is different.

Ask him to make a claim and only pay for it?

It sounds like no problem, but dont forget, he has a purgatory candle dragon beast outside his shop, and he competes with the extraordinary pet beast shop. The fool knows that he has a background in the shop and its not easy to provoke.

Not to mention asking him for blackmail claims, even if his shop is really in a loss, and there is a training accident, others have to hesitate to come to him, for fear that he will not admit it.

"What kind of torture did your Tang family force?" Su Ping turned to Tang Ruyan aside and asked.

Tang Ruyan raised his eyebrows and glanced at Sun Qiu, said indifferently: "Of course there are, even the dead, can let him speak, should I show my hands?"

"Okay, then it's up to you. Let's go to the secret realm of the scroll to deal with it." Su Ping smiled.

"Good." Tang Ruyan agreed.

She was panicking in this shop. It was rare to find a guy who was out of breath. She already had itchy hands.

Sun Qiu saw that there was no one beside the man and the woman, and there was a terrified look in his eyes, he couldn't help saying: "Under the broad daylight, do you really want to kill people? I already told the truth, why don't you believe me?"

"Some money is not so easy to get." Su Ping looked at him sideways, said: "You seem to have forgotten, the title level has the power to kill, even if you are killed here, what can you do?"

Sun Qiu was stunned.

Thinking of the previous situation where energy was controlled in midair, he sweated down on his back, and if there was a title-level strongman sitting in the shop, killing him would indeed kill him.

One offense is enough to cure him!

"Give you three seconds to consider."

Su Ping slowly raised a finger.

Sun Qiu's legs shivered slightly, seeing Su Ping's second finger raised in succession, the struggling color in his eyes was more obvious. When Su Ping raised his third finger, he finally could not bear the pressure, such as When it's over, it's as if it's collapsed. "I said, I said all..."

He was kneading his fingers, preparing to step forward to subdue Tang Ruyan, and when he heard the words, he immediately pouted. He didn't expect this guy to be so boneless, and he confessed with such a little pressure. She hasn't been addicted yet!


Su Ping shouted violently.

Suddenly, Sun Qiu, who had just let his mind relax, suddenly became nervous again. He swallowed a spit and saw the unspoken killing intention in Su Ping's eyes, trembling: "Yes, the Liu family let me come, you Compete with the extraordinary pet shop, this extraordinary pet shop is a Liu family's business, you have touched their interests, they want your shop to go bankrupt and close!"

Su Ping raised an eyebrow, is it really Liu Family?

He didn't believe it immediately, but asked: "Tell me about the complete plan."

Sun Qiu's face changed slightly, hesitating a moment, he still talked about things.

It turned out that soon after he purchased the service in the Suping shop, the Lius came to the door and promised that as long as he succeeded, he would be given a huge amount of compensation, allowing him to slander the Suping shop and destroy the reputation of the Suping shop.

The aurora spirit fox, naturally, was also shot by the Liu family. He injected him with the newly developed toxin agent, which greatly reduced the combat power, and if not treated, the body will slowly rot and die.

After the event, he will get a stronger, higher-breed beast as compensation.

Under all kinds of temptations and conditions, he agreed, so there is today.


After listening to his words, Su Ping fell into contemplation.

After a while, he asked, "What is the name of the person who instructed you?"

Sun Qiu shook his head and said: "I don't know, the other party is wearing a mask, I can't even see my face clearly."

Su Ping raised an eyebrow.

Tang Ruyan, next to him, rubbed his fingers and said to Su Ping: "I suspect he is lying. Do I have to go to prison first?"

Su Ping glanced at her and ignored her.

On the other side, Joanna walked over, her face pale and said, "If you really want to know the truth, I can use the Soul Purgatory method, roast his soul, and find his memory from inside. Then I will know everything. ."

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, can he search the soul directly?

"Is there any sequelae?"

"It ranges from dementia to death, and there are some chances to fight back, but with this kind of inferior ant's idea, I want to fight back against me for millions of years." Joanna said indifferently.

Su Ping was relieved and looked at her more, but she didn't expect that she would take the initiative to help herself, saying: "Then leave it to you, it is better to be careful."

Qiao Anna said, "The reason why she took the initiative to help Su Ping is also because of the previous 20 points for employees. She has realized that she is tied to Su Ping on a boat and is also firmly in the interests of this shop." Together, what is good for this store is also good for her.

Moreover, when she earns 200 employee points, she can be rated as an excellent employee and can apply to go to any world, including the ancient God Realm that she wants to go to the most.

She wanted to give it a try and take the initiative to get rewards for employee points. If not, at least in the future, Su Ping would not deduct her from employee points.

"You, what do you want to do?"

Sun Qiu couldn't help getting nervous when he saw Joanna approaching. The girl had been very impressed by the fact that the girl had cured the Aurora Spirit Fox, and she was very afraid of the girl.


Suddenly, a white figure flashed out and jumped in front of Sun Qiu.

It is the aurora spirit fox.

It stepped on all fours, arched its body, as if entering a fighting state, its teeth grinning at Joanna, a pair of silver fox eyes full of hostility.

Both Joanna and Tang Ruyan were stunned. Unexpectedly, at this critical time, this Aurora Spirit Fox would actually jump out.

Su Ping was also dumbfounded, and suddenly his heart fluctuated, and his face became more ugly and cold.


The aurora spirit fox yelled at Joanna, demonstrating her not to approach.

It knew that the girl had just saved it, but at this moment, it felt the girl, threatened its owner, and also felt the host's panic, and the call to it.

As long as the owner needs it, it will be there.

Because the owner is its only one!

After Joanna reacted, her eyebrows were frowned, her body flicked, and she flickered, suddenly appeared in front of the Aurora Spirit Fox. A magic seal was slapped on its forehead along the palm of her hand. The Aurora Spirit Fox was about to struggle, and her eyes suddenly filled. Tired, he passed out instantly.

Sun Qiu was startled by Joanna's teleportation, and his pupils contracted to the extreme.

Although his own strength is not strong, he still knows the common sense of some pet masters. If it is said that Yukong is an exclusive ability of the title level, then teleport... This is an exclusive ability of the legendary level! !

Although some pet beasts can also understand teleportation, the ones that pet beasts understand are called secret skills!

He has never heard of any human being able to grasp skills like teleportation beyond the realm of legend!


Suddenly, Su Ping, who had previously been on the rest chair, rushed over the body in an instant, appeared in front of the astonished Sun Qiu, and threw his hand out.

A loud slap appeared, and bright red fingers burned on Sun Qiu's face, punching blood out of his mouth.

"For you, there are many beasts."

"But for them, you are the only one in their world."

"You betrayed it, it still fights for you, you can do anything dirty and dirty, but it should not betrayed, your closest comrade-in-arms!"

Su Ping's mood is unprecedented in anger. He has received many beasts in his hand, and he also has beasts. In countless battles, he can profoundly feel that the beasts devote their wholehearted efforts to their masters.

Beast is not a tool, a partner, and a comrade in arms. When it is willing to give everything for you, including life, it is your family!

Feeling the anger of Su Ping, Tang Ruyan next to him was a little surprised and also quieted down. He didn't intervene anymore.

Joanna glanced at Su Ping without saying anything, put down the Aurora Spirit Fox in her hand, and turned to grab Sun Qiu's arm, her whole body shone out, with her golden fingertips condensed, and she pressed it lightly. On his forehead.

for a long time.

When the divine power converged, the golden light of Joanna's body gradually dissipated. She let go of her hand, and Sun Qiu's expression was dull, and seemed to be lost in confusion.

Joanna turned to look at Su Ping and said, "I pass the memory on to you."


Su Ping was wondering. At the next moment, he suddenly felt a memory segment emerge in his mind. He saw Sun Qiu and other people. Soon, he saw Sun Qiu's transaction with a middle-aged man.

"This is... the Zhou family?"

In the transaction, the other party did not wear a mask like Sun Qiu said, but showed his face, and also revealed his identity in the words, not the Liu family, but the Zhou family!

Through the exchange between the two, the Sun Qiu was actually instructed by the Zhou family and came to instigate him. He even made second-hand preparations to prevent the incident from being exposed, so Sun Qiu accused the Liu family of dispatching!

Su Ping's face was gloomy. I didn't expect a Liu family to be enough. Now I'm coming to a Zhou family.

If Joanna didn't help, I'm afraid he was going to be shot.

"You are in the store, let's go out." Su Ping took a deep breath and said coldly.

Joanna froze and said, "Where are you going?"

"Injustice has a debt and there is a master. It happens to be a day off today. I will solve the matter." Su Ping said.

Tang Ruyan, who was next to him, realized that something was wrong and couldn't help but ask: "You are going to find the messenger behind this person? This person is a big family in your base city. Isn't it a bit too dangerous for someone like you?"

"When will you also care about my safety?" Su Ping turned to look at her.

Tang Ruyan froze for a moment, his cheeks red, and said angrily: "Who cares about your safety, I'm afraid you are dead, I'm in the scroll, no one can find me anymore."

Su Ping snorted and ignored her. He called out the small skeleton cultivated in the foster care and shook the secret treasure of the scroll to let Tang Ruyan enter.

"What about this man?" Joanna next to him pointed to Sun Qiu.

Su Ping glanced and flicked his palm.


A violent force suddenly erupted and hit the latter's body. The violent force hit the head of Sun Qiu. The latter's confused eyes suddenly burst out and squeezed out of the eye socket, followed by the entire head and body bursting at the same time !


Blood spattered, and Joanna automatically had a shield on her body to resist it.

"System, the health will be left to you to clean up." Su Ping glanced at the corpses and blood stains on the ground, no emotion in his eyes, such a person is not worthy of possession of a beast, the system is not willing to cut off his bond with the beast, then he comes!

This is his way!

If a person dies, the **** will naturally disappear, and the aurora spirit fox will become the pet of the ownerless.

Tang Ruyan, who was next to him, saw her violence slightly and opened her mouth slightly. She looked at Su Ping again. This time she looked at Su Ping again. This time she didn't complain any more, she obediently got into the picture.

After Su Pingping entered the picture scroll, she put away the picture scroll, immediately opened the space of the beast, and ran the little skeleton that came to her side, and received it.

"Look at the store, I will go back when I go." Su Ping explained.

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