Astral Pet Store Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Necro Girl

After selecting a phalanx, the small skull turned over in the pile of bones to find several other short bones, such as sharp teeth, replacing them with their knees, arms, etc., through the gray energy of the body, Turn these bones into their own bones.

While the small skeleton was picking bones, the Lightning Mouse on the other side fell into a bitter fight.

Under the temptation of "Lei Ying's afterimage", Lei Guangshu escaped several times, but every time he approached the humanoid skeleton, he was sensed by him, and his counterattack was extremely fast.

The Lightning Mouse relied on Thunder Flash, teleporting to the tricky direction and breaking with lightning, but just after hitting the humanoid skeleton, he was also reacted by the opponent and quickly shredded.

One hit for one life!

The gap between the Lightning Mouse and the Human Skeleton is too big, under normal circumstances it is completely a character that is spiked.

Fortunately, Su Ping can be resurrected indefinitely, as long as the lightning mouse can nibble each other, it can slowly consume it.

Despite the fierce fighting of this humanoid skull, it seems that the IQ is low. Under the repeated rebirth of the Lightning Mouse, it still fights against it without any meaning of retreating.

After a few minutes.

Most of the dark turbidity on the humanoid skull has faded away, and his movements have gradually slowed down, not as sharp as before.

At this time, Su Ping sensed that there was a belligerent thought coming from the little skeleton on the side, and it was very strong. Then he saw a small black figure hurried to the battlefield.

Su Ping looked closely, it was the small skull.

However, the appearance of the small skull at this moment is slightly different from the previous one. Although the body height is still the same, the body is slightly black, and the bones such as arms and knees have become sharp and darker in color.

The biggest difference is the speed of running.

Compared with the previous stumble, it is now walking steadily, and it is almost catching up with the speed of the thunder mouse.

The humanoid skeleton is entangled with two thunder-light mice, and the score is unclear due to the interference of the afterimage of Thunder Shadow. When the small skeleton came, it suddenly felt, turned around, and suddenly roared, rushing towards the small skeleton.

At this moment, the small skull is no longer neglected at will, and it can be crushed.

Faced with the fight of the human-shaped skull, the small skull turned and evaded extremely flexibly, but just after avoiding the first arm, it was swept over by the second arm in a weird posture and shattered the body!

Among the broken skeletons, there are several bones that are extremely hard and remain intact on the ground.

Su Ping heard the prompt of the system, only to know that the small skeleton was dead, and could not piece together to regenerate, he could only choose to resurrect.

Despite being spiked, compared with the previous, the progress of the small skull has been very large.

Contained by the small skeleton, the mad thunder mouse quickly attacked, and several thunders split on the human-shaped skeleton, annihilating the dark turbidity again.

Five minutes later, with the cooperation of the small skull and the Lightning Mouse, this humanoid skull was quickly beheaded, and the whole body of dark air was exhausted.

The small skeleton picked from its bones, while the Lightning Mouse and Su Ping were tired and sat on the ground to rest.


Suddenly, the wind rose.

Su Ping looked around while resting. Suddenly he saw the depths of the woods, and there seemed to be a rush of darkness.

When the distance was hundreds of meters, I suddenly discovered that a wave of darkness had hit me!

The billowing black wave smoke, there seemed to be ghosts crying and howling, faintly could see some horrible figures flying and swimming in the black mist.

"What is this?" Su Ping was stunned.

The next moment, the wave swept over.

Su Ping suddenly felt his body cold, and the vitality of his whole body passed quickly. At the next moment, he came to the dark resurrection space.

"Resurrection in place!"

Su Ping did not choose random, but wanted to see what the black mist was.

As soon as he was resurrected, the dark mist still spread in front of him. Before he could take a closer look, he found that his body was chilling again, and he quickly returned to the resurrection space.


Su Ping still chose to stay on the spot, and he did not believe in evil.

After resurrecting more than ten times in a row, when Su Ping was resurrected again, there was a faint whizz in the dark mist.

Then, the black mist suddenly retreated, and Su Ping saw a ghostly figure flying over her face. The face was a beautiful girl. The beauty was so suffocating that she couldn't find any flaws. Su Ping had seen it so far. The most beautiful girl ever.

But from the bottom of the chest, the girl's body was a dry skeleton, and it seemed that she could see scarlet internal organs and black mist.

The dark mist girl's complexion is extremely pale, her delicate alluring face seems to be old, and Su Ping slowly looks at her, her green eyes show interesting colors, but she is also full of monsters.

Su Ping was calm and fearless. He didn't die anyway. There was nothing to say.

He was also looking up and down at each other, his eyes unbridled, and even wanted to squeeze her body twice to see if it had texture.

"Can't identify?" Su Ping lost an appraisal technique, but didn't see any information, and suddenly became more interested. This is obviously a higher life.

At this moment, the girl of Black Mist suddenly spoke a string of language, which was very strange and jerky, like the call of the dead.

Su Ping didn't understand it and was about to ask. Suddenly, he saw the girl raise her hand and waved, and the black mist around him suddenly came.

Su Ping returned to the resurrection space again, he was a little strange, immediately resurrected in situ, and saw the black mist girl again.

When the other party saw him, he was obviously surprised for a while, and then the strange color in his eyes became more intense. He flew gently and came close to Su Ping.

Su Ping blinked and suddenly reached out to her chest.

Soft as fog, to be precise, this is essentially a fog.


As soon as he sighed, Su Ping saw the black mist girl frown, her body chilled again, and she returned to the resurrection space.

Fortunately, such death is not painful, Su Ping still chose to resurrect in situ.

The Black Mist Girl looked at Su Ping who appeared again out of thin air, startled, and slowly fell into contemplation...

"Do you have wisdom, can you understand me?" Su Ping asked curiously.

Its rare to see humanoids, maybe you can find some strange things.

The Black Mist Girl slowly looked at him, and suddenly thought of something, the green light in her eyes flashed, she lightly opened her lips, Su Ping suddenly felt the heat and energy of her body, all turned into pale golden energy floating into her mouth.

Soon, Su Ping died again.

Without hesitation, resurrect again.

The Black Mist Girl was not surprised this time, but still opened her mouth and continued to absorb Su Ping's life energy.

resurrection! resurrection! resurrection!

Su Ping was resurrected seven or eight times and found that the Black Mist Girl had never stopped. He asked nothing.

After arriving, Su Ping finally relieved himself, this girl regarded him as an inedible food!

Angrily, Su Ping was too lazy to explore what happened, and chose to resurrect directly.

As soon as he was resurrected, Su Ping discovered that the surrounding scene was different from any other time before. This is a huge palace.

However, the palace seems to be made of huge white bones and is extremely grand.


When I came back late, I still encountered an inexhaustible thing, which was delayed. I will make up for it on Wednesday, why not~

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