Astral Pet Store Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Battle Title Level


The purgatory candle dragon beast landed from the summoning space and stepped on the ground. The majestic and strong dragon body pressed the ground down, and the fire of his purgatory swayed, and the air was burned and twisted!

The cold dragon eyes, implying unmatched killing intent, looked around the audience.

In front of it, there are more than twenty distinguished high-level war pet masters, and more than twenty expensive high-level blood beasts, the lowest of which are war pets of the seventh rank bloodline, and six of the eighth-rank bloodline pets. Seven, and two darlings of rank 9 blood, are all adults!

The body of each pet is big and small, big like a small building, small and burly like a tank, gathered together, fierce and fierce, discoloring!

However, the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast raised his eyes and looked around, and the monstrous dragon power overwhelmed the audience. There was a great look around Yu Nei, who could match the momentum! !

Hearing the dragon chant of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, the many war pets who had previously chanted to attack, including their masters, all suddenly changed color!

This is... Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast!

In the entire Longjiang base city, they only know that there is one place, there is this dragon beast!

It's that beast shop!

They naturally heard about that beast shop, but they did not expect that the people behind this beast shop would find the door of their Zhou family, and the arrogance was so arrogant!


Su Ping opened his mouth slightly, saying like words.


Roar! !

It seems that in response to the master's killing intent, Ziqing Gun Python and Infernal Candle Dragon Beast erupted at the same time, sending out roaring dragon chant!

The dragon roar of the two beasts was like a sonic boom, deafening, and turned the lawns around the roads upside down. The roar of the dragon mixed the energy in their bodies and swept towards the many Zhou Kings in the front!

A group of Zhou Wangjun and their beasts, as if blown by the strong wind, had to bow their heads to resist, some war pet masters propped up their shields, resisting the impact of the substantially sonic dragon roar, and the sand and debris rolling in front grass.

After the roar, the Zhou Wangjun all eased up, all looked at each other, with incredible terror in their eyes. This purgatory candle dragon beast just looked like it was just entering adulthood. The momentum was so terrifying, it was like facing Like the ninth-order dragon beast, this is terrible!

The same is true for the python, which looks like the purple and green squirrel pythons they know, but the common purple and green squirrel python... how can there be such a huge volume and momentum? !

After a short silence, the two Zhou Wangjun captains took a step. They are both master-level war pet masters. They have reached the eighth level, and the pets they control are even nineth-level adult, even if they are with ordinary titles. The strong players will be able to barely take one or two moves.

"Who is coming, the quick report has the name, our Zhou family and you are not guilty of the river water, why should we invade it?!" One of Zhou's army chiefs gritted his teeth.

Zhou Wangjun, who had been talking outside in the past, has been completely suppressed by the momentum of this man's two favors. He is a little bit angry and unwilling in his heart.

"My name, you don't deserve to know." Su Ping stood up and said coldly: "Your Zhou family provokes me first, and I come to find people, all let go!"

This week the king's army chief's face changed, exasperated and said: "Who are you looking for, you can sign up, we will notify you!"

"I don't know what his name is, I only know what he looks like, so I want to see your patriarch and let him show me your genealogy." Su Ping said.

Looking at the genealogy? !

This week, the army commander was so angry that he heard this. The genealogy is the root of a family, the most confidential existence, and the most indecent existence. Does this outsider even open his mouth to see the family genealogy of Zhou? !

As soon as Su Ping made this remark, the other Zhou Wangjun, who was shocked by the purgatory candle dragon beast, also recovered, and his face flushed with rage.

"Bold Madman!"

Suddenly, a thunderous roar sounded in the air, followed by a gust of wind-like roaring sound, as if an intercontinental missile was launched, pierced the void, and appeared in front of the Su plane in an arc of an instant.

When his body stopped, the wind surrounding him was still there, rolling his clothes and hunting, and his long hair fluttering in the wind, which was extraordinary.

This is a middle-aged man with a strong figure, but it seems to be out of touch with the real society, wearing a simple blouse, a bronze-colored skin is extremely strong, thick eyebrows and big eyes, the Chinese character face does not look angry and long hair seems I didn't take care of it for a long time, but just stuck it in my head.

Standing in the sky!

This is a title-level powerhouse!

Seeing this person appear, everyone on the ground, Wang Zhoujun, was relieved. The former Zhou Wang commander who came forward also returned to the team, but glared coldly at Su Ping, just like a ferocious wild wolf. .

Once Su Ping defeated, they would rush to the ground and tear them apart, even the bones would not stay.

"Your Excellency, broke into my Zhou's house, blamed me for insulting my Zhou genealogy, blaspheming my Zhou family up and down, you should be guilty of death!" The fierce middle-aged man stared at Su Ping with cold eyes in his eyes, The whole body is surrounded by rich energy, which seems to be embedded with the surrounding heaven and earth.

Su Ping looked up, his eyes cold, and said, "Your Zhou family plots to frame my shop, damage my reputation, and surrender the people I want. I will leave. I will say more. I don't mind killing more people!"

"Hahaha... so crazy!!"

The middle-aged man was angry and grinned. In the house of their Zhou family, some people dared to be so rampant. How many more people wanted to kill? !

"Die to me!!"

He suddenly raised his hand, the violent energy gathered, above Su Ping's head, suddenly a giant palm appeared, slapped hard at Su Ping.

"you wanna die!"

The cold light flashed in Su Ping's eyes. Through the spirit control skills, he could perceive the energy of the surrounding void, unlike other pet masters under the ninth level. Even if this void energy was photographed by the palm, it might not be able to detect it in time.

Seeing the other party's undisguised killing intentions, the killing intentions in his heart also rolled out, ran through the **** sea of corpses, and countless gods and demons have trampled on the body. What did this person count? !


The Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast in front of the Su plane received Su Ping's rumor, the dragon's eyes suddenly burst, a monstrous anger and murderous erupted, and a step forward, the entire ground fell to a few meters deep, and it looked up, in A roar of dragon flames rose from the roar, turning into a huge ball of fire and hitting **** the palm of the void energy.


The two groups of violent energy burst above Su Ping's head, and the world and earth tremble slightly, and countless energy fragments are released.

The pupil of the middle-aged middle-aged man shrank and was a little surprised. He didn't expect that this seemingly adult purgatory candle dragon beast could actually resist this blow for this young man.

He doubted the true age of this teenager, and felt that he dared to break into their Zhou's house alone. Most of them had a title-level combat power, but even if they had a title-level combat power, there was a gap between the title level and the title level, and , Their Zhou family is more than his title level!


Raising his hand to cut through the void, the middle-aged man with a sullen complexion called out his pet.

Two summoning vortices appeared, and suddenly two giant beasts were drilled from the inside. One was his main fighting pet, and the other was a pet. Although there was a difference between the master and the deputy, the combat power was not much different. !


As the pet of war appeared, the sturdy middle-aged man raised his hand and waved forward, as if calling for thousands of horses and horses. Two gusts of wind rolled out from his sides and two giant beasts roared towards Su Ping on the ground. Rushed.

Su Ping's eyes were cold, without any slight waves.

The beast of the ninth-order median, he knows how many people he has seen, and there are countless beheaded!

Roar! !

The purgatory candle dragon beast on the ground roared suddenly, and saw these two giant beasts rushing to Su Ping-its owner, it was like it was completely irritated. Bloodthirsty and murderous, at this moment rushed up from the depths of its soul.

A Long Yin spread throughout the Zhou family's house! !

The ground beneath the foot of the purgatory dragon was suddenly cracked, and the range of several tens of meters was collapsed by a violent force, but the body of the purgatory dragon was like a spring, and it suddenly fired into the air. Out, the flames of his whole purgatory burn fiercely, and gradually gather together, turning into a frightening magic flame.

Inferno flames, legendary skills!


In the roaring sound, in the process of the purgatory candle dragon beast rising into the sky, in the ten square space behind it, the purgatory flame was automatically born and burned, and turned into a sea of fire. With its roar, it suddenly crossed its The body screamed at the two giant beasts!

This flame, like the sea of fire hanging upside down, stained half of the sky red with blood!

"What kind of fire is this!"

The face of the fierce middle-aged man changed suddenly, with unbelievable horror on his face. From the flames, he felt the indescribable coercion, the death, the **** smell and the devilish horrific murderousness.

His eyes were reflected in blood with flames!

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