Astral Pet Store Chapter 313

Chapter 313: Coercion

This vibration is like a twelve earthquake. Within a few miles of the fall of the wind beast, the building shook and the walls cracked, and some houses were closer. As the ground collapsed, it also collapsed and the dust was flying.

On the ground, the body of the wind-loving beast is motionless. At its neck and neck, there is a huge blood mouth. The head has been broken, and it has fallen to another place. The head is still cruel, but the eyes have become dull. .

A pet of ninth-order elements is killed!

Zhou Wangjun, who was watching from below, was shocked and speechless.


No one could see clearly. When the body of the wind-loving beast fell, a tiny black figure followed its swooping down body and ran back!

When it ran to its end, it flickered again!

When the wind beast fell, before waiting for Zhou Feng to react from this scene, he suddenly felt a strong chill that struck the whole body.

In front of him, a small skull full of magical energy appeared out of nowhere.

In the hand of the little skull, he held a blood-stained bone knife. This bone knife was like a fragment of a fang, with an ugly structure, but with an unusually horrible atmosphere.

Do not--

He was frightened, horrified, and wanted to open his mouth to call, but the voice was only in his mind.

With a thump, the blood in the air swayed again, and Zhou Feng's body was chopped off with a knife, split in two, but strangely, the bone knife cut from his body seemed to have a strong adsorption force, Actually involved his body.

There seems to be a peculiar force field around the corpse, which trembles the corpse, suddenly bursts into powder, and then transforms into a bright red energy, inhaled into the bone knife.

On the unpretentious bone knife, there is a blood clot faintly!

In a short breath, only a skeleton figure was left in the air.

A well-known title-level powerhouse is dead!

"Do not"

The old figure flitting from behind quickly, seeing this scene, his body suddenly stopped, the old face was full of incredulous horror, he could not believe that in the short minutes and seconds he came, Zhou Feng It was so dead that even the beast with him died together!

This is a title-level powerhouse!

Was it just spiked? !

Looking at the skull with black magic energy all over him, his heart kept shrinking, feeling trembling and frightened. Although he was stronger than Zhou Feng, he couldn't kill Zhou Feng so easily by asking himself.

"Please, please stop and have something to say."

Looking at the monstrous anger emitted by this skeleton, the old man hurriedly shouted, mainly to the young man below, after all, the latter is the master of this beast.

Su Ping heard this old man's words, raised his eyes slightly, and said, "You are the patriarch? You Zhou sent someone to secretly damage the reputation of my shop, and want to provoke my fight with the Liu family. ?"

When the old man heard Su Ping's words, his eyes suddenly showed a sudden look. Knowing the reason the boy had found, he smiled bitterly in his heart and came to the door. He also killed Zhou Feng. Now he has to come to settle the account again?

The bitter smile turned into a bitter smile, but he said quickly: "Something slowly said, I am not the patriarch. I will definitely give you an account of what you said."

By now, he knew that denial and ostentation were useless, and it was even more impossible to find excuses. Everyone came to the door, asking for an explanation, which would easily be beaten by him.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and said indifferently: "In that case, then ask your patriarch to come out, or, find out the person in charge of this matter, otherwise, today your Zhou family's title, come one, I will kill one!"

The old man's face changed slightly.

Many of the Zhou Wangjun gathered around are elite children of the Zhou family. When they heard Su Ping's words, they all changed with arrogance!

Title level, even one to kill one? !

Do you think this is Chinese cabbage, you can kill it casually?

However, the corpse of the wind beast in front of him is still there, and Zhou Feng has just fallen. Although they are angry, they really dare not refute Su Ping's remarks.

This young man is so incredible!

The old man's face changed a few times, and he reluctantly said, "I don't know how to call you?"


"...Your Excellency, wait a minute, I will bring the person you are looking for, this is a misunderstanding..." The old man said quickly.

"OK." Su Ping agreed.

The old man saw that Su Ping didn't kill the innocent again, and he was a little relieved, and at the same time, his heart was also cruel. He glanced at the dangerous skeleton and turned away quickly.

After the old man left, more and more people gathered outside this empty field. The surroundings were all surrounded by Zhou Wangjun, not to mention hundreds of them. The beasts they accompanied were giant beasts and flying pets. All around, surrounding Su Ping Tuan Tuan, seems to be alerting Su Ping to move.

In addition to Zhou Wangjun, many Zhou family members came and jumped on the roof of the house and looked at it from afar. Some young people watched it with telescopes and other equipment.

The turmoil of this war shocked the people of Zhou's house!

The rest, chatting, and cultivation in their respective loft residences were all alarmed, and they were very surprised when they came after them. They did not know who dared make trouble in their Zhou's house.

This is the old mansion of their Zhou family. There are countless strong people in the Zhou family, and they dare to invade someone. Isn't it a death? !

Among the crowd of onlookers, several young people were looking here.

When he saw Su Ping, whose negative hand stood on the top of the python, one of the young men's complexion suddenly changed, and said horror: "Isn't that... the naughty Su boss?"

"Boss Su?" the person next to him was puzzled.

This man did not answer, but was full of surprise. He was Zhou Chuan. He had previously visited Su Ping's shop. He also wanted to buy the top ten services in Su Ping's shop. But he didn't expect this to be unremarkable behind the counter. 'S boss is now in their Zhou's house, and there is so much noise!

Looking at Su Ping surrounded by the King Zhou regiment, Zhou Chuan was very shocked. With the power of one person, he shocked the whole Zhou family up and down, which is too terrifying!

If it is said that a long-established title-level strong man is mad, he can still understand, but he has talked with this Su boss up close, the latter looks very peaceful, and there is no strong man style, I did not expect that now Show such terrifying strength!

If this kind of combat power is to participate in the elite league, is it not even the world championship that has hope to achieve it? !

However, this kind of combat power is probably not a rare global championship... he thought so.

Su Ping's Yu Guang noticed Zhou Jiajun, who was gradually gathering around him, and the people watching from afar. He frowned slightly, counting the time silently in his heart.

After about four or five minutes, when his patience was about to run out, he suddenly flew four figures from the Zhou's house, cut through the air, and came to Su plane with unparalleled momentum.

Several people lowered their bodies slightly to a height of forty or fifty meters above the ground. They looked down at Su Ping slightly. A middle-aged man in the middle of the station looked introverted, but his eyes were deep and sharp. He looked at Su Ping coldly and said, " Your Excellency, you have no reason to venture into my Zhou's house, it is too welcome!"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes: "What do you mean, you Zhou family commits me first, do you plan to make a deal now?"

"Hum, unreasonable trouble, hurt my people, you pay for it!" The middle-aged man snorted coldly, and he didn't see how he was acting, three huge vortices appeared out of thin air around his body.

Out of these three huge black vortexes of summoning, a fierce claw or tentacle suddenly emerged, and three huge and fierce figures were drilled from inside.

Three tier nine pets, two tier nine superiors, and a tier nine peak!

He is the patriarch of the Zhou family, Zhou Tianlin!

With the emergence of the three giant beasts, a heavy coercion slowly covered the audience. Many Zhou Wangjuns on the ground were shocked by this coercion and wanted to retreat.

The cold light flashed in Su Ping's eyes.

Before he came, he expected that if the Zhou family wanted to surrender, the latter might not be willing, so he came directly, the purpose was to beat the Zhou family by surprise, so as to prevent the Zhou family from knowing that Sun Qiu's affairs were exposed, and start the follow-up Response plan, so he came that day!

Previously beheading that Zhou Feng, Su Ping wanted to deter. Seeing the old man's reaction, he thought that the deterrence had no effect and the deterrent worked.

But unexpectedly, the old man just went back to ask for help.

Now, they were given a breathing opportunity and assembled four title ranks, which was enough to kill him.

Sure enough, only when it hurts the bone marrow can you really make sense!

"Do you pay your life?"

The corner of Su Ping's mouth cracked slightly, "Come on first!"

In his black eyes, a bit of murderous violence gradually emerged. In the countless deaths in the breeding ground, his heart was definitely not a good person.


The idea was passed to the little skull.

The small skull standing in the quiet sky, the scarlet awn in the eye socket, suddenly flourished!

This scarlet color seems to permeate out of its eye sockets, turning into two red lights shooting through the sky!

The ancient and rich magic energy, from its blood, from its soul, from its bones, penetrated little by little, and at that moment, the whole sky changed color!

A kind of breath close to gods and demons slowly came out.

The three giant beasts just summoned from Zhou Tianlin, the fierce eyes suddenly became awake, and there was a little fear in their eyes. They felt a terrifying terror from the little humble little body. breath.

That is murderous to kill everything!

What a terrible hostility this is!

The bodies of the three giant monsters were trembling, and they slowly receded, daring not to fight!

Their panic sentiment was also instantly transmitted to their owner through a contract. In Zhou Tianlin's consciousness, Zhou Tianlin, who was full of murderous eyes in his eyes when he felt the panic thoughts from his own beast, was suddenly shocked. The murderous energy dissipated and became somewhat incredible.

At the same time, he also felt an unusual chill. This kind of chill grew more and more. Soon, he felt this dangerous murderousness. Where did he come from?

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