Astral Pet Store Chapter 316

Chapter 316: I Am A Reasonable Person

After slamming all these eight people, Su Ping's mind suddenly appeared the sound of the system prompt, and the task of killing the real murderer had been completed.

Hearing this reminder, Su Ping's killing intentions also slightly faded, so it seems that this week's family is very honest, and there is no ambiguity in this regard.

"Previous, senior..."

Watching the eight people die instantly, the three title-level faces twitched slightly, beheading the Zhou family face-to-face, or they personally sent it up, which completely annihilated their Zhou family face.

However, considering all this is to rescue the patriarch, they can only be patient.

The old man who spoke first, slightly sloppy, said to Su Ping: "They are all people involved in this matter, and now they have received the punishment they deserve, then our patriarch...Can you let it go?"

As soon as the words came out, the other two also changed their faces slightly, looking up at Su Ping nervously.

They sent their clan to Su Ping and let him slaughter. If at the end Su Ping was just playing with them and still beheading their patriarch, it would be embarrassing, a shame for not sharing the sky, and a real endless death. !

And if they dont die, even if they exhaust the power of the entire Zhou family and kill Su Ping, they will be seriously injured themselves, or they will immediately leave the Longjiang base city, or they will be eaten up by the other four families. To divide up their disabled "corpses".

Either way, its not what they want to see.

What's more, they were not sure, and they beheaded Su Ping in desperation. After all, the latter showed their strength so far, they still didn't see through it, and they felt an unfathomable feeling.

Su Ping glanced at the three of them, and the corners of his mouth suddenly curled up a bit of arc, and said with amusement: "You said, I let you Zhou family lose such a big face, will you revenge me afterwards?"

The three heard the words, their faces suddenly changed, and quickly waved their hands: "No, no, no!"

The first to apologize, and the oldest senior, immediately said: "Senior, I assure you that our family will not infringe you and your shop afterwards. This time, we have no eyes and offended you. They are dead, and your punishment is due, I guarantee with my Zhou Tianguang's title!"

The title is the most important thing for the title-level powerhouse, which is equivalent to a person's face. Guarantee with the title is a very high commitment.

However, such a non-binding commitment, Su Ping naturally did not believe it.

Not to mention the security of the title, even if it is a parent or father, the whole family's ancestors would not believe it.

Once a person breaks his faith, it is useless to take any guarantee. Oral words, it is not counted, this is the way of Xiongxiong.

And this week, Tian Guang, dont look at Wei Nuo now. As the title of the Zhou family, in the base city of Longjiang, it is definitely a bighead with a face and a face. Stomping can make countless people bankrupt, trembling, and hosting a birthday party. The visits made by the parties from all walks of life can be described as the existence of the wind and rain, and it is no exaggeration to say that they are a "owl."

The verbal assurance of such people is that Su Ping is a hundred unbelievers.

Hatred is for sure.

Revenge is also certain.

However, despite knowing this, Su Ping chose to stop the hand and the killing ended.

In the high sky, he received the small skeleton he intended, and the condensed magic energy returned to the body like a whale sucked water, and changed back to a dumb little skeleton. It did not look at Zhou Tianlin again, turned around and flew back. When he reached Su Ping, he landed on the head of the purple and green python at his feet, next to Su Ping's thigh.

The infernal candle dragon beast covered with inferno flames in mid-air, also slowly landed, standing next to the purple and green dragon, a pair of dragon eyes mixed with violent and cold, crazy and calm, gazing at the three titles in front of Su plane, as long as If they move slightly, they will attack immediately.

As the small skeleton left, Zhou Tianlin felt oppressed on his chest, and the horror shadow of the entire upper body also dissipated. The warm sunlight shone, and at this moment he actually had a feeling of regaining light and new life.

He has heard the words of the three family titles and the conversation with Su Ping. He is the title level after all. As long as he wants to listen, even the ants crawling on the ground thousands of kilometers away can hear clearly.

Feeling the cold and cold sweat on his back, he felt palpitations. He didn't expect that he would almost lose his life on such an ordinary ordinary Saturday.

His face changed for a moment, a little complicated, and a little ugly, but he slowly flew down and came to the three title ranks.

His eyes glanced from the skeleton pet at the foot of Su Ping, and there were still shadows in his eyes, but his eyes quickly shifted to Su Ping's face at the same height as him, and he grinned reluctantly, saying, "Thank you for your high hand! "

As a defeated player, he has nothing to say at this moment.

At his feet, the previously detained clan was chopped off, the body was still on the ground, and blood remained on the long neck of the python at the foot of Su Ping, but he still could only laugh with him.

At this moment, Zhou Tianlin, who was in control of the party and sat in the clouds of the base city of Longjiang, overlooking countless civilians and ordinary rich people, became an outright weak.

Weak meat, strong food, usually he is the "strong food" party, but at this moment he became "weak meat."

The "weak flesh" has no dignity, so at this moment standing on the corpse of the tribe, he still can only barely laugh with him, thanking each other.

"I am a reasonable person."

Su Ping glanced at the four of them, his eyes were calm, and he also had a deep insight into the truth of the world. He could experience the humiliation of the other party, but he would not sympathize.

"Injustice is the head, debt is the head."

"Your Zhou family provokes me first and tarnishes the reputation of my shop. I find them for revenge. This is because of it."

"Now they are dead, and my revenge has been reported. The holiday with them ends here. This is the result."

"You protect your people, right or wrong, this is your cause of sin, so in the current situation, the humiliation you have suffered is the result you deserve."

"I don't care what you think, but this matter has been cancelled by me, and the cause and effect are over."

"If you want to retaliate again, I'm welcome at any time, but don't forget a little... the cause of your own, you have to bear it, and the result."

Speaking of the last sentence, Su Ping's tone was very serious and his eyes were calm, but after he finished speaking, a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

This smile is very strange, it seems with a bit of cynicism, a bit frivolous, and a bit of a deep cold killing intention.

Zhou Tianlin and the three title-levels were slightly discolored, and both lowered their heads, but secretly bit the back molar in the shadow that Su Ping could not see.

Invading their Zhou family without permission, beheading so many people of their Zhou family, killing people without blinking, even saying that they are reasonable?

You naughty and the Liu family didn't deal with it. We just wanted to add fire to the people who didn't kill you, but you just came to the door and didn't kill or stop. This is called reasoning? !

These words roared in their hearts, but they did not dare to show it, they just hoped to send away this killing **** immediately.

Su Ping glanced at them and smiled slightly. He could feel the anger and murderous thoughts in them. What these people thought, he was almost clear, but it had nothing to do with the decisions and actions he made, just like What he said is that there is a debt and a prince. He has already found the creditor and can repay it.

As for this week's family, although offended, according to the most favorable treatment, it is to kill and wipe out the roots.

However, this week's family is, after all, a centuries-old family in the base city of Longjiang. The clan is deeply intertwined, and it is difficult to say nothing. There are good and bad things in this large family.

There are family loyal eagle dogs, there are also innocent people, some people were born in the Zhou family, it does not mean that they will be bad people, some people even do not agree with the Zhou family, moved out of the Zhou family early, but still flowing the Zhou family Blood.

Destroy others if you don't move, either mentally ill or thirsty.

Su Ping is clearly not.

His reason knows what is best for him, but he has only a few consciences left, and he knows what he should choose.

As for Zhou's subsequent revenge...

Su Ping could feel from the performance of several of them. Although they hated him, angered him, and wanted to retaliate him, but their mind still, they would not easily retaliate their shots without the certainty that they could absolutely kill him.

Thinking and acting are two different things.

After all, the clan was killed, and people were angry and wanted to take revenge, which was reasonable and understandable.

Furthermore, there are countless children in every big family, it is inevitable that they will provoke right and wrong, kicking some hard bones, but not every time they encounter hard bones, they will try their best to fight like crazy dogs. Such forces are ignorant bandits, not families. And it can't last for hundreds of years.

This is also the reason why the five big families are rubbing against each other, but there is little real shopping. After all, an injured wolf is not a complete hunter, and it may become a prey of others.

At the same time, this is why they would willingly send the clan up and let him beheaded one by one, and would rather lose face and lose their prestige.

Just because this patriarch is the core of their family and the main bloodline.

No matter how much the fur is hurt, the family can tolerate it, but it must not hurt the bones!

The fur can be cured by licking, but the bone is injured, and it will be difficult to recover in a while!

Therefore, when they meet such a hard bone, they will be annoyed, but they will also be forbearing until they are stronger than their opponents and can give the opponent the assurance that they will be killed in a single blow.

This is how the big family survives.

Su Ping knew that as long as he stayed strong enough, they would only lose heart forever.

Moreover, even if they are really brainless and want to retaliate afterwards, Su Ping doesnt care. There are not many weaknesses around him. Both parents can stay in the safe territory of the shop, and there is a not-so-lovable sister, After participating in the league, he was thrown to the first school in Yalu District. With the influence of this week's family, he borrowed two more arms and could not reach his first school in Nayali.

Moreover, in that college, there was also a vice-principal who took care of Su Lingyue for him. The latter was the pinnacle of the title. Although the potential is not as good as Dao Zun, there is little hope for promotion to the legend, but it is ultimately the person who stands at the top of the title. You can suppress the entire Zhou family by yourself!

"Seniors said it seriously, and it was our fault. How dare we say anything in revenge? We have to thank our seniors for cleaning the portal for us." Zhou Tianguang, next to him, complimented.

The patriarch Zhou Tianlin standing next to him, his eyelids slightly twitched, but said nothing. He knew that he could only serve soft now, and the soft words made him a patriarch, too low-spirited, only by the people next to him Uncle said.

Su Ping smiled gently and shook his head, saying nothing more.

It's natural to dismiss such foolish words.

However, in this case, such a "false" lie can still be said, and it can be seen that the old man is a character who can bear tolerance.

When an individual is simple, it takes a lot of effort to become an individual.


Su Ping said indifferently, the idea passed, and the purple and green python tail at his feet flapped on the ground, suddenly swimming around the body, turning around and turning around.

Seeing that Su Ping was leaving, Zhou Tianling and others were relieved in their hearts, and at the same time secretly annoyed.

See you again?

Never see you again!

Several people secretly gritted their teeth.

As Ziqing Gun Python turned around, the surrounding Zhou Wangjun suddenly awakened like a dream, slightly backed in horror.

When he saw that the patriarch and the people in power among several tribes had no position, they seemed to assume that Su Ping had left.

And the Zhou family who came to watch from afar, also hurriedly avoided a way out.

In the attention of many people, a giant python took the lead, accompanied by a dragon and a beast, stepped over the avenue of Zhou's house and the lawn after repairing it, and gradually went away.

The negative figure standing on the top of the python's head, forever, is deeply engraved in the eyes and hearts of all Zhou family members.



It wasn't until I saw Su Ping that he walked out of the Zhou's house completely and left the door of the Zhou's house. The breath disappeared from the door of the house. Zhou Tianlin and Zhou Tianguang and others were completely relaxed.

With this relaxation, they felt a little sore all over the body.

There was no killing for this boy, they were a little lucky.

If the latter were really crazy and endless, then most of their Zhou family would be finished this time.

This "end" is not necessarily defeated by this young man, but they will pay a very heavy price. Once the casualties are too heavy, waiting behind their Zhou family is the other four wolves who are watching.

"Clean up the scene, let the guards be withdrawn, everyone seals, today's things must not be rumored!"

Zhou Tianlin's eyes were cold, and he looked around and saw countless people from the Zhou family gathered together, all with faces of surprise and daze.

His face was a bit embarrassed at the thought of his previous embarrassed gesture.

This family invasion caused them to lose their Zhou Jiawei rituals and hit them badly. They must be properly dealt with, and they must also try their best to block the news. Otherwise, it will become a joke among all foreigners, and it will attack all aspects of the Zhou family. Very large, the stock market will also plunge.

"Well." The old man in brown nodded and glanced at the body somewhere on the ground. That was Zhou Feng. This time, their Zhou family fell to a title!

Each title level is the top beam of the family. If one collapses, the building will be at risk of tipping.

Fortunately, these old core bones are still there, and they can still barely support it.

"Patriarch, this matter... shall we just forget it?" Another title-level old woman, unwilling, said to Zhou Tianlin.

Hearing her words, several people's faces changed slightly. It was like a wound that had just been relieved, but was torn apart again. Zhou Tianlin's eyes became gloomy and shone with cold light.


Without waiting for Zhou Tianlin to speak, Zhou Tianguang, who first apologized to Su Ping to save Zhou Tianlin's life, opened his old eyes and looked at the old woman, "Don't you see how terrible this man's fighting power is, absolutely The existence of the title of the pinnacle, in addition to those reclusive old guys, who can compete with him?

Moreover, who knows whether there are others behind this person, the general strong man, three or five friends are normal, how to retaliate? ! "

Hearing his words, Zhou Tianlin's eyes suddenly converged and dissipated. He glanced at Zhou Tianguang, sighed, and patted him on the shoulder, "Uncle, just thanks to you."

Zhou Tianguang glanced at him, his eyes turned to the pool of blood on the ground, a sorrow flashed in his eyes, but it quickly hid, he took a deep breath and said: "Zhou Xu is my son, Zhou Ji is my dead comrade. Grandsons, they provoke people who should not provoke them, and almost cause a big disaster for the family.

Now that they are dead, this matter also draws a rest symbol. So far, I only hope that the patriarch should not blame them, and let their bones enter the clan tomb for burial. "

Zhou Tianlin looked at him for a while and nodded slightly, "This is natural."

The old lady sighed when he saw that, and said nothing more.

The old man in brown next to him and another title class were also silent. This time, almost all the people who died this time were people of Zhou Tianguang. The pain of bereavement is more than a hundred times better than skin cutting, but for family justice, the latter chose Forbearance, they are just ashamed of this brave mind.

"With this person's strength and courage today, there will be a battle with the Liu family in the future!"

Zhou Tianguang's eyes showed an extremely deep light, saying: "We just sit on the hill and watch the tigers to see if the Liu family can force out all the cards behind this shop. If they are both defeated, it would be nice to say that if the Liu family is destroyed, we will devour the Liu family. To fill our losses.

If they were wiped out by the Liu family...it wouldn't be too late for us to step on it! "

Zhou Tianlin nodded slightly and was able to fall into the rock, he would not let it go.

"The noise that happened today is too big, too many people have seen it, I'm afraid it's hard to cover up," said the old lady.

"Pass on, leaker, don't talk about killing!" Zhou Tianlin's eyes coldly said, "Hide as much as you can hide, even if it is spread, it must be said that the person was shocked by us. If the Liu family knows the strength of this person, it is estimated It may not be a fight for such a person for the sake of Liu Yuan!"


"Can't hang this person, can't hang Liu's family."


After leaving Zhou's house.

Su Ping put away the purgatory candle dragon beast and the purple and blue squirrel python, jumped back to the chariot, let only the small skeleton follow him, sat on the co-pilot, and then drove away.

The chariot drove all the way, leaving the Tianwang District, following the highway, out of the Shangcheng District, and went directly home.

This time I went there for four or five hours. I stayed at Zhou's house for only half an hour. The rest of the time was spent on the road.

"Where have you been?"

Just after arriving home, Su Lingyue ran out of the house when she heard the exhaust of the chariot, and looked at Su Ping strangely. She rarely saw Su Ping going out. She was usually housed in the store and was mysterious.

Su Ping rubbed her head, "Go and ask for debts."

"Debt?" Su Lingyue broke his palm and surprised: "Do you still give credit to this shop?"

In her view, Su Ping always collects money first and then goes through the registration procedures. Can he still take credit?

Su Ping didn't explain much, opened the store door, and shook Tang Ruyan out of the scroll, and said to Su Lingyue: "If it's okay, just practice with your Aunt Tang."

Seeing Tang Ruyan shaking out of the picture scroll, Su Lingyue was stunned in amazement. He had never seen such a magical thing.

Tang Ruyan, who fell on the ground, was annoyed by Su Ping's words before he was angry.

Don... Auntie?

When did she become an aunt? ! !

I called her Xiao Tang a few days ago, and now is Aunt Tang? !

Is this your man? !

Su Ping glanced at Su Lingyue and saw that she was staring at the scroll in her hand, the curiosity of her eyes shining, her lips flicked, and she threw the scroll to her. Outside the mouth, this treasure is of higher value, not to mention billions of dollars, so that it can be peeping."

Su Lingyue just took the picture, and when Su Ping said "worth several tens of billions", he shivered with his palm and almost fell the picture.

She looked at the scroll in her hand with a strange look on her face.

Just such a painting, can it be worth tens of billions? !

In her concept, even if one hundred million is an astronomical number, and if a few billion, then it is every day...astronomical numbers!

However, just seeing that this picture can hide people, she didn't doubt Su Ping's words, the secret of such a singular function, she had never heard of it, and felt that there were more and more things in this world that she didn't know about.

Su Ping ignored Su Lingyue, let alone a pair of projections next to him, and the laser-like murderous gaze, only flicked a sentence in that direction: "My sister will leave it to you, and tune it well."

After talking, he turned and entered a storeroom in the shop.

There are pet food in the store.

Once the door is closed, there is an absolute enchantment space. Without his permission, outsiders cannot enter, and even the perception will be cut off. Even a person like Joanna can't shake half a point.

"Look at the reward."

Su Ping secretly said.

There are several reasons for going to the Zhou's home. They are angry when they see the aurora spirit fox being sacrificed by the owner. They are also annoyed that their shop is framed. At the same time, they are also to complete the system mission and obtain the legendary beast skill book.

"The task is completed, please host the legendary beast skill book." The system prompts.

Previously in the Zhou's house, when the reminder task was completed, Su Ping could extract it, but it was not available at the time.


Looking at the unreal roulette in front of him, Su Ping immediately said.

Soon, the above began to beat, and there were words that were almost blurry, which was a book of beast secrets.


The roulette gradually slowed down until it stopped.

A secret technique radiating green light jumped out of it.

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