Astral Pet Store Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Legendary Skillgate Of The Dead Soul

The secret technique exudes dim light, full of life luster, and seems to contain a surging breath of life.

But when all the light dissipated and the name of the secret technique emerged, there was a rotten breath of death that made people feel depressed.

Su Ping looked intently.

The door of souls?

Listen to the name... it seems to be the skill of undead creatures.

Su Ping was a little surprised. At first, he thought it was a plant skill or a healing skill. Unexpectedly, it was the undead pet skill of the same occupation as the small skull.

He stretched out his mind and touched the secret technique, and a piece of information suddenly appeared in his mind.

[Mystery: Gate of the Dead Soul (Legendary)]

Rating: 85

(Note: The legendary secret skill score ranges from 10 to 99.)

[Mystery Mystery: With the power of Shura, open the door of the souls of death, summon the undead to cooperate...]


Su Ping raised his eyebrows.

For the first time, he knew that the legendary secret skill actually had a scoring system. Those skills he had seen before had never been shown in this regard.

Moreover, the upper and lower limits of this score are too wide, from 10 to 99, which is almost ten times the gap.

However, if calculated according to this score, the legendary secret skill he has drawn should be regarded as a more high-end secret skill in the legendary level. After all, it has a high score of 85.

"The effect of this skill is similar to the small skull's "Undead Slavery" skill. They all call on the undead to assist in combat. However, the difference is that the small skull's "Undead Slavery" skill is a medium undead pet skill. They can be enslaved, and enslavement consumes a lot of mind and energy."

"Once there are no dead bodies around, this'undead enslavement' skill is also invalidated, and these enslaved dead bodies can't be summoned into the beast space like a small skull. Every time I need to find dead bodies now. "

"And this skill of the soul gate can be opened anytime and anywhere. As long as the energy is sufficient, it can summon a continuous stream of undead warriors..."

Su Ping's eyes reveal the color of contemplation, and the figures of several beasts flash back and forth in his mind. After thinking over and over again, he still decided to give this skill to the small skull.

One trick is eaten all over the world, and Su Ping's biggest reliance is still the small skeleton. This is his main favorite and his peak combat strength. The performance of the small skeleton determines the upper limit of his combat power, and the purgatory candle dragon The beast and the purple-green black python, as well as the dark dragon dog, determine the versatility of his combat power.

In different environments and regions, it can respond to different crises.

Although this [Gate of the Dead Souls] skill overlaps with the "Dead Slavery" of the small skull, one is a legendary skill, and the other is a medium pet skill, the effect is completely different, and when the skill was previously drawn, Su Ping originally planned to be the first Consider using it for small skulls.


No more tangled, Su Ping called the small skeleton directly in the storage room.

The small skeleton jumped out of the summoning space and looked up at Su Ping, somewhat puzzled.

Su Ping handed this skill book directly to it, letting it absorb with consciousness, just like absorbing energy.

The small skeleton was very clever, and did as Su Ping said. Soon, this secret technique turned into smoke-like energy, drifting into its skull and into its deep sea of knowledge.

This skill is directly engraved in its soul, mastered in an instant, and it is unforgettable unless it is wiped out by itself.

Seeing the small skeleton absorb the skills, Su Ping smiled and immediately used the appraisal technique to check the attributes of the small skeleton:

Small skull

Attribute: Demon Beast

Level: 7th order median

Combat strength: 16.5

Qualification: Medium to Medium

Ability control: rebirth, undead enslavement, blood-spirit conversion, puppet making, flame blast, dark tornado, corpse roar, dark shadow of annihilation... Cliff Knife, Silent Knife, Gate of Dead Soul

(Twenty-four different kinds of skills are omitted in the middle)


Su Ping was shocked when he saw the fighting power.

16.5 combat power? !

The fighting power of the small skull, but not long ago just broke 10!

Although the divine energy in its body has been gradually increased, the subsequent divine power accumulation has little effect on the improvement of combat power, which makes the growth of combat power extremely slow.

While cultivating the beasts of other customers and the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon, Su Ping also bred small skulls, but the combat power was barely increased to the level of 13.2.

Unexpectedly, after absorbing this secret technique of [Gate of the Dead Souls] at the moment, it directly increased its combat power by more than 3 points! !

After the combat power broke 10, every time Su Ping went to cultivate the ground, the combat power growth for the small skull was a few points. Each time it could have a combat power growth of 0.2, it was extremely good, and now a secret skill, But it is worth the little skull to go to the breeding ground a dozen times!

"The improvement of the combat power brought by this skill is too exaggerated. If the combat power of 3 points is to be cultivated by a general legendary pet master, it is estimated that it will be possible to achieve it after more than ten years of practice."

Su Ping was shocked at the same time, and was also amazed at how strong this skill was. He could suddenly increase the combat power by three points in one breath.

"When you look back, you can find a nurturing place and try it out. After all, you still need to know the specific situation of the skills. Otherwise, you will not know when you are fighting." Su Ping secretly said.

He touched the little skull that was still dumb and blank, smiled slightly, and returned it to the summoning space.

Unfortunately, this storage space is too small to accommodate the body of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast, otherwise Su Ping would also like to see the legendary skill of the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast's own squeezing potential, [Infernal Dragon Flame], how many scoring skills .


"The host's pet identification level is too low to directly view the skill score on the pet." The system reminded in good faith.

Su Ping's face was black, does it cost money?

"Say the number directly."

"100,000 energy."


It's so dark.

Although he was somewhat indignant, Su Ping chose to upgrade. After all, he had to use it in many places in the future, and with the current daily revenue of his shop, 100,000 energy is not too expensive.

"The legendary skills are all (upgradable) skills. Can this soul gate also be upgraded? If it is upgraded, can the score be improved?" Su Ping suddenly asked.

The "Inferno Dragon Flame" previously understood by the Infernal Candle Dragon Beast is currently in the first-order state and can be upgraded.

The system said: "[Death Gate] skills can be upgraded, but the difficulty is very high, if upgraded, the quality will directly exceed the legendary skills."

Su Ping raised an eyebrow, so to speak, this skill is a big move.

This made him even more curious, and wanted to try it out to see what happened.

After leaving the storage room, Su Ping saw that there was no one in the store and came to the test room. Su Lingyue was practicing with Tang Ruyan. He looked like a yawning class teacher, peeping in the door crack, and left. Not disturbed.

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