Astral Pet Store Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Shock

At the same time, in the upper city.

The Zhou family is using all its energy to seal the news. However, the attack and the fighting have been too dynamic, and there are too many witnesses. The news was quietly passed on.

All major families and some high-ranking tycoons, as well as powerful dignitaries, have received this information.

The Zhou family was attacked.

There are titles falling!

Only these two news have made the forces of all parties a little discolored.

They immediately dispatched people to investigate more detailed information and dig up more inside details, and soon, there was again the most powerful news.

Only one person attacked the Zhou family.

As soon as this news came out, all parties were shocked and vigilant!

Being able to attack the Zhou family alone can definitely affect the current pattern of the base city in Longjiang.

The calm calm shrouded in the Shangcheng District, at this moment, seemed to be stirred, and the torrent was dark.


Inside the Liu's house.

All the elders and seniors in the family were all sitting in the conference hall with a somber face and a solemn expression. When receiving the information from the "Liu Ye" in the Zhou family, the entire Liu family was shocked.

They got more detailed information, not only knowing the number of attackers, but also knowing the identity of this attacker... related to that beast shop!

The pet beast shop, which has recently risen, attracted many people's attention due to its opposition to the Liu family, plus various arrogant slogans and top dragon beasts.

It is also well-known that their Liu family played against that shop.

But unexpectedly, halfway through this game duel, their opponent suddenly ran away and beat the people sitting next to them to watch the game.

This is like a scene that often happens in the landlord, the wrong person? !

But obviously, such low-level mistakes cannot happen for no reason. They want to know why this shop will attack Zhou's family. They also want to know the specific details of the battle.

"You know everything."

Patriarch Liu Tianzong, looking around the audience, eyes sullenly, said: "Half an hour ago, the Zhou family was attacked, and the title level that fell was Zhou Feng, who had just been promoted in recent years.

As you all know, although it was not long before the promotion of the title, it was the genius of the previous generation of the Zhou family. The most brilliant record was to escape from the title of a foreign city at the eighth level. Ability to leapfrog.

Moreover, in the past few years of promotion to the title level, this person has not been low-key, if it does not fall, it will be a pioneer tiger of the Zhou family in the future! "

Liu Tianzong glanced at the silent people, his voice was low, and said: "And this growing tiger was killed in the Zhou's house, what do you think is the realm of the person who beheaded him?"

Everyone's eyes flickered slightly, and they all felt a little chest depression.

Within the Zhou family's house, a Zhou family title was beheaded, and it was Zhou Feng, a genius capable of leapfrogging. Such a combat power... at least it must be a title!

Seeing no one answering, Liu Tianzong stood up and said, "According to Leaf's information, the reason why Zhou Feng was killed this time was because he was fighting alone.

However, after beheading Zhou Feng, this man faced several clan elders of the Zhou family, as well as the patriarch Zhou Tianlin, but in the end they still advanced, but they failed to retain them!

From this point of view, this person should have the title-level extreme combat power, or the title of the extremely devilish title! "

Hearing his solemn voice, there was some silence in the conference hall.

After a brief silence, an old man said, "Patriarch, why did this person attack Zhou's family? Since this person is the person behind that beast shop, it is not enough for them to provoke our Liu family. Isnt it too unwise to be home, could it be that the Zhou family did something so angry?"

Others also looked at Liu Tianzong, which was a common question in their hearts.

In their early view, this store is mostly foreign forces, want to settle in the base city of Longjiang, choose to start with their Liu family, and want to step on the body of their Liu family and replace it.

But now this matter has suddenly overturned their previous ideas.

It's already a very rampant thing to provoke them to the Liu family. If they haven't solved them, they will provoke another big family. Isn't it to declare war between them? !

It must have been something extremely bad that the Zhou family did, making this shop disregarded reason and mad!

Everyone thought so.

Seeing everyone's eyes, Liu Tianzong slightly twitched his mouth and attacked the Zhou family. He also just learned from another dark leaf.

This dark leaf has been rooted in the Zhou family for more than 20 years and has been in one-line contact with himself.

When he learned this reason, he doubted whether the information was wrongly transmitted.

The reason for attacking Zhou's family is completely different from what he imagined...

Take a deep breath.

Liu Tianzong said slowly: "The Zhou family was attacked because they sent someone to buy the person who escorted the top 100 services of this store, let that person to discredit this store, slandered their reputation, and let this person pretend to be us The people of the Liu family want to intensify the conflict between our Liu family and this store."

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was stunned.

Some people still looked at Liu Tianzong suspiciously, waiting for the words behind him, but Liu Tianzong closed his mouth, apparently he had finished speaking.


this one?

Just because they sent someone to stigmatize the reputation of the shop, they hit the Zhou family?

For this, a title-level life was also paid? !

Everyone looked at each other, feeling a little stunned and incredible.

They thought that something big was happening, which was more serious than the feud of killing the father, but they didn't expect it to be such a trivial matter of the same size as sesame seeds.

Smear shop reputation?

They send people to do this online every day!

Discrediting competitors, is this not the basic means of commercial competition? !

Even if someone is sent directly to the shop, it is just a small farce!

Just for this, just kill last week's home?

Everyone was a little speechless. Although the Zhou family also provoked their Liu family in this matter, they didn't know why. They all felt that Zhou family was a little bit wrong.


Not worthy of sympathy.


Who asked you to intensify our contradictions?

This is all right, causing a neuropathy and letting you lose face directly!

"This week's home... are they okay with food?" someone said.

Others nodded in sympathy.

Even if you let you watch the excitement, you actually come to pick things up.


Now I have lost myself.

However, they said that they still have to thank the Zhou family for at least helping them to find out some hidden information behind this store.

The first is this store, there are suspected strong limit of the title.

Secondly, this store is not normal, and it's irritating, you can't figure it out.

Finally, the Zhou family's behavior gave them an additional ally.

This ally is naturally the unlucky Zhou family of this lack of stupidity.

Although the Zhou family is also engaging them in this matter, but now, this store is much more difficult than the Zhou family. After all, the real bottom of the store is so small that they havent figured it out yet. However, they are more familiar.

The enemy of the enemy is a friend.

This week the family is now deflated and looking for them to unite, apparently unreasonably refused.

"The patriarch, what will we prepare for this store in the league tomorrow? Do we want to continue?" a senior member of the clan asked cautiously, worrying that because of this trivial temptation, this unusual store would be irritated.

Liu Tianzong raised his eyebrows and said indifferently: "Of course, our Liu family is not the Zhou family. If they dare to come to the door, let them come and go!"


"That's why the Zhou family compares with our Liu family, we can't wait for them to come to the door."

"In our site, they came to the door to find death, and wanted to succeed?"

Others all said.

Liu Tianzong raised his hand slightly, and the conference hall was quiet again. He continued to discuss the following things, and at the same time let people continue to explore the Zhou family's attack and dig for more details.

In his mind, he always felt that this matter was not that simple.


Qin's house.

In a secluded bamboo garden, an old man sits in the pavilion, tasting tea and refreshing.

"Father, this is the case."

A burly middle-aged man sat by the teahouse and said respectfully that he was the son of the head of the Qin family and the seed of the Qin family, the younger generation of the Qin family.

However, his talents are more general, and he has not yet waited for his succession to the Qin family. His son Qin Shaotian was born and was awakened innately after birth. Afterwards, he showed extraordinary talents in cultivation and directly took over his seed identity and became the new Qin. The young master, if there is no accident, is also the successor of the future Qin family.

Fortunately, this is his own son, he is also pleased.

"I know." The old man sat in the old chair, gently shaking the fan in his hand, with his eyes closed and a leisurely look. In the tea cup on his table, two teas flew into his nostrils like a white dragon. In the middle, enjoying the taste of this tea.

"This store, I asked Lao Zhao. Although he didn't disclose much, he warned me not to provoke this store."

The old man opened his eyes slowly, his eyes deep, and said: "In these years, Zhao has been so fearful that people who are afraid of being offended by leaks have never been there. This store... don't mess with it."

The middle-aged middle-aged man's pupils shrank because he was afraid of offending people.

This is too terrifying!

But it also shows that the city government must know what the secret of this store is, and this secret is extremely scary!

"In addition, over the Zhou family, the man was not taken away by the old guys of the Zhou family, but almost gave the Zhou family a pot, they had to succumb..." The old man said slowly, his eyes showing The extremely deep light was a bit chilly.


The burly middle-aged man stood up suddenly, and the momentum was almost overturning the stone table. He was shocked and almost silent.

Suppress one family by one person? !

how can that be! !

Although the Zhou family ranks at the end of the five major families, it is also one of the five major families. After so many years, he has not been kicked out of the five major family sequences and has been hanging on the tail, showing that the strength is extraordinary.

The old man saw his move, frowning slightly, glanced at the large cup of tea rippled in the teacup next to him, and whispered: "Sit down."

The burly middle-aged man reacted and realized that he was gazed, his face slightly changed, and he sat down honestly and asked, "Father, is this news correct? If this is the case, is this person a pinnacle-level peak, Even... legendary?"

When it comes to the last two words, his voice trembles a little.


There are only two of the dozens of base cities in the entire Asian region.

Any legend, stomping the foot, can make the whole Asian land tremble. Will such a character be in their Longjiang base city? Will it be in that shop? !

He dared not think about it anymore.

"No need to think about it, just wait and see." The old man glanced at him, said eight words, and then closed his eyes again.


A piece of news came from the Zhou family's house and spread among several big families and top-level circles. These messages are different. As more and more circulates, the taste gradually changes. Some exaggerate and some twist In view of the situation, there are still descriptions of live battles, but they sound unbelievable and feel false.

The specific and real information is only known to senior officials of major families.

However, this intelligence was strictly sealed by the Zhou family. They are still digging. They only know that the Zhou family has suffered a lot, and the attacker is related to the pet shop.

In any case, this beast shop has been labeled "difficult" and "dangerous" by all forces.


Inside a small naughty shop.

Su Ping greeted Joanna and asked her to follow her to cultivate the world.

After all, it's a new skill. Joanna is well-informed and has a much richer experience than him. With her by her side, she can also be a staff member and analyze and analyze for him.

The selected nurturing world is an unmanned elementary nurturing world that is randomly selected, and the entrance fee is only 1 energy.

This is a desolate unmanned planet. Standing on it, you can directly see other nearby planets of different sizes and the vast universe.

But which star field this planet is in, Su Ping is unknown.

Joanna looked around, and every time she came to the unfamiliar cultivation world, she always hoped to sense her hometown and the demise of the demise from her surroundings, so that she could be positioned.

But every time in vain.

The nurturing world selected by Su Ping seems to be all over the world, and it also made her feel for the first time that this world is so vast except for the central God Territory where she is.

Su Ping summoned the small skeleton.

The small skeleton stood beside Su Ping and looked up at him.

Su Ping smiled slightly and touched his head, letting it be in front of him, exerting the legendary skills he just got.

The small skull was very obedient, nodded his head, his figure flashed, and he appeared hundreds of meters away, standing in the sky.

Joanna also withdrew her gaze and landed on this small skeleton. She had been in contact with this undead pet many times during this time and could feel that this was not an ordinary lower skeleton species, but an extremely rare bloodline and extremely noble. Skeleton creature.

Soon, the dark energy emerged on the small skull, and a bunch of magic qi surging, accompanied by a low roar, the small skeleton suddenly burst out of a strong magic flame, behind this magic flame, a huge phantom of the Skeleton King appeared faintly. Overlooking the earth from midair.

At the same time, the phantom of the Skeleton King made the same movement as the small skeleton, folded his hands together, and then slowly pulled outwards.

It was like there was an invisible door crack, which was pulled apart.

The void collapsed suddenly, and there was an unfathomable crack. In an instant, the light around the sky and earth was much darker, a breath of cold death spirits poured out, and there were faint crying wolves moaning around, which was not aurally sensed , But a spiritual induction.

I saw that the void crack was getting bigger and bigger and was completely torn apart by Skeleton King Virtual Shadow.

A thick cloud of black mist suddenly poured out from the inside!

Joanna, who was standing next to Su Ping, changed her face suddenly and said horror: "This is the world of Shura's soul!!"

Su Ping froze, wondering: "What?"

Joanna gleamed with golden light all over her face, showing a very dignified color on her face, and seemed to be ready to fight at any time. This was her instinctive self-protection.

Although Su Ping told her that it is okay to die in this nurturing world, but she has never died in nurturing the world and dare not try it easily.

Su Ping was a little surprised to see Joanna's move, but she didn't expect the skill of small skull, even she felt the pressure.

However, he also felt some differences. The void crack in front of him seemed not a simple skill, but a space portal. After the crack, it was a certain world!

"Asura World of Souls..." Su Ping murmured, thinking of this place, I didn't know it was found in the cultivation list.

At this time, the black mist that emerged from the door of the dead soul suddenly solidified, and behind the figure of the small skeleton, at the foot, turned into a dark body, exuding a strong Shura monster, some carrying eight Wings, like demons and angels, some with claws and sharp blades, are a ball of fleshy meat.

Every monster that changes from the dark magic energy exudes a violent atmosphere.

Su Ping looked at the small skeleton standing in front of the void of the void, surrounded by many demons. Suddenly there was a feeling that it seemed to be the king among these demons.

It's like... the devil!

Lord of the demons!

"Do you want to go through two strokes." Su Ping turned around and looked at Joanna.

Joanna turned her head suddenly, her eyes slightly glared, obviously a little angry.

Two tricks?

Sure enough to bring me in, to let me be a sparring partner?

"It's okay, you're so strong. Besides, even if you die, you won't really die." Su Ping comforted.

Joanna gritted her teeth.

"Go, go, low-level Shura, I'm afraid I won't succeed!"

With a cold snort, Joanna's golden light bloomed all over her, and a golden flash of light gleamed in her palm, which quickly solidified into a sharp gun that nearly killed the original heavenly official.

"Since it's dead here, don't blame me..." Before the shot, Joanna's mouth sneered.

Su Ping smiled and issued an order to the small skull: "Attack."

The small skull tilted his head, slightly puzzled, but he still listened to Su Ping's words. At the next moment, the countless demons around his body rushed towards Joanna.

In an instant, a horrible war broke out on this desolate planet of countless years.

The golden light and the devil qi mixed, and the ground was smashed everywhere, and there was the demon's roar.

The battle lasted for five minutes and ended quickly. The small skeleton was crushed by Joanna, and the bones turned into powder. Relying on the "rebirth" skill, he barely resurrected, but his energy was mostly exhausted, and he died so many times. , It's really dead!

However, even if it is really dead, Su Ping can bring it back to life in this nurturing world.

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