Astral Pet Store Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The King Of Bones

"This is the residence of the higher intelligent life of the Necromancer?"

Su Ping looked at the White Bone Palace curiously, and was able to build a palace to live in. It can be seen that the owner is extremely extraordinary. Moreover, the huge white bone used for construction is too majestic and majestic. It is difficult to imagine how scary creatures he would be !

"It seems to be the front door..."

Su Ping walked forward.

He felt that the air here was more depressive than outside, so deadly.

The air was filled with a strong smell of rotting, and a weird smell.

After walking for more than ten meters, Su Ping suddenly saw nothing, and felt a tearing feeling emerge from the body out of thin air, tearing his body apart and annihilating into nothingness.


As soon as his eyes turned black, Su Ping looked around and searched for his target.


His body burst suddenly again.


Su Ping once again recovered as before.



"I rely on..."



Just after Su Ping was resurrected this time, he saw that the space in front of him suddenly twisted, and a mass of dark energy emerged in the twist, gradually sketching his human form.

This is a tall woman with a very hot body. She looks more mature, full-bodied, and full of charm. She has a black symbol like a fish hook on her forehead, and behind it are eight dark wings, gently patting, like a fallen angel in mythology. .

Su Ping lost an appraisal technique in the past.

There is no suspense, nothing is seen.

"Huh?" The black-winged angelic woman raised her eyebrows and looked at Su Ping up and down, then tentatively, gently.


Su Ping's body burst.


Seeing Su Ping recover, the Black Winged Angel woman was a little surprised, and then a little more, this time the energy of a green skull flying out of her fingertips, swallowed Su Ping's body in one bite.

Su Ping felt that his body was melting, his whole body was broken down, and nothing was left.


Su Ping stood on the spot again, but his face was already black, and the other party seemed to regard him as a mouse, trying to kill him in different ways.

"Your sister, can you communicate well?" Su Ping was angry.


The body burst again.


Su Pingqi gritted his teeth, he was on the bar with this guy, yes, it is the iron, some kind of kill me!

Bang Bang Bang!

After several bursts in a row, when Su Ping was resurrected again, he suddenly heard a slightly suspicious "Huh?"

This is a low nasal sound, the sound is very light, but like a thunder, echoed throughout the palace, it seems that the entire time and space are shaking.

Su Ping suddenly felt a trembling from the depths of the soul, the body's cold hair erected, there was a terrifying sense of fear.

His heart was beating uncontrollably, blood flowed all over his body, and his body shivered slightly.

He didn't see anything, but he felt terrified, and something seemed to be triggering his fear.

The black wing angel woman who kept trying in front of him, when she heard the slightly suspicious nasal sound, was suddenly frightened, and hurriedly turned her head, facing the void behind him-the door made of white bones at the end, Bend over and bow your head, kneel in the air!

Su Ping found that the body of the black winged angel woman was shaking with her wings.


Suddenly, Su Ping felt a sight of sight. Immediately, he and the black wing angel girl in front of him did not change their body posture and position, but they appeared in front of a throne of white bones, which seemed to be moved by Mo Daweili.

I saw the steps made of white bones in front, all made up of a piece of bone, scattered with the heads of various creatures, and some skulls have curved corners on top, like a devil's head.

On the ladder, there is a sword-like bone throne with a sharp sword. The armrests on both sides of the throne are two large skulls and some small skulls.

On the throne leaned against a majestic figure hazy in the dark, with dark energy flowing all over the body, elbows on the throne armrest, his wrists bare skin was pale, he leaned his head and looked down on the living beings.

The indifferent eyes opened slightly, and inside were a pair of dark, emotionless eyes.

Su Ping raised his head and looked up, facing these indifferent eyes that looked through the ages, and suddenly felt cold all over his body, with a strong fear, and the fear of bowing down.

But as soon as this thought came up, he was strangled by him.

Thinking of being immortal, Su Ping gritted his teeth and straightened his waist bar, and asked, "Are you the head here?"

At the moment he spoke, the black winged angel woman shivering and kneeling in the void, her frightened wings up, she waved her hand quickly, and a band of dark energy sealed Su Ping's mouth like tape.

But she quickly bowed her head and made a guilt to the king above her head, but she couldn't understand the language of Su Ping.


Suddenly, without warning, Su Ping's body burst.


Su Ping was forced, why are these big shots unpredictable?

He was a little angry, and he was resurrected immediately.

The king on the bones saw Su Ping, who was resurrected, and his indifferent eyes, seeming to squint slightly.


Su Ping burst again.


Burst again!

Resurrect again!

"My Nima, can you still talk about things..."



This time, Su Ping didn't die immediately. He rushed toward the opponent directly on the bone ladder.

Wanghou Jiang Xiangning is kind of!

Knowing that he is a ants compared to the other party, it is impossible to cause damage, but Su Ping still wants to rush to give him a punch, if not to fight back, wouldn't it be dead!

Seeing Su Ping trying to get close to the'King', the dark angel woman's face changed greatly, her expression also became a little grim and angry, her whole body of dark energy surged, and this time she shot her strongest attack directly.

With her full shot, even if Su Ping is a hundred times stronger, it is enough to die ten thousand times!

However, before her attack came out, suddenly her body contracted, seeming to be caught by something, making a bone fracture, and then her body was thrown aside, like a winged bird, hitting the white bone of the hall Stone pillars.

Su Ping was furious, unaware of the movement next to him, and quickly rushed to the steps and stood in front of the throne.

This process was surprisingly smooth and was not prevented at all.

"I go to Nima..." Su Ping raised his hand and smashed it with a punch.

But the fist suddenly stopped, and his body became stiff, unable to move.

"Back in time and space?" Suddenly, an indifferent voice sounded in Su Ping's mind, as if it was from the person on the throne in front of him.

But Su Ping never saw his lips move.

"What is it?" Su Ping hadn't heard of it, but most guessed it was related to his resurrection.

"Can you reverse the time and space of the Necromancer, who are you, or who is behind you?" The indifferent voice said slowly, with an indifferent indifferent prestige.

"none of your business?"

Su Ping couldn't move his mouth, but he turned back in his head.


His body burst.


Just after Su Ping was resurrected, he found that his body had recovered his ability to move. He was irritated in his heart, knowing that the person in front of him was extremely terrifying, but his repeated killing was still very irritating.

At this moment, he suddenly glanced at the throne beside this man's thigh, there was a blood-red bead, the size of a baby fist, what seemed to be a baby.

"Even if it's an ordinary gem, it's very valuable?" Su Ping didn't think about it, and immediately bent over.


The body burst again.


After resurrection, Su Ping maintained the stooped posture before death, and Su Ping bent down a bit again.



Bend down again.

When he was resurrected for the fifth time, Su Ping was very close to the blood-red orb, and he suddenly shouted in his consciousness, "I said!"

The body did not burst.

And his palm also grabbed the blood red orb in an instant.


The orb disappears and is transferred to the storage space.

"Huh?" The other party saw Su Ping's intention, but did not expect that Su Ping actually had storage treasures on it. You know, the moment he noticed Su Ping, he had completely destroyed this tiny life. See through, nothing can hide his eyes.

"I say you MMP!" Su Ping rejoiced when he got the Orb, and swears unkindly.

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