Astral Pet Store Chapter 321

Chapter 321: 18

"Another monster!"

Some staff murmured.

Others looked at the flame electric tiger frozen to life on the field, all smiled bitterly, the battle ended before the start, and according to the detection sensor on the flame electric tiger's body, the strength of this freezing ability... awesome 8.6 height!

What is the concept of level 8.6?

This means that this frost dragon breath can completely freeze the eighth-order median monster!

Looking at many contestants, if Tier 7 is a shortlist, then Tier 8 is the threshold for elite selection!

After all, the upper limit of the contestant's state is level six, and the power of level eight erupts with level six. It is extremely difficult to cross two large levels. Usually, only a large family with strong financial resources and resources can use some secret skills or grow up. Only the special cultivation of the tribe can be done!

"You passed."

The man in a black suit and high hat who had previously spoken to Su Lingyue said to Su Lingyue who was blank in the enchantment. The latter's expression caused a slight twist in the corner of his mouth.


Su Lingyue reacted afterwards, looking at the frozen Flame Electric Tiger, and put away the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, leaving only the tiny Phantom Flame Beast lying on her shoulder, out of the open phosphorescence Enchantment channel.

"Well, can my score be in the top 1,000? If not, I can try again..." Su Lingyue came to the high-hat man and asked in a small voice.

Although she felt that her performance seemed good from the expressions and reactions of these people, she knew what kind of responsibilities she was wearing, and there was no room for any difference!

The corner of the man's eyes twitched slightly. If it weren't for the serious and careful expression on the face of this girl, he would feel that this pure and beautiful girl was pretending to be crazy.

"If your goal is to enter a thousand, then you are more than enough."

The high-hat man brought Su Lingyue to the scoring and testing equipment and signaled a staff member to call up Su Lingyue's current ranking.

In the 18th place.

With such a high ranking, even if there are still a lot of people behind, she cannot fall to a thousand.

Seeing his rankings, Su Lingyue froze for a moment. While relaxing, she was also secretly startled. So, there are 17 people in front of her. They all have the ability to solve the flame electric tiger in one blow?

She felt a slight tingle in her scalp.

With her own abilities, it was difficult to keep her life in front of the Flame Dianhu. If she had the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon given to her by Su Ping, she could immediately abstain and compete with these monsters.

After reading the score, Su Lingyue was directed by the staff beside him to leave from another passage.

"Boss, is this the one who will tell the winner?"

"It's her."

"Sure enough, there seems to be a selection battle that will be wonderful."

"It's hard to say, compared with the Qin family, the gap is still too big."

"That's true."

After Su Lingyue left, several staff members whispered that they recognized her as soon as the girl came in. After all, the latter broke out a good battle after using the dragon beast in the sub-field. Strength, coupled with that exaggerated gimmick, should have aroused the attention of many people.


"I'm ready."

Outside the passage, Su Lingyue had just walked out and saw Su Ping, who was waiting not far away, and stepped forward.

Su Ping turned and looked at her, "Is there no injury, is there a shady scene?"

"No." Su Lingyue shook her head and said the test again.

After listening to her, Su Ping nodded in understanding, it turned out to be a spike, even if there was a shady scene like this, it would be impossible to see it.

"It seems that the Liu family is at peace." Su Ping shook his head slightly, thought no more, and took her into the venue in front of the passage.

In the stadium, 90% of the audience was already full of excitement.

At the entrances of the passages in various areas, there are still spectators constantly pouring in. The area of this general venue is several times larger than that of the sub-field, divided into 16 spectator areas.

Each spectator area can seat tens of thousands of people. Among them, the rearmost of the venue and the highest position. If you are an ordinary person, you need to use a telescope to see the situation on the field below, otherwise it is only a blurry figure. Identify the huge pets.

Su Ping and Su Lingyue came to the forefront of the waiting area with the player card she held.

There is only one waiting area this time. After all, there are only a thousand players participating in this competition, and they can be completely filled in the same area.

The frontier areas in other directions sell super VIP seats, which are extremely expensive, and sit either with the rich or some high-level families.

At this moment in the waiting area, there were already six or seven hundred people sitting. Su Ping saw many familiar faces inside, all of whom were customers in his shop. In addition, there were two students from Jianlan College, Luo Fengtian and Yu Weihan.

Su Ping withdrew his gaze, and let Su Lingyue find a place to sit down, while he was preparing to go to the family area next to it. Each player had two places with family members.


A figure hurriedly ran to Su Pingping and stood like the report.

Su Ping looked up, it was Xu Xu who had been instructing twice casually.

"Say, I am not your teacher."

"Teacher, one day as a teacher..."

"Okay, go back and prepare for the game." Su Ping didn't bother to talk to him. Anyway, he didn't admit it in his heart.

"Just follow your orders!"

Xu Kuang held his fists respectfully.

Su Ping rolled his eyes.

Su Lingyue next to him was surprised, and was a little curious about this person. When did Su Ping accept his apprentice? Where did this person come from, how could it never be seen?

Feeling more and more sights gathered around him, Su Ping didn't stay any longer and lost a sentence, just like that, he turned and went to the family area.

"Are you the master's sister?"

After Su Ping left, Xu Kuang immediately turned his head and looked at Su Lingyue enthusiastically.

Obviously, he didn't seem so plain on the surface, but did his homework.

Su Lingyue looked at him and nodded slightly, saying, "My name is Su Lingyue."

"I know I know, the first-year champion of Fengshan College is right, it is worthy of the master's sister, talented!" Xu Kuang looked admired and gave his thumbs up.

Su Lingyue raised her eyebrows slightly and was very helpful. "Which college are you from?"

"My God of War." Xu Kuang said casually.

"God of War?" Su Lingyu was stunned. This guy, who claimed to be Su Ping's apprentice, was actually a talented student of Ares? !

"The God of War Academy is difficult to test. I was a little bit worse. You were so good." Su Lingyue said that although the latter complimented her, she was still self-knowledge, not to mention that the latter could enter these thousand names, which is enough to explain The fighting power is extraordinary.

"I also take a random test... Actually, it doesn't matter. Compared with the master, I'm nothing."

Halfway through the words, Xu Kuang realized that it was too arrogant to say that, and immediately changed his mouth to laugh.

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