Astral Pet Store Chapter 323

Chapter 323: An Invitation

"Fei Yanbo, Senior Tutor at Jianlan College."

"This is Qin Shuhai."

Su Ping sat in the middle and had to briefly introduce the two.

Qin Shuhai?

Fei Yanbo's face changed slightly, frowning, and the name felt familiar.

After a while, his face changed suddenly, and he stood up from the chair at once, looking at this gentle and gentle middle-aged man in horror, "You, are you the "Sword King" Qin Shuhai? That title of the Qin family ?!"

Qin Shuhai was a little surprised, but he did not expect the latter to sit with Su Ping, but he behaved so indifferently, and was shocked by one of his names.

However, thinking of Su Ping next to him, he did not show any contempt in his eyes, and said with a smile: "Basically it is me."

Seeing him admit that Fei Yanbo's legs were a little trembling, and his heart was so shocked that he couldn't add it. I didn't expect to see the famous'Sword King' here!

In the base cities of Longjiang, there are not many titles, and the strong ones in the titles are attracting much attention. Qin Shuhai is one of them!

Sword King Qin Shuhai.

He became famous as a young man and became a title class when he first entered middle age!

With one sword in his hand, he even cut seven 9th-order monsters, was named "Sword King", and carved his own title with blood!

It also leveled a B-level barren area outside the base city, killing monsters and beasts in the entire area, resulting in a direct decline in the risk factor of this B-level barren area into a D-level barren area.

It is said that over ten years later, the soil there is still scarlet, and the blood and bones of higher monsters make some monsters dare not step in!

Such a murderer, a strong man, just sat in front of him in such a laugh!

Fei Yanbo felt a little unreal, like a dream.

The son Fei Fei, who was sitting behind him, turned his head when he heard the exclamation of his dad, his face was blank, title level?

Su Ping didn't expect Fei Yanbo to be so excited. He pulled his clothes and motioned to sit down and talk.

Fei Yanbo recovered, and then realized that he was disoriented. He suddenly turned red and sat down, but he felt like he should stand up. But in front of him, how can he sit on par with the other party?

Although there is only one difference between Tier VIII and Tier IX, there is a world difference, not to mention Qin Shuhai's power in the title class.

He was sitting in a restless position, and finally had to sit on the chair with half of his **** and said, "Sorry, I'm so excited. Senior Qin, I'm Fei Yanbo from Jianlan College. I have long admired your name!"

Although Su Ping introduced it for him, he introduced it again, and felt that it was more solemn to introduce himself.

Qin Shuhai glanced at him and seemed to see something. The latter's relationship with Su Ping seemed to be just ordinary friends.

In this case, he does not need to care too much.

"Hello, you don't have to be too restrained, and I don't want to be recognized, low-key, you know."

Fei Yanbo's face was red. His previous movements had attracted the attention of many people.

"Low-key...I understand, I understand, Senior Qin, do you know with Supervisor Su?"


Qin Shuhai turned his head and looked at Su Ping with a smile on his face, and said, "Brother Su, are you free recently? Would you like to come to our Qin family to sit down?"

Fei Yanbo heard his throat rolling slightly.

Qin family is soliciting Su Ping?

His eyes became fierce and looked at Su Ping around him. If he could rely on the big tree of the Qin family, Su Ping would be able to call the wind and rain in the entire Longjiang base city!

Su Ping knew that Qin Shuhai had come prepared, but did not expect to come again to invite, he shook his head and said: "Recently the business in the store is busy, so I won't go. I will talk about it later when I have time."

Fei Yanbo glared slightly, an old blood clogged in his throat and almost spewed out.

Is this rejected, or is it not understood? !

Busy business?

Brother! It's time for you to take care of the broken shop business. How much can your business be worth?

If I can get in touch with the Qin family, will I have to worry about money in the future? !

What's more, it's such a big arrangement for people like Jian Wang to take the initiative to personally invite them. After joining the Qin family, they will definitely be given a very high status. They all say that leaning against a big tree is a good place to relax and hold a group. It is definitely better than singles. Fight alone is better!

If he could not take the lead for Su Ping, he would like to agree.

So anxious!

There was a trace of regret in Qin Shuhai's eyes. He also expected that Su Ping would not join their Qin family so easily. After all, the information obtained from them obviously has a strong presence behind Su Ping, otherwise it would be impossible to take such a young age. Su Ping, cultivated into a title-level strong!

In his eyes, the latter has greater potential than him. He was in his thirties before he entered the title class.

Zun Zun was also in his 20s before stepping in.

And Su Ping in front of him, but only 20 years old, already has a title-level combat power!

What kind of evil is this, it is estimated that only those who are "selected" can be comparable to it...

It is said that young people are frivolous and Qin Shuhai is frivolous, and this time about Zhou's affairs, he also received information from the clan elders. At that time, the people who singled out the entire Zhou family seemed to be Su Ping sitting in front of him...

It is just that there is no definite information, and this matter cannot be completely determined.

However, even if there is no such thing as the Zhou family, just from Su Ping's performance in the secret realm, he already regards the latter as being flush with himself.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Shuhai's eyes flickered and said with a smile: "Then I will talk about it later, Brother Su must remember that the door of our Qin family is always open for you."

Su Ping nodded and understood what he meant.

"no problem."

Seeing that the two had a good talk, Fei Yanbo next to him sighed deeply. There was a feeling that 500 million yuan flew away from his eyes. Although this opportunity was not for him, somehow he felt a great sense of loss .

Joining the Qin family, the opportunity that countless people dreamed of, Su Ping even refused.

Are geniuses so arrogant?

He smiled bitterly in his heart, thinking of Su Ping's title-level strength, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he didn't think about it any more. He couldn't understand this monster world.

"Brother Su, are you interested in this?"

Qin Shuhai drew a card from his arms and handed it to Su Ping.

This is a golden card, seems to be forged in pure gold, but there are a few words on it.

Su Ping thought it was a bank card bribe, but when I picked it up, I knew it was not. This turned out to be an invitation!

"The King's League?" Su Ping surprised.

This golden card is an invitation license for the King's League.

With this gold card, you can directly participate in the Kings League.

Fei Yanbo next to him saw the gold card in Su Ping's hand, his pupils shrank again, a little stunned.

He is familiar with this gold card, although he does not, but the more he does, the more he understands. The information of this thing has long been read countless times from secret channels. card!

With this gold card, you can directly skip the qualifiers of the Kings League and directly enter the ring battle behind!

The group that the Kings League is for is from Tier 7 to Tier 9, the lowest participation is the advanced pet master, the highest is the title level! The age limit is also very broad, no more than 60 years old!

There is no doubt that the number of participants in the Kings League is extremely large, and it is even no less than this elite league. However, the real competition is the title-level strongman standing at the top of the pyramid!

And with the strength of the title level, you can directly obtain the pass-through qualification without having to participate in the screening competition.

Qin Shuhai gave the gold card to Su Ping, which is enough to show that Su Ping is the title level!

Fei Yanbo had some doubts about this before. Although Su Ping showed the title-level air defense ability and combat power, he always felt a little weird at such a young title level. Now, at this moment, this fact is hammering!

A title level younger than Qin Shuhai!

It's even younger than many of the top-rated powerhouses he has heard!

He suddenly understood why Su Ping had confidence in rejecting the Qin family.

Such a talent, the entire Blue Star is rare for a hundred years, and indeed has the confidence to reject the Qin family's co-op.

His **** rubbed slightly on the chair and moved backwards, subconsciously keeping a distance from Su Ping. If it was admired before, then it is now in awe.

He secretly rejoiced in his heart that fortunately he was not stupid. After the exchange battle at the academy, he went to recover or something. Otherwise, his grave is now estimated to be several meters deep.

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