Astral Pet Store Chapter 325

Chapter 325: deep Hiding su Lingyue

Trial competitions test the ability of comprehensive field battles.

Through the increase of the instrument, the [Nightmare] skill range and intensity of this abyssal nightmare beast increased, leading the players into the nightmare world, using the illusory nightmare world to try.

In the nightmare world, any place can be constructed at will, and the tall buildings on the flat ground are just a matter of thought.

Moreover, if you die in the nightmare world, you will not really die. It will only cause a certain amount of trauma to the player's spirit and can slowly recover.

On the big screens on the field, the situation in the nightmare world can be played in real time.

The players were randomly selected, with hundreds of people as a group, for trial and elimination, and each group only took ten places!


After the interpreter read the rules, he also announced the start.

The first batch of players were selected by the machine one by one, and they left the waiting area one after another, entered the field below, and came to the head of the ninth-order abyss nightmare.

This abyss nightmare's physique is not large among the ninth-order monsters, but its mental attack is extremely strong, making it unpredictable. It is a tricky monster.

All players felt a kind of mental oppression.

Su Ping saw that Su Lingyue was selected into the first group, and Ye Hao was also selected.

Qin Shuhai also noticed this, his eyes blinked, but his expression didn't respond.

Fei Yanbo's thoughts returned to his students. After seeing Luo Fengtian being drawn, a heart was suddenly lifted and a little nervous.

Players who entered the stadium, with the assistance of the staff, put on the helmet of Xiannian, through the instrument, the consciousness was collectively introduced into the nightmare world of the abyss nightmare beast.

The first to enter is the waiting field in the nightmare world.

Can be seen through the big screen, this is an ancient battlefield.

Hundreds of people looked around on the battlefield and walked around. Some people even thought that the trial had begun and attacked the people around them, but the attack directly penetrated the latter and did not work.

As a result, the situation is very embarrassing.

With the trial officially opened, hundreds of people quickly disappeared from the ancient battlefield and were transported to a vast forest with sand, swamps, and rocks in the forest, which is a type of land complex.

There are hundreds of screens below the arena, and there are the ten largest screens in the middle. Among the players who performed well in the trial, the perspective will be transferred to the big screen in the middle.

At the moment, ten large screens are empty, with only a high-level view overlooking the forest, showing the audience the structure of this nightmare world.

Su Ping's eyes flashed, and he quickly found Su Lingyue on a 10-meter square screen on the sidelines.

She appeared beside a lush forest, and as soon as she appeared, she opened the summoning space and summoned the Phantom Flame Beast and the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon.

The dragon beast is still very popular. As soon as it appeared, Su Lingyue gathered a lot of sight on this screen.

Seeing Su Lingyue's move, Su Ping nodded slightly and felt relieved.

With the protection of Yinshuang Xingyuelong, she will not suffer.

Even if this is through the test of consciousness, it cannot show 100% of the power of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon, but the abilities demonstrated by the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon in Su Lingyues impression are reproduced in her conscious world. Out, enough to win the qualification for promotion.

There are two ways to advance in the trial space.

The first is murder.

Every time a player is killed, a point will be accumulated, and the points will be given priority to advance.

The second is to obtain the dream stone.

A piece of dream stone equals 20 points.

However, the dream stone has a drawback, that is, it will release a beam of light from time to time to expose the position of the player, which will attract a large number of killers.


As the trial began, three figures appeared on the ten large screens in the middle. The three of them led the way and had killed people.

"That little guy like the Ye family." Qin Shuhai looked at one of them and chuckled lightly.

Su Ping looked down his line of sight. One of the big screens was a young man in Tsing Yi, with a tall figure and a cold look. There were three pets beside him, but they were not fighting pets, but auxiliary pets.

The effects provided by these three pets are tracking, hiding, and field of vision survey.

In the high sky, there are invisible wind birds flying. This is just a beast of the sixth-order bloodline, but at the moment it plays the same role as the seventh-order fighting pet.

Su Ping found that this person was not Ye Hao.

It seems that in addition to Ye Hao, the Ye family has many young talents.

Beside this screen, there is another acquaintance, Fei Yanbo's student Luo Fengtian.

He directly summoned his own dark dragon, which is his main favorite, and has been exposed in the sub-field before, so he does not seem to intend to hide.

Through the Dark Dragon, Luo Fengtian has already killed two people in a row, and he has been running forward with all his will. It seems that he wants to find one to kill one before the other players have held the group.

I have to say that this approach is quite right.

But the premise is to have enough confidence in one's own strength!

Su Ping glanced at his eyes again, and turned his attention back to Su Lingyue. To be honest, he felt that the most dangerous thing in this base city trial was not the final, but this first round of trial battle!

Although Yinshuang Xingyuelong is powerful enough, in case Su Lingyue wanders around all by herself, without killing anyone, and without finding the dream stone, then the most powerful Yinshuang Xingyuelong is also a free ride.

Don't think that if you have a king to lie down, you will be able to get rid of the copper sea. This is the painful experience of Su Ping's previous life!

If it is taken away by a king, is it worthy to be called the bronze king? !

The answer is obviously, no!

"Go and find someone..." Su Ping thoughts in her heart, praying secretly, hoping she would go "shit" and immediately meet a large wave of people.

Qin Shuhai next to it clearly felt that Su Ping was nervous.

Is he... nervous?

Qin Shuhai was stunned, a little dazed.

Didn't you say that the champions were guaranteed, how could you be nervous during the trial?

Besides, isn't there the mutated Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, anyway, this is a rare dragon beast in the top ten of the dragon order, and when it reaches adulthood, it has at least a seventh order combat power, and it is still very promising to enter the top one hundred.


"Oops, your sister has met an enemy."

Fei Yanbo's face next to him changed slightly, and immediately shouted.

Through the red dots on the small map on the screen, he saw many people appearing around Su Lingyue, not to mention a dozen people, which is simply surrounded.

Although these people don't know Su Lingyue's position or each other's position, they will definitely hit with the action.

Su Ping had bright eyes.


His heart was suddenly clear, and he relaxed at once.

As he saw, soon, Su Lingyue met the first person, and both sides met in a daze.

Su Lingyue wanted to run instinctively, but found that the other party had already run.

what happened?

Su Lingyu froze for a moment, and suddenly reacted, the silver frost star moon dragon beside him.

This is a dragon beast. Most of the latter saw it and scared away.

Su Lingyu was stunned for a moment, and suddenly annoyed that she hadn't adapted to it yet, and she had a great darling such as Yinshuang Xingyuelong.

Outside the court, when Su Lingyue released a point, Su Ping suddenly glared, almost bleeding.

Can the ducks delivered to the door fly? !

You are not a bronze king, you are a black iron king!

"You won't really roll over here..." Su Ping was nervous, even more nervous than picking a few king beasts by himself, which was so exciting!

In the trial field, Su Lingyue continued to move forward after being upset.

It didn't take long for her to encounter another person. This time she had experience. When she saw the latter riding a seventh-order blue wolf beast, she directly attacked the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon.


There was a dragon roar, and the blue wolf beast who had sat down was shocked to lie down, even the courage to escape.

The Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon rushed up and directly shredded the other party, gaining a little points smoothly.

After getting a little points, Su Lingyue was a little bit happy, with a smile on her face.

But Su Ping outside the stadium saw it, but he was almost angry.

Who made you use Dragon Roar!

This time, the other people around the other red dots were quickly away from Su Lingyue's position, and they all scared away!

This is a hunting battle. Do you understand hunting? !

Su Ping twitched in the corner of his mouth for a while, but he knew that it was useless to be anxious. He just blamed himself for not teaching her about this in advance. After all, this is the characteristics of the students. The combat experience is too weak. It's true that on the battlefield, when I was stimulated by the surrounding environment, I forgot everything.

Over time, half an hour of trial has passed.

During these half an hour of hard work, Su Lingyue has accumulated 5 points, but still has not been able to board the big screen, only active on the small screen, and many other small screens around it have been dimmed. 'S players left with their defeat.

On the ten big screens, there are people occupying, and the lowest points are 28 points.

A dream stone plus eight heads.

Seeing this gap, Su Ping's complexion calmed down. After half an hour of "excitement", he already wanted to open up, and it was useless to be anxious here.

Moreover, he also saw the trial system, it seems quite fair.

The dream stone is a turning point. Once each dream stone is excavated, it will shine from time to time. Even if the player hides the dream stone somewhere in the forest, it will still shine.

Once the dream stone is found, it will be activated and become a signal tower for killing.

This will continue to intensify the competition and killing in the test field, and ultimately the strong ones will remain.

On the screen, Su Lingyue is chasing the light of a dream stone. She has bad luck. She hasn't found the dream stone. She has to **** the dream stone found by others.

On her face, Su Ping also saw anxiety and urgency, which made him both relieved and sighed.

The ability is better.

However, Su Ping also knew that she couldn't blame her completely, because she didn't make it clear. If she told her before she went on the court, she would cut it if she saw someone, no need to be cautious, and now she would not be so passive.

ten minutes later.

Su Lingyue traced the light emitted by a dream stone and found the person holding the dream stone.

This man was one of the top ten on the big screen, but he was seriously injured at the moment.

In order to preserve this dream stone, this person has beheaded dozens of people, but he has also suffered huge losses.

Seeing Su Lingyue with the dragon beast, this man's face became very ugly.

Under the threat of a few evil words, Su Lingyue shot, an attack signal was given, and the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon roared out and killed, and the battle ended in less than half a minute.

The man who stayed on the big screen for half an hour failed to hold on for half a minute and left.

The figure of Su Lingyue jumped on the big screen in one jump.

"Strength is there, but unfortunately not enough brains."

Qin Shuhai, who was sitting next to Su Ping, commented with a smile.

Su Ping knew that he was talking about the young man who just had the dream stone.

The latter can kill more than a dozen people, which is enough to show that the strength is good. It is stable to enter the top 100. Unfortunately, the mentality is not enough.

"Your sister is quite capable of hiding, and now she only started to shoot." Qin Shuhai turned his head and smiled at Su Ping.

Su Ping is also laughing.

But there was a wry smile in my heart.

This is hidden deep.

This is really stupid!

With the fighting power of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon, even with one block, Su Ping doesn't think there is any problem, unless it is a guy who performs well in the inside and is expected to get the top ten, attacked at the same time, and directly attacked. Su Lingyue, it is possible to clear her out.

Otherwise, even if the number of pets is doubled, they will still fight.

"Now it is stable." Su Ping said.

Now that there is a dream stone in his hand, Su Lingyue cannot run, and will become the target of others hunting.

In this way, even if she scares people away, someone will continue to attack, and sooner or later she will accumulate points.

I have to say that he likes the setting of this format.

With the passage of time every minute and every second.

The battle gradually intensified.

On the screen, Su Lingyue's points are also accumulating.

The audience, the eyes gradually gathered on this girl.

Previously, the latter was silent for most of the time, many people did not notice this person, only stared at the big screen, but as Su Lingyue boarded the big screen, it immediately attracted many people's attention .

The subsequent series of battles were even more amazing, the dragon beast was too strong!

This girl is actually a strong man who hides himself!

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