Astral Pet Store Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Turbulent

When the last second goes to zero, the trial is over.

The quota for promotion was selected.

Su Lingyue, who "did not hide," was naturally among them, and the points accumulated quite high, ranking fifth!

Among them, there is Luo Fengtian. He is the only one of the ten who has not obtained the dream stone, and he has been slain by himself alone. He slammed into the top ten, ranking seventh, with 36 points!

One third of the entire trial match was beheaded by Luo Fengtian!

His performance has also attracted the attention of many people and is impressive. He is listed as an extremely dangerous opponent and can be ranked in the top 50 at least!

In addition to the two of them, the other eight are also of great strength, including children of the Ye family, Liu family, Qin family and other large families.

However, some are the core lineage of the family, with an extraordinary status, and some are the quiet and unobtrusive children of the family, whose reputation is not obvious. It broke out here and caused a sensation!

When the ten names were rated, the first trial was declared over.

The promoted players were applauded by the audience and walked down Wutai in the audience's attention.

And those players who failed, left one by one, some of them found someone who beheaded themselves in the crowd, cast a vicious look.

Luo Fengtian is the most conspicuous in it, with the most unsightly eyes around him, but his expression is indifferent and he doesn't care.

Su Lingyue was worried and thankful. When she knew she was promoted, a big rock she mentioned finally fell and was very excited.

Looking at the end of Su Lingyue, Su Ping felt that it was necessary to go back to give her the ability to popularize the silver frost star moon dragon, and save the back game, she was too cautious to drag the hind legs.

"Congratulations to Brother Su." Qin Shuhai congratulated with a smile.

"Your Qin family is also good, there are many good seedlings." Su Ping also greeted.

Qin Shuhai smiled.

At this time, the second round of trials began.

It's a hundred battles again.

Having had the first round of experience, this time no one was in that ancient battlefield and shot at the people around them, all waiting quietly.

This time the map is also a comprehensive battlefield, but it is not a forest battle, but a plain battle. There are small pieces of wood that can be hidden, and there are swamps and boulders in the plains.

Each battle map is different, ensuring fairness.

After seeing Su Lingyue's promotion, Su Ping was not interested in the next game and leaned on the chair to close his eyes and relax.

Qin Shuhai was so helpless when he saw Su Ping. He also wanted to accompany Su Ping to see the battle of the young master of the Qin family, so that Su Ping could understand the talents of the young master of the Qin family.

But Su Ping didn't seem to care about it.

Are you really so confident?

Time flies by.

With the end of a trial match, the audience exclaimed and cheered from time to time.

In these trials, a lot of fierce characters emerged, including a trial in which one person beheaded nearly 70 people, grabbed five dream stones, and won the top points even in ten games. In the trial competition, it was also ranked the highest, causing great concern.

"The young master of the Ye family, there is a bit of arrogance!"

"Although it is not true, but beheading so many people has offended many people."

"I heard that the young masters of this generation of Ye family are extremely talented. If it was not for participating in this elite league, they would have become a high-level favorite."

"Tier 6 broke out to approach the ninth order, what a monster this is!"

In the waiting area, there was a lot of discussion.

In the area where the children of the shepherds are located, several people are headed by a young man in the middle. This young man is the contemporary young master of the herdsman, and his age is a few years younger than that of the Ye family. Obviously, he did not intend to impact how high the ranking is in this session. To increase experience.

"This time, this Ye family and the Qin family, some of them are very contentious." A shepherd child said.

The previous generation of their herdsmen won the selection championship. In this generation, the younger pastor of the herdsman, Mu Chen, has just graduated from the college. His wings are not yet full.

Feng Shui took turns, they did not expect to continue to win.

"That Liu family's Liu Jianxin is also good. Although not a young master, it is also the Liu family's genius." Sitting in the middle, the calm and calm Mu Chen said lightly.

Although his goal this time is only to enter the top ten, but looking at these people who can compete for the top five, or even the top three, still has the magnificence of looking down.

Because he is the young master of the shepherd.

Give him another three years. In the next term, his goal is to be the first!

On the other side, the Liujia children area.

"Brother Jianxin, that's Su Lingyue, but he looks good." A young Liu family chuckled.

Liu Jianxin, who was seated in it, glanced indifferently: "You can't underestimate that the other party's dragon beast should not have exerted its full strength."

"It doesn't matter if you play it. In my opinion, it's the eighth order. It's the same as the patriarch's guess, and the woman is very weak. As long as she is solved, no matter how strong the beast is."

"Unfortunately, I didn't meet her, otherwise I would let her go home and cry in this trial."

"Hey, I was on the same field as her, but I didn't find her."

"Okay, this time the real opponent is the guy from the Qin family. The main pet of Qin Shaotian hasn't been exposed yet. It can be easily promoted by a deputy pet of the seventh rank bloodline. I heard that this guy has killed nine in the secret realm. The demon beast does not know whether it is true or not."

"Order 9? How is it possible!"

"Even if it was killed, it was killed in the company of the elders of the family, right? Where is the news?"

The eyes of several Liu family children who looked towards the Qin family became dignified. The news was unclear, but Qin Shaotian's performance did make them feel terrible.

The terrible thing is not the beast, but the grasp of the battle. The understatement, like an art-like battle of four and a half pounds, is gorgeous and terrifying.


Qinjia area.

A calm and tall young man sat surrounded by several Qin family children. His eyes did not look elsewhere, but he looked up slightly and looked at the blue sky on the field.

White clouds fluttered in the sky, and he watched with relish.

"Young Master, the young master of the herdsman hasn't grown up yet, but his Daoist is a bit scary. Although the performance is very low-key, the combat power will never be lower than the eighth order!"

"The Liu family is also, besides the young master of their family, there is also Liu Jianxin, and his combat strength is also very strong. It is said that he is the top five in this escort."

"The "Dragon" of the Ye family is also very strong!"

Several Qin family children are reporting to Qin Shaotian.

But after they finished speaking, they saw their young master still looking at the sky above them.

They also looked up and saw nothing.

Several people looked at each other, all smiled slightly, and one of them cautiously said: "Master, we just said, did you... hear?"

Qin Shaotian closed his eyes slightly, opened it again after a while, and said softly, "Did you see that sword?"


For a few moments, several people looked up, except for the clouds in the sky, how could there be a sword?

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