Astral Pet Store Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Sibling Contract

The first day of the trial battle ended.

The top 100 list is released.

Also announced together with the top 1000 list.

The two-point player table slaughtered the entire Longjiang intranet under the reports of various media.

Among them, the most notable ones are some outstanding performers in the top 100 list. Under the comprehensive voting of various websites, the most popular champion is the Musashi Mushou.

This person is extremely stunning, invincible in the trial battle, no one is a united enemy!

Plus his surname is Mu.

People naturally think of the previous champion, that is the Mu Yunfei of the herdsman!

However, as everyone in the upper circles knows, this Muyuan Yuanshou is the young master of this generation of shepherds, and Mu Chen's Taoist is the only one. It is impossible for other families to win a champion.

Ye Longtian ranked behind Muyuan!

With the violent performance of hunting wars, it attracted countless attention. With his own strength, he almost killed half of the people on the hunting ground, showing invincible strength.

He is also the young master of the Ye family!

The third is Liu Jianxin.

The Liu family's family.

The fourth, also surnamed Liu, is the young master of the Liu family, Liu Qingfeng.

The fifth is Zhou Yun.



The eighth is Qin Shaotian.

The ninth is Xu Kuang.


Thirteenth, Su Lingyue.

With the performance of Yinshuang Xingyuelong, as well as the publicized champion event, Su Lingyue also has a high reputation.

Nowadays, all kinds of negative news about Su Lingyue on the Internet have gradually declined, and her outstanding strength has restored her image a lot, and the Liu family has not continued to output in the future. After all, it has already been compared to the top 100. Rely on these noises. The disturbance of the noise is meaningless.


After being separated from Qin Shuhai and Fei Yanbo, Su Ping took Su Lingyue back.

This first-day trial battle was broadcast on various radio stations, and my mother also watched the game. When the two first arrived at home, she came forward with surprise and excitement, pulling Su Lingyue to talk about the game and telling her thrilling feeling of watching the whole game. When she talked about how Su Lingyue turned the danger into danger, her face It is full of excitement and pride.

Su Lingyue was praised by her, and her expression was awkward.

Su Ping saw her mother being so enthusiastic and jealous, but after the mother dragged Su Lingyue and said for an hour, he suddenly realized that the praise seemed to be a kind of cruelty.

This made him suddenly thankful that his ears were able to settle cleanly, which was also good.

That evening, Su Ping also dipped in the light and ate a full dinner.

At the dining table, the mother's words were still closed, and she kept praising Su Lingyue. What she said could be seen from her three-year-old bedwetting. She was very "outstanding", and now she really does not live up to expectations.

When I was a child, I cried the boy who had scratched his braid and cried back to find my parents. I saw her talent for fighting, and she was born to be a favorite.

Su Lingyue was eating, her head was almost buried under the table.

Su Ping also suffocated his stomachache, and he had nothing to do with the bedwetting at the age of three. He didn't remember it at all. I didn't expect this guy to look like a jade now. He was treated as a goddess by the boys in the class. .


Dinner is over.

Su Ping is still the same, returning to the store to rest, and practicing in the foster care.

It was too early, Su Lingyue also followed.

Su Ping didn't catch her, and she just wanted her to be proficient in the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, so as not to fight in the back, it really stalled.

As the saying goes, you are not afraid of God-like opponents, but you are afraid of your bronze teammates.

Not to mention that she is still a black iron.

"What are you laughing at?" Su Lingyue followed behind sullenly, clenching her teeth.

"How can I laugh?"

"But your shoulders are shaking!"

"It's getting late at night, a little cold."

"You!...... You better forget all!"

"Forget about your bedwetting?"

Su Lingyue was crazy, she knew that this guy was snickering!

"Mom is bullshit. I remember things when I was a kid. I couldn't do such a thing. You did it. Mom remembered it wrong!" Su Lingyue gritted her teeth.

Su Ping chuckled, still dumping the pot?

When he arrived at the store, Su Ping pushed on the door, and the door opened. Without the key, his idea was the key.

Entering the store, Su Ping came to the test room and put away the smile on his face, saying: "Tomorrow is the final, you are here to adapt to the Silver Frost, Xingyue and Long Dragons. At present, you cannot fully display it. Ability, as a war pet master, is very unqualified if he cannot fully master his pet."

Su Lingyue glanced at him indifferently and snorted, but thinking of today's battle, he was no longer in a mood to entangle Suping with the farce on the dinner table.

"Will the test break you down here?" Su Lingyue walked into the test room.

Su Ping smiled, "It's your job to break down."

Su Lingyue raised her eyebrows and raised her hand to summon the Phantom Flame Beast and the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon.

"Otherwise, will you come as a sparring partner for me?" Su Lingyue suddenly rolled her eyes and looked at Su Ping with interest, revealing a slightly unwilling look.

Su Ping was shocked, and immediately smiled, "This is not what I proposed."

"Huh, who is afraid of who."

Su Ping's mouth twitched an arc, and he closed the door of the test room. He came to the side and said, "What venue do you want?"

"Comprehensive battlefield." Su Lingyue said.

Although she feels that she can play the power of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon in an extremely ice environment and can fight Su Ping better, but tomorrow's game may not be an extremely ice environment, usually a comprehensive battlefield , So the exercise in front of you is also preparing for tomorrow.

Su Ping nodded and adjusted the integrated battlefield.

A plain with mountains, forests, lakes, and rocks.

In the battlefield of the room, the space has a curved surface, which is infinitely larger. The area inside is much larger than what was seen on the edge of the room.

Su Lingyue jumped into the battlefield immediately.

Two beasts followed.

"Okay, you are not allowed to use your skull pet." Su Lingyue said, she still remembers Su Ping's skull pet. At the time of the college exchange battle, she almost killed the ninth level with a knife. The abyss snake is terrifying.

Su Ping smiled, "It's not enough to deal with you."

Hearing this underestimated word, Su Lingyue was angry, and he didn't say much. He gritted his teeth and immediately attacked, letting the Phantom Flame attack first.

Su Ping's body shook slightly, easily avoiding the magic flame shelling of the Phantom Flame Beast.

"Fear of screaming."

Phantom Flame Beast suddenly issued a harsh scream, mental confusion skills, for some mental strength is lower than Phantom Flame Beast, can produce fear, more serious, will be confused, or stunned on the spot, thinking stopped.

A spiritual shock struck, Su Ping's eyes narrowed, and the mental force suddenly surrounded the circle. At the same time, he constructed a spiritual stick and beat on the circle to pop up a spiritual wave.

The silent impact appeared, and the two spiritual shocks disappeared at the same time, being cancelled out.

"Ice Dragon Breath!"

Su Lingyue released the "Scream of Fear" while the Phantom Flame Beast released the nearby Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon, the skills were extremely well connected, but the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon just sprayed the dragon breath, and Su Ping's body Jumped to avoid, not affected by a little bit.

Su Lingyu was surprised for a moment, and apparently did not expect that the spiritual attack of the Phantom Flame would actually fail.


After Su Ping landed, his body suddenly attacked Su Lingyue.

The Phantom Flame Beast and the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon reacted at the same time and stepped forward in angrily to stop.

Roar! !

Su Ping's throat was suddenly thick and thick, suddenly opened his mouth and burst into a dragon roar!

This violent dragon-song shock caused the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon and the Phantom Flame Beast to stagnate at the same time, especially the Phantom Flame Beast. On the spot, it fell on the ground, shaking, and the black and white eyes were full of fear.

At the next moment, Su Ping performed a speeding sprint, and his body suddenly flickered, bypassing the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon like a teleport, and appeared in front of Su Lingyue.


The **** curled up and flicked gently on her forehead.

The girl woke up like a dream.

Seeing Su Ping in front of him, Su Lingyu was stunned for a moment. Suddenly there was some grievances and some fears. She suddenly realized that she was far weaker than she thought.

Can the battle tomorrow be won?

Su Ping saw the blank flash in her eyes, raised her eyebrows, and suddenly found that she seemed to have hit her.

It's not enough to enter the competition in this state, it's just more counsel.

"I will take you to a place."

Thinking a little, Su Ping said.

He plans to take Su Lingyue to cultivate the world!

In cultivating the world, life and death can be reversed to maximize the fighting power of the Silver Frost Star Moon Dragon!

This is also his first time to take humans to cultivate the world.

"Where?" Su Lingyue returned to her and asked in doubt.

Su Ping did not say, turned around and left the store, backed Su Lingyue, and brought up the list of nurturing worlds.

No one can see this list except him, not even Joanna, unless he is authorized.

Soon, Su Ping chose a world close to Blue Star, but it was barren.

"Close your eyes." Su Ping said.


Su Lingyue was confused.

But seeing Su Ping's expression unprecedented seriousness, she trembles twice in her heart, still closed her eyes obediently, but her eyelashes jittered slightly, showing her inner tension.

The beauty closes its eyes, this picture is very beautiful.

Su Ping suddenly felt at this moment that this guy...is a beauty.

He tranced slightly, his eyes receding from her slightly flushed face, opening a window to nurture the world.

The black vortex appeared with an unfathomable breath.

Joanna felt the breath of a different world and came out of the foster care. She looked suspiciously at Su Ping, but there was no sound.

Su Ping did not intend to take Joanna, but took out a temporary contract.

If you want to cultivate the world, you must conclude a contract, except for employees like Joanna.

Su Ping has never signed a contract with human beings, but all kinds of past tell him that human beings can also be signed into contracts, and can also become contract beasts!

After all, the Joanna next to her, who is known as the pure blood god, can also be contracted to slavery.

God is no exception, let alone human?

However, this kind of thing was never tried after all, and Su Ping was a little nervous, and the first test subject was still his own sister.

Taking a deep breath, he injected energy and used the temporary contract.

The golden pages turned into a pure energy, and flew to Su Ping and Su Lingyue's eyebrows, and fell into it. At the same time, a mysterious connection appeared between the two, invisible and untouchable, but It seems to be an invisible thread that can connect the fate of the two.

At that moment, Su Ping felt more consciousness in his mind.

This consciousness is weak and full of emotion.

Su Ping seemed to see that in the darkness of his ocean of consciousness, that consciousness curled up in a ball, a little girl holding her knees.

Is this her consciousness?

From this consciousness, Su Ping felt all kinds of ideas such as fragility, tenacity, stubbornness, loneliness, sadness, and so on.

At this moment, he was close to Su Lingyue and knew her like never before.

This is heart-to-heart communication, exactly the same as the **** between beasts.

At the same moment, Su Lingyue suddenly opened her eyes, a little panicked. She felt her closed heart, and suddenly a person appeared, and this person turned out to be Su Ping in front of her?

She admits that this guy has become pleasing to the eye recently, but when will he be able to reach the deepest point in his heart?


She couldn't help but retreat.

Su Ping looked at Su Lingyue. This time his eyes were not as indifferent as before. He was a little gentle and said, "Close your eyes, I will take you to a place."

Su Lingy was startled, and she closed her eyes instinctively.

Su Ping's words gave her an unwillingness to resist. It seems that at this moment, no matter what Su Ping asked her to do, she would obey.

Why...I will obey this guy?

Su Lingyue was at a loss, and her heart was beating.

Su Ping took Su Lingyue's hand and took her into the nurturing world.

The feeling of time reversal, like consciousness is separating, but it lasts for a few seconds.

"You can open your eyes now."

Su Ping said.

Su Lingyue slowly opened her eyes and saw a desolate, vast world.

She was suddenly stunned and dumbfounded, "Where is this?"

She was still in the store before, she didn't feel the movement, she appeared in this strange world in a blink of an eye?

"You can understand it as a high-tech instrument, like a virtual holographic projection." Su Ping fools, his words are very convincing through the power of the contract.

Although Su Lingyue felt that this was wrong, she believed it at once.

It seemed that no matter what Su Ping said, she would believe.

"Summon your Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon." Su Ping said, he also raised his hand and stroked, summoning the purple and green dragon python and the dark dragon dog, let them both come to practice with the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon.

Su Lingyue summoned the Silver Frost Xingyue Dragon by words.

The three-headed beasts stood together, and Su Ping let them go to a place hundreds of meters away to start fighting.

"Come and see." Su Ping pulled Su Lingyue and took off to the high altitude, which made her overlook more clearly.

Su Lingyue let Su Ping lead her, and she occasionally rubbed Su Ping's limbs. She didn't feel anything, but at this moment she felt a very comfortable feeling, and seemed to like the intimate move of the other party.

When Su Ping pulled Su Lingyue, her mood was also not quite calm.

The influence of the contract was really great, he felt that he could not maintain his usual heart.

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