Astral Pet Store Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Run After Scolding Second More


At the moment when Su Ping's swearing broke out, his body exploded suddenly, smashing it to the utmost, leaving no smoke and dust, and completely annihilated!

The eyes on the throne were slightly cold.

Although he could not understand Su Ping's language, it did not prevent him from feeling Su Ping's evil thoughts. This foolish teasing made him once again loathe the ignorance of the lower race!

After a little punishment, he intends to wait for Su Ping to come back to life again, directly strip the soul of this tiny life, find the truth in person, and imprison this foolish soul under his throne forever!


Five seconds, ten seconds... one minute passed.

The void in front of him was still calm, but Su Ping's figure did not appear again.

The figure on the throne frowned slightly, and when he was slightly puzzled, his eyes suddenly moved. His dark eyes seemed to see through the void in an instant. His body, which was always sitting still, stood up suddenly at this moment!


The palace was turbulent, shaking in time and space.

The world domineering domineering of Sui Tuo was revealed from his body, as if to penetrate the whole world!

The undead life within tens of thousands of miles of this majestic huge bone palace, all felt the anger from the king, and they were all terrified and trembling!

"Time and space transfer, actually time and space transfer!"

This monstrous monstrous figure, with black eyes, penetrated the hall and shot into the distant sky. "The two laws of supremacy are displayed at the same time. The distance of one transfer is beyond my domain. Who is it, who is it!"

The black winged angel girl who fell on the side of the White Bone Demon Hall slowly climbed up and saw that Wang was actually angry, and his eyes were full of shock. This has been tens of thousands of years, even hundreds of thousands of years. I have not seen Wang angry. ?

The king was furious, blood ran for thousands of miles, and the ghosts were crying!

"You!" Ge Shi's figure bowed his head, the flames of the whole body were surging, and his eyes were like a black hole. "Give me the life just now and bring it back!"

The black wing angel girl hurriedly bowed her head, trembling: "Observe my king."

After talking, she bowed her head and waited for two seconds. When there was no new order, her body instantly turned into a black mist and disappeared in the demon palace.

"Being able to exert two laws of supremacy at the same time, in addition to the few old guys who were dusted in ancient times, who else can it be? They came back from the cursed old world..." The figure of Ge Shi did not seem to notice the black wing woman's Leave, frowning, muttering to himself.



"Random Resurrection!"

After swearing, Su Pingran received death, no surprise, and this time he directly chose to resurrect randomly!

"It's really cool to run after scolding!"

Su Ping let out a bad breath and felt that all his pores were soothing.

Especially when I thought that the other party was a big guy, I was sprayed by myself but I couldn't find him to settle the accounts anymore. I even wanted to laugh.

"Do you think I will go back to death in a silly resurrection? It's naive!"

Su Ping sneered slightly.

However, the sarcasm is ridiculous. This move is still very thrilling. Fortunately, the other party is too confident and arrogant. He mistakenly thinks that he will be resurrected every time, so he arbitrarily squeezes to death.

If it is known that Su Ping can be resurrected at random, the other party will use confinement to slowly torture him to collapse.

"I hope that I won't meet again at random in the future, or I will have to commit suicide as soon as possible." Su Ping secretly said, he felt that he should find some self-defense (suicide) weapon to be close to him, otherwise he would like to die but could not die The enemy, who has been ravaged all the time, is too tortured.

The most important thing is that if he has been ravaged, his precious cultivation time will be wasted.

At this time, the scene around Su Ping gradually became clear, and he had been randomly resurrected to another place.

There are still three blood moons above the head, the sky is crimson and gloomy, but around Su Ping is a huge mountain of bones.

There are no flowers, grass and rocks on the mountain, which are made up of massive bones.


Su Ping's foot moved slightly and broke a hand bone.

This bone seems weathered for thousands of years and is extremely fragile.

Su Ping has slowly adapted to the style of this chaotic necromancer, and he is resistant to this terrifying sight like hell.

He resurrected the Lightning Rat and the Skeleton with ease, and these two guys were killed in the dark fog before. Now, due to the contract, they can be resurrected directly beside him.

Lei Guangshu saw the sun and the surrounding mountain scenes, and his hair was horrified, but this time, he did not have the anxiety and fear as before, and soon entered a state of vigilance, and the rat eyes went around.

After repeated stimulations of "killing intention", Su Ping found that the thunderbolt had more guts than before.

After the small skull came out, he looked around dumbly, and then the empty eyes fell on the pile of bones on the ground. It immediately picked up inside, but the bones picked up were almost unsatisfactory, and they were lost after a glance. .

"Go and see if there are any enemies." Su Ping ordered Lei Guangshu with his mind.

The Lightning Mouse was a little dissatisfied and hesitant, but he stepped on the pile of bones lightly and explored the surroundings.

Su Ping looked at the small skull picking the bones, and suddenly thought of the blood ruby that he grabbed from the throne of the bone, he moved his heart and immediately took it out of the storage space.

The blood ruby fell into his hands, a little warm.

During the previous grabbing, Su Ping hurried into the storage space, and did not have time to feel it carefully. But at the moment, he was surprised to find that the blood ruby seemed to be alive and would jump and tremble slightly.

"Sure enough it's not a mere thing..." Su Ping was surprised.

At this time, the small skull next to the bone was picked up suddenly, and his empty eye socket looked closely at the blood ruby in Su Ping's hand.

From the consciousness of the small skull, Su Ping felt an extremely strong desire.

This eagerness is ten times and one hundred times stronger than when the humanoid skeleton was seen before. If it were not for the absolute suppression of contractual forces, Su Ping suspected that it would rush over directly!

"you want?"

Su Ping raised his eyebrows, the small skull was so eager, this thing is mostly useful to it, and it is right to think about it. This is an item in the Necrosphere, and it is also normal to be useful for undead creatures such as the small skull.

Thinking of the main task of nurturing, Su Ping hesitated, or threw things to it, anyway, this little guy is also himself.

The small skull quickly held the blood ruby. The red light of the gem seemed to reflect the scarlet color of its eye sockets. It almost didn't hesitate, he just stuffed this thing into his mouth, and directly down the mouth, Crammed into an empty head!

After it let go, the blood ruby was suspended in its skull, and there were faint red threads, which followed the gray energy in the head, and flowed into its brain, and then followed the brain to the bones of the whole body. It is the same as the blood vessel.

Su Ping looked a little surprised, and once again lost an appraisal technique to the small skull.

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